How to make outdoor LED billboard screen longer lifespan?

Nowadays, more and more static billboards are gradually replaced by outdoor LED billboard screen, especially in big cities.

Compare to static billboard, outdoor LED billboard screens have longer lifespan, vivid color and widely network spread.

What’s the Lifespan for a High Quality Outdoor LED Billboard Screen ?

 Technically , in LED screen area, the outdoor LED billboard screen lifespan is 100,000 hours according to the LED pixel efficiency.

In reality life, this number may be shorten by cheap materials, harsh weather, unfriendly working environment, etc.

We usually use  Mean Time Between Failure to judge the screen’s quality. The longer figure , the higher quality.

Too poor quality outdoor LED billboard screen lifespan maybe 1 or 2 years, some will be shorter like 6 months only.

This is not mean the screen will be broken, it means the displaying effect is not good, like color fading, broken spare parts, etc.

EXCEL & LEGIDATECH LED is a professional LED screen manufacturer, their outdoor LED billboard screen can work well at least 6-8years, some product can reach 10years+.

This has been proven by hundreds projects all over the world in different situations.

What may affect a outdoor LED billboard screen‘s lifespan?


Cheap material: like cheap LED lamp, cheap IC, PCB board, cheap power supply unit, etc.

The outdoor LED billboard screen prices are various in the market, some can be so cheap beyond your imagination, some can be much more expensive.

As a new beginner or professional media company, we suggest choose a reliable LED screen manufacturer with reasonable price and high quality.

Here for example, EXCEL & LEGIDATECH LED B series use famous LED lamp brand, good reputation driving IC and 4 layers PCB board.

What’s more, they adopt 3pcs of 300w LED power supply units to give enough tolerance for the LED billboard screens. So it will not short circuit .

While others may use 2pcs of 400w LED power supply units. This is the same for other components too.

Once components or parts start aging, if the capacity and efficiency not sufficient , then the issues on LED billboard will come out .

Low quality LED lamp for outdoor LED  billboard screen


Low brightness LED billboard screen



2pcs of 300w power supply units for outdoor LED  billboard screen


3pcs of 300w power.

3pcs of 300w LED power supply units for outdoor LED billboard screen


Different Production Process in Details for Outdoor LED Billboard Screens

Each company their working process have some little difference at details. For example, waterproof is a key point for outdoor LED billboard screen.

If the LED screen waterproof level is not good, the water may leak inside the cabinet and LED billboard screen may get short circuit.

LEGIDATECH LED B series, at the rear side of the modules, at least do 3 times of waterproof treatment to make sure it can be used in high humidity area. But most of the cheap ones in market only do one time .

What’s more, the two doors should use waterproof reinforcement rubber rings same as what we used for vehicles.

Most of the cheap ones in the market , in order to save money, they don’t use it. This is the production process difference for outdoor LED billboard screens.

1layer vs 3 layers

Comparison of glue filling thickness


no waterproof led billboard

No waterproof reinforcement rubber rings for outdoor LED billboard screen



Waterproof reinforcement rubber rings at the back doors for outdoor LED billboard screen


Overtime Working without Rest

Outdoor LED billboard is an electronic equipment, we know all electronic equipments need good treatment too.

Thus we should give the LED billboard some time to rest itself after long daytime working, let the inside accessories cooling done to private them from high working temperature.

We can make the LED screen rest at midnight or let it rest at weekends, this is depends on the media company’s schedule.


Long time working time without rest get a fire for poor quality LED billboards


Harsh Working Temperature without Careful Attendance

 Some LED billboard screens may be installed LED at hash environment, like seaside, they may suffer from the salty wind, or high humidity, these will corrode LED display surface.

Some screen may put at desert , the LED display may suffer from strong sunshine, and longtime strong UV rays, etc.

In this way, we need attend the LED billboard screen to do regular maintenance.

We can do some covers at the screen backside to protect the cables from the outside environment, or do surface checking regularly to make sure the LED billboard is working at friendly situation.


High quality LED billboard screen at desert


LED billboard screen under cold area

Monthly Maintenance

Maintenance is very important for a billboard screen.

During the monthly checking, we can find the potential problems in advance and do the solution accordingly, this can make sure the screen always at a stable and good working conditions.


Do timely maintenance


Do monthly checking

What Benefits can a Longer Lifespan LED Billboard Bring to the Investors ?

1:Good reputation

2: Long time advertising income

3: More potential advertising customers

4: Boom business growing

led billboard as

Conclusion , to get a outdoor LED billboard screen to have long lifespan, not only we need to identify the LED billboard screen products quality from the purchase, but also matters with our daily maintenance.

LED billboards are expensive investment, for long time investment consideration, we need to take good care of every decisions.

Author: Jenny  Xiao


1, What’s the meaning of MTBT ?

MTBF is short for Mean Time Between Failure, it refers to the average time that a product or system works correctly between two adjacent failures. It is a measure of the reliability of a product (especially electrical products), the unit is “Hours”.


2. What’s the average lifespan for a outdoor LED billboard ?

In LED screen factory, usually the average LED screen lifespan is 100,000hours, but it may influenced by some outside factors like the sunlight time, the working temperature, the site place weather, and others.


3. What’s the tips of making a outdoor LED billboard with longer lifespan?

Advices as the followings:

1,Choose the right professional outdoor LED billboards product

2,Do weekly or monthly LED screen maintenance checking

3,Replace the LED screen broken parts timely

4,Create a good working equirement for the screen (use a cover to profect the screen from moisture, install a air conditioner to do heat disspination, etc)

5,Let the LED billboards to rest for a time after daytime work (off the screen during the evening)


4. How to find out the outdoor LED billboard screen lifespan is shorten?

When the LED screen is displaying the content, you can feel the LED screen have a broken parts, or the brightness is dimming, or the color is not so pure, or the working temperature is so high, then you need check the screen timely and do the maintenance accordingly.


5. How can we get a high quality outdoor LED billboard screen ?

  • You need choose a reliable LED screen supplier to make sure the LED screen quality is good, they are using good materials rather than cheap accessories. This you can judge from the price.
  • You can make a video call with the sales and let him show you the screen details, like the material they are using.
  • If the company do some case at your country or city, you can go to the site to see the screen effect.
  • For a big order, you can get some sample to check the quality before purchasing.
  • If time permits, come to china and inspect the screen factory.
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