what is Huidu control system?

1.Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd. company profile

2.The products of Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd..

2.1Full Color Controller
2.2.Video Processor:
2.3.Receiving Card:
2.4.Single-Dual Controller:
2.5. Accessories
2.6.LCD Display Motherboard


3.1.Internet Control Solution:
3.2.Wi-Fi Control Solution:
3.3.LED Pole Screen Control Solution:
3.4.LCD Soft Splicing Solution:
3.5.LED Advertising Machine Solution:
3.6.Smart Vehicle-mounted Display Control Solution:
3.7. Night-club Bar LED Display Control Solution: 3.6. Night-club bar led display control solution:



1.Company profile

Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a professional display control system solution provider. Huidu Technology focuses on the R&D, production and sales of LED and LCD display control systems.

It is a national high-tech enterprise, and also a double soft enterprise in Shenzhen. It has won the honorary title of the top ten brands in the industry for six consecutive years.

At present, the company has five major product lines, including LED display asynchronous full-color control system, synchronous control system, video processor, single and double color control card and LCD advertising machine Android motherboard.

And a complete software ecosystem covering the cloud and mobile terminals.

Mobile phones and computers, including “Xiaohuiyun” platform, “Screen Control” APP, HDPlayer, HDSet, HD Show, HD2020, etc.

2.Grayscale technology products, here we briefly introduce the models of grayscale products.

Do not introduce the technical parameters of the product in detail. If you want to know the technical parameters of their products, you can learn about their products from the official website of Gray Technology. And Grayscale official website provides product specifications.

2.1.Full Color Controller:

LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A4L, LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A5L, LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A6L, Async Multimedia Player HD-A3L, Super LED Controller HD-A8;

Dual-mode LED Display Player HD-A7, Full Color Banner Screen Control Card HD-D16, Small & Medium LED Screen Control Card HD-C16, Full color banner screen Control card HD-D16;

Small & Medium LED Screen Control card HD-C16C, Small & Medium LED Screen Conttrol Card HD-C36C, Synchronous Sending Box HD-T901B;

LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A5L, Advertising Machine Special Controller HD-B6 and so on.

2.2.Video Processor:

Two-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP830:HD-VP830 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which integrated the function of one single-picture video processing and one sending card;

load capacity is 5.2 million pixels, VP830 used FPGA structure, support multi-signal input, comes with Wi-Fi function that it can use mobile APP wireless control.

In addition, VP830 support optional pad and mobile phone wireless projection.

Video Processor HDP601:HDP601 is a powerful single picture video processor, control range 1920*1200, supports U-disk play, support audio input and output.

2.3.Receiving Card:

HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712:R712 is an LED display receiving card that supports both synchronous and asynchronous  control system, no need HUB adapter board.

It is equipped with 12*HUB75E interface onboard, with a good stability, the maximum loading capacity is 262,144 pixels.

HUB75E Receiving Card HD-R716:1. Integrated with 16 lines HUB75E port

  1. Ultra loading capacity, conventional chip recommended 160*1024 pixels, PWM chip recommended 320*1024 pixels
  2. Support data group exchange and data group offset setting
  3. Support any scan module within static~1/128 scan
  4. Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order
  5. Support data group exchange and data group offset setting
2.4.Single-Dual Controller:

Single-dual Color Controller HD-W66:W66 is a Wi Fi control card for door top bar screen, store signboard screen and other occasions, which supports short-range wireless connection to update programs.

In addition, there is a USB interface, which can also update the program through the U disk. Low cost, cost-effective, simple software interface, easy to operate, rich display effect, good effect, support a variety of specifications display.

2.5. Accessories:

Environmental Monitoring Sensor HD-S70:This one-piece shutter can be widely used in environmental detection, integrating noise collection, PM2.5 and PM10, temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, and light.

Environmental Monitoring Sensor HD-S90:This all-in-one weather station can be widely used in environmental detection, integrating wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, noise collection, PM2.5 and PM10, atmospheric pressure, and light.

2.6.LCD Display Motherboard

LCD Smart Motherboard HD-3288S

HD-3288S is a well-built all-in-one motherboard, using Rockchip RK3288 quad-core chip solution, equipped with Android 7.1.2 system, the main frequency is up to 1.8GHz, with super performance.

Adopts Mali-T764 GPU, supports AFBC (Frame Slow Slave Compression), 4K/H.265 hard decoding, 1080P video decoding, HDMI interface 4K output, 4K video playback.

Supports infrared remote control, Wi-Fi, RJ45 and other rich interfaces to make the product more versatile.


3.solutions Gray technology for different scenes to make a lot of different and more professional solutions.

3.1.Internet Control Solution:

The cloud platform solution of Huidu Technology is based on the “Xiaohui cloud Information Publishing System” deployed on Alibaba Cloud;

the LED display adopts Huidu Technology asynchronous control card to connect to the Internet through 4G, LAN and Wi-Fi, and then connect to the Internet.

Users can access the Internet through the management computer (PC) and mobile APP “LedArt”, log in to their own account, and can manage the display screen centrally and remotely without leaving home.

3.2.Wi-Fi Control Solution:

In our lives, LED displays are not uncommon. In recent years, LED displays have developed rapidly. Many single color displays have been replaced with full-color displays with better display effects.

Mobile phone wireless program release is currently the most popular control method for the full-color display at the door lintel.

3.3.LED Pole Screen Control Solution:

In recent years, the construction of smart cities has continued to move forward, and the demand for smart light pole screens has increased.

Due to the characteristics of eye-catching display effect, wide audience, high arrival rate, and remote easy management, LED pole display greatly improves the role of advertising and plays an increasingly important role in smart light pole projects. Multi-user welcome.

The LED pole screen has the characteristics of small screen, large number and wide distribution, so how to manage the LED pole display screen simply and conveniently?

Huidu Technology provides a complete control scheme for the LED pole screen.

.LAN Control Solution: As the LED display technology matures, more and more LED displays enter our lives. In airports, hotels, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and banks, LED displays are available everywhere.

In different situations, these LED displays are controlled in different ways, such as Wi-Fi wireless control for door-head displays, Internet remote control for outdoor billboards, U disk control for logo signboard and synchronous control for stage screens…

While in some factories, institutions, banks, etc. only allow internal networking, and the LAN cluster control scheme plays an important role.

3.4.LCD Soft Splicing Solution:

In shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, bars and other occasions, there are often multiple LCD displays spliced into a large screen for playback, and each LCD display plays a picture at a specific location,

It requires cutting the program video in advance, which is a waste of time. It is more complicated, so Huidu Technology has launched a multi-screen soft splicing control scheme.

3.5.LED Advertising Machine Solution:

Whether in shopping malls, hotels, airports, or high-speed railway stations, LED advertising machines can be seen everywhere.

Some of them are controlled wireless through mobile APP, some are managed remotely through the Internet, and some are updated by U-disk. And in different occasions.

their playback methods are also different: in some occasions, they are played independently, and they operate independently without interfering with each other; in some occasions, they are played synchronously, and the display effect is more shocking; into a picture.

3.6.Smart Vehicle-mounted Display Control Solution:

Bus, taxi, etc., as a common means of transportation, they have the characteristics of high mobility and wide coverage.

The LED display on them has also become a very important and efficient information spreading media platform.

Huidu Technology XiaoHui Cloud information release platform provides a complete control solution for these vehicle-mounted display screens with wide distribution and variable location.

Scheme description:

The vehicle-mounted screen uses 4G network to access the Internet, realizes remote management and update programs through the XiaoHui Cloud information release platform,

and realizes fixed-point playback programs and real-time viewing of the vehicle’s position and driving track through the  GPS module.

The brightness sensor S107 can be used automatically to adjust the display brightness as the ambient brightness changes.

3.7. Night-club Bar LED Display Control Solution:

A LED display screen is composed of many LED modules, and the modular splicing method can be freely combined into various shapes of LED screens.

It is widely used in bar screens and other occasions. As a professional LED display control system manufacturer, Huidu Technology provides a complete solution for bar LED display.


The software for Full color asynchronous controllers, the corresponding software is HDPlayer

The software for Single color control card, corresponding software is HD2020

Synchronous/asynchronous (fullcolor) control system operation software, corresponding software is HDSet

For The multimedia player, the corresponding software is HD Show

LCD control software, using for editing and sending programs on LCD control card A40 M20 M21 M30 3288S, etc. The corresponding software is LCD control software.

5.To sum up, Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd. is very professional in asynchronous control system. It provides monochrome, full color and LCD asynchronous control system. Corresponding to provide a lot of professional solutions.




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