What details do you need to pay attention to when using hotel LED displays? The most complete guide for 2023

When customers have demand for LED screens, many customers do not know what they need to know to buy an indoor screen. So LEGIDATECH would like to show you in detail what you need to pay attention to by showing the details of the hotel.

If you need to buy an indoor LED display for hotel use, then read this article to show you how to choose it step by step.

Brightness: Considering the limited installation of indoor LED display equipment, the brightness is much lower than that outdoor led display. In addition, to take care of the adaptation process of the human viewer’s eye, the brightness must be adjusted adaptively, which is not only more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can be seen from the outside. Readers need to make human changes.

Viewing distance: The dot distance of indoor LED displays is generally less than 5mm, and the viewing distance is relatively close. Generally, the spacing is selected below P3.9, indoor P2.5 led panel is most popular.

hotel screen

In particular, the viewing distance of the pitch of small LED screens can be up to 1-2 meters. As the viewing distance decreases, the screen display performance requirements also increase.

Representations of individuality and color reproduction must be excellent, without making people notice noticeable emotional spots. These are the advantages of large LED screens.

Installation environment: Great consideration should be given to the installation location of the LED display, including temperature, humidity, light and other factors, so that the LED display can work stably and maintain good performance.

Area: Screen size compared to the display of the purchase led. In general, if the indoor LED display does not exceed 20m2, it is recommended to use a bracket, if it exceeds 20m2, it is recommended to use a simple box.

In addition, if the screen area is larger, the errors of the maximum viewing distance can usually be compensated by the screen area, but it is better not to compensate in this way.


(Hotel wedding banquet hall:5mx3m)

High definition display: With the rapid development of entertainment industries such as television and film, people are increasingly demanding high image quality.

Therefore, when choosing a LED display, you should pay attention to the presence of high-definition technology to create a GENERAL image.

High-brightness technology: In commercial application scenarios, LED displays often need to be viewed outdoors and in direct sunlight, so high-brightness technology is used to enhance the visual effect.

Modular Design: LED displays often suffer damage in commercial applications, so maintenance costs are also an issue to consider.

The modular design simplifies the maintenance or replacement of parts, reducing maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also ensure the long-term stability and durability of the equipment.

After-sales service: it is necessary to choose a supplier with good after-sales service. When choosing an LED display, you need to understand the manufacturer’s after-sales service policy, including warranty period, technical support, spare parts supply, etc.

Cost-effectiveness: Based on the above conditions, you should consider whether the price of LED display meets your budget. You should expect high-cost performance products, rather than just follow the price of the base.

In summary, choosing a suitable LED screen for hotels requires consideration of several factors, including brightness, viewing distance, installation environment, screen area, high-definition display technology, high-brightness technology, modular design, after-sales service and costs. -effectiveness. 


But the most important thing is to choose a reliable LED display supplier. LEGIDATECH has been in the display screen industry for thirteen years and has very familiar experience, and its products are all mid-to-high-end products, with basically no negative reviews on quality.

We are committed to providing customers with mid-to-high-end products and high-quality services. We provide 2-5 years of product warranty and lifetime after-sales service to make customers worry-free.

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