P10 LED Display: A Comprehensive Guide

1. What is p10 LED display?
2. Where do p10 LED screen need to be used?
3. What types of P10 LED billboard are there?
4. What are the dimensions of the p10 LED display cabinet?
5. What is the price of P10 LED screen?
6. Summary of technical parameters of p10 LED display wall screen
7. What are the installation methods for installing outdoor p10 sign?
8. What should I pay attention to when installing p10 led sign?
9. Actual case of 600 square meters p10 LED signage.
10. Why choose LEGIDATECH to order p10 LED panel?

With the continuous development of the outdoor billboard market, p10 LED displays are installed in shopping malls, transportation hubs and trading markets with very large traffic.

The p10 LED screen model has the largest number of installations. Before you buy a p10 display, you need to carefully understand the P10 LED Display: A Comprehensive Guide.

1.What is p10 LED screen?

The surface of the LED display screen is made up of LED lamp beads that are neatly fixed on the PCB circuit board according to certain rules.

An LED lamp bead is called a pixel, and a pixel refers to the smallest luminous unit of the LED display.

The distance between the center position of one lamp bead and the center position of the adjacent lamp bead is called the point spacing, and the unit is mm.

In the LED display industry, the “p” letter in the commonly used word “pixel pitch” represents the distance between pixels. So the p10 LED display means that the pixel spacing is 10mm.

2. Where do it need to be used?

Generally, large p10 LED panels are installed in shopping malls, large squares, large building clusters, office buildings, and transportation hubs.

The LED display p10 can play product promotional videos and other advertising information for merchants, bringing advertising revenue to customers.

3.What types of p10 LED screen are there?

The p10 LED as the name suggests: a p10 LED biiblard installed in an outdoor environment is called a p10 outdoor LED display.

The outdoor p10 LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, good waterproof performance, and a viewing distance of 10 meters.

P10 indoor LED display, as the name suggests, is a p10 LED screen installed in an indoor environment. The p10 indoor LED display is lower in brightness than the p10 outdoor LED display and is not waterproof.

P10 DIP LED display

DIP (Dual in-line pachage) is an LED packaging process.

The LED lamp bead has two pins, which are inserted into the PCB board. The DIP lamp bead is fixed on the back of the PCB by tin welding. The LED display made with DIP 346 lamp beads is called DIP p10 LED board.

P10 DIP LED display has high brightness, with brightness up to 10000CD/㎡.


DIP P10 LED board

p10 SMD LED screen

SMD (Surface Mount Device) is an LED display packaging process, in which SMD LED lamp beads are pasted on the PCB board.

Made with sMD 3535 lamp beads, the p10 LED sign is lightweight and has a wide viewing angle. The disadvantage is that the brightness is not as high as the p10 DIP  LED display.


P10 LED display-module
320*10MMM p10 led module

SMD P10 LED module

Front maintenance P10 LED screen:

Many customers have limited installation space and there is no maintenance space on the back of the LED display.

The p10 front maintenance lock LED display solves this pain point. The LED module, power supply and receiving card can be removed and installed in front of the LED display.

Maintenance costs are saved. Disadvantages The production cost is a bit high.

P10 LED display cabinet
960*960mm p10 led display cabinet

p10 front maintenance LED module

Rear maintenance P10 LED screen:

The rear maintenance LED display means that when repairing and installing p10 LED modules, maintenance personnel need to perform maintenance from the back of the screen body.

The LED display has sufficient installation space, and there is sufficient maintenance access on the back of the LED display.

It is recommended to maintain the LED display after purchasing p10. The advantage is low manufacturing cost.

4.What are the dimensions of the p10 LED cabinet?

Common p10 LED display cabinet sizes are 960mm×960mm, 1280mm×960mm and 1000mm×1000mm. If the size of your LED display is special, then the size of your p10 LED board cabinet needs to be specially customized.

The common p10 LED signage cabinet styles are as shown below:

P10 LED display cabinets
960*960mm front and rear maitenance of LED display cabinet

1280mm×960/960×960mm front and rear maintenance

5.What is the price of P10 LED screen?

There are four main factors that affect the price of p10 LED display:


When you buy a p10 LED billboard, you need to know the brightness of the LED display you buy. Because the higher the brightness, the higher the price of the p10 LED billboard.

How to determine the brightness of the LED display: You need to tell the manufacturer the location and direction of the screen installation, and discuss together how bright the p10 LED billboard screen you need.

If you consider the later use cost of p10, I recommend you to use our p10 LED sign with automatic brightness adjustment function.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the P10LED signage also determines the price of the LED display.

Because the level of other innovation rates depends on IC integrated circuits.

The higher the refresh rate, the higher the cost of the p10 LED signage.

Service Life

The service life of the P10 LED board also determines the price of the LED display. The life of the LED display generally depends on the chip inside the LED lamp bead.

The better the brand of LED lamp beads, the longer the life of the LED billboard.

The longer the life of the LED display, the higher the price of the LED board.

At last, whether the p10 LED signage is an energy-saving LED display also affects the price of the LED display.

If you use energy-saving special PCB and energy-saving lamp beads, the price of p10 LED billboard will be relatively high. But you can reduce the later use cost of p10 LED billboard by 60%.

6. Summary of technical parameters of p10 LED billboard All P10 LED display key technical parameters

7.What are the ways to install P10 outdoor LED screen?

1. Wall-mounted installation method. The steel structure frame of the LED billboard is directly installed on the load-bearing walls and columns.

2. Column installation method is usually in an open square because there is no building to attach to.

It is necessary to build a single or double column steel structure to bear the weight of the LED display.

3. Cantilever installation method

4. Embedded installation method. In the early stage of building design, space for the LED display is reserved on the exterior wall.

You only need to install the LED video wall in the space reserved on the exterior wall.

5. Rooftop installation method. Install the LED wall on the floor on the roof of the building.

The main consideration is the wind resistance level of the steel structure of the LED display.

8. What should you pay attention to when installing P10 outdoor billboards?

When making the P10 LED wall screen steel structure, you must consider the load-bearing capacity of the steel structure, waterproof and moisture-proof.

And pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the steel structure.

Pay special attention to installing lightning rods on the p10 LED sign.

9. Actual case of 600 square meters p10 LED display.

A 600 square meter p10 LED billboard screen ordered by a customer from LEGIDATECH.

What we recommend to our customers is the p10 front-maintenance LED display, with a cabinet size of 1000mm×1000mm.

The picture below shows the on-site construction progress as reported by customers.

P10 LED display installation process

P10 led screen-40m×15m installing site

P10 3D LED screen

3D p10 LED billboard screen

10. Why should you choose LEGIDATECH to order p10 LED board?

LEGIDATECH is a Chinese p10 LED billboard supplier with 13 years of LED display production and R&D experience.

We will provide you with P10 LED display steel structure installation plan based on your LED display site environment.

We will also recommend a suitable high-end p10 LED display based on the budget of your LED display project.

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