Test my LED screen?There have six methods to test outdoor led display.

Test led display is good or bad six methods

Many LED display engineers must now be very interested in the six methods of testing the quality of led display, and now LEGIDATECH LED is also in the LED display industry to organize some knowledge about how to test the quality of led display to share with you.

Today, there are more and more LED display products, such as indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, transparent LED display, indoor rental LED display, outdoor rental LED display, stage LED display, creative LED display and so on. So, how to test this kind of complex LED display? The edge of LED display has become a thorny issue for most users. Today, let’s take you through how to test him.

I. Brightness 

The brightness of the display is generally reflected on the outdoor screen, because the outdoor LED display is installed in the outdoor environment of complex environment, so it must undergo relatively strict waterproof testing. The brightness of the normal outdoor full color screen should be 4500cd/ m2-8000CD /m2. At present, the brightness of traditional LED display beads can reach this level.

                   LED screen of the white balance effect


2.the white balance effect

The white balance effect is a very important indicator of LED display. Now most counterfeit manufacturers are not very aware of this indicator. Popular with red and green and blue, the brightness of the three colors reaches the ratio of 3:6:1, and the LED display will display white. If the actual ratio is slightly off, a white balance deviation occurs. In general, we should pay attention to whether white has blue and yellow-green. LEGIDATECH LED in the production of LED display, the first thing to do is to do a white balance test according to the customer’s use scenario, so that the color of the LED display is more realistic.


3. color restoration

The color restoration of the display refers to the restoration of the color of the screen, that is, the color of the screen display should be highly consistent with the color of the playback source to ensure that the image played by the display screen is more real.

                                                          test my led display


4. whether there is a dead point

We often say that the dead spot is a single point on the screen that is always steady or often black. The number of dead spots mainly depends on the quality of the lamp bead. In general, dead lights with genuine lights will not have a large number of dead lights. There are also some dead lights caused by virtual welding during the placement. If there are dead spots on the screen, it will greatly affect the visual effect we watch. Therefore, in the process of producing LED displays, we will constantly test the LED module repeatedly to ensure that there are no bad LED beads in the LED module. It is then assembled into an LED display, which also needs to be continuously aged for 88 hours in the aging workshop. During the aging process, the quality patrol officer finds the bad LED lamp bead, labels it in time and tells the maintenance personnel. The technical engineer will replace the bad LED lamp bead in the first time.

                                                    test my led screen

5. there is no color block

Color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. Color transitions are in modules. If the color block occurs, it is mostly due to the signal problem of the control system of the LED display or the gray level of the LED screen is too low.

6.screen flatness

For the flatness of the display, there is no need for professional testing instruments, because our human eyes can see. Ensure that the flatness of the normal display is within ±1mm, so that the image played by the LED display will not be distorted, but the local bulge or depression will cause the display Angle of view to be dead. It is best to ensure that there is no gap between modules and modules during installation. Displays below P3 should pay special attention to this problem in assembly. If there is a gap between modules and modules, you may see black lines during the playback of the picture.

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I am a technical engineer from LEGIDATECH  LED, and the method I told you about the inspection of LED display is the method commonly used in our production process. I hope I can help you buy a cheap and good quality LED display. This can be a good help to the LED display business, but also let you get greater profits

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