P3.91 LED Screen to Nigeria-Quick Guide (2024)

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH! Many Nigerian customers often ask, how to choose between p3.91 LED screen of indoor and outdoor!

At this time, there happened to be a Nigerian customer who purchased a 14 square meter p3.91 indoor LED display and a 14 square meter p3.91 outdoor LED display from our company.

I will show you the production details of the p3.91 produced by our factory, hoping to Help more customers!

Customer Needs:

The customer is the owner of a high-end hotel in Nigeria. He often needs to use p3.91 led screen to hold different party activities for his customers indoors.

Some customers also often hold beer events outdoors in the hotel! We hope that the p3.91 LED display will bring more exciting activities to the event and bring better business to the hotel!

We recommend LEGIDATECH’s R series of p3.91 500×500mm indoor LED display and p3.91 500×500mm outdoor LED display.

The key technical parameters of the p3.91 indoor LED display are different from those of the p3.91 indoor LED display:

The brightness of the indoor LED display is 1000CD/㎡, but the brightness of the outdoor p3.91 is 5000CD/㎡.

The indoor p3.91 LED display is not waterproof and cannot be used in outdoor performances. However, the waterproof level of the outdoor p3.91 is IP65.

No matter whether the outdoor environment is raining or under strong sunlight, it can still be used stably and normally!

p3.91 Indoor LED Module:

Nationstar 2121 lamp beads, ic 2153, refresh rate 3840HZ, low energy consumption, wide viewing angle!

p3.91 led screen module

p3.91 Outdoor LED Module:

Nationstar 1921 LED lamp beads ic2153, refresh rate 3840HZ, low energy consumption, high brightness display, wide viewing angle.
High temperature resistance features!

p3.91 LED display cabinet:

p3.91 The LED rental display screen is designed as a customized die-cast aluminum box. Its most important features are lightness, thinness and quick installation.

The box is light and thin and can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported, making it suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. It adopts synchronous control system processing and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV, etc.

Videos, graphics and other programs can be played at will, and various information can be played in a real-time, synchronous and clear way of information dissemination. Realistic colors and strong adaptability.

p3.91 led screen- (3) p3.91 led screen- (2)

p3.91 LED screen power supply:

The indoor LED display screen is equipped with a power supply of 200W, and the outdoor LED display screen is equipped with a power supply of 300W power!

Because the power per unit area of outdoor LED panels is higher than that of indoor LED displays! The brand of power supply can be specified by the customer!

p3.91 led screen- (4)

p3.91 LED screen control system:

The control system of the p3.91 LED display screen for this project is provided by Novastar Company, and the receiving card model is MRV208-1. The brand of the control system can also be specified by the customer!

p3.91 led screen- (6)

How to assemble P3.91 LED screen:

The p3.91 LED screen is aging in the workshop for 72 hours:

Only by ensuring sufficient aging time can we ensure product stability for Nigerian customers!

P3.91 LED display packaging:

We provide our customers with high-end plastic flight cases! The characteristic of plastic flight boxes is that they are not easily damaged by moisture.

And the weight of plastic flight boxes is lighter than that of wooden flight boxes, which greatly reduces transportation costs for Nigerian customers!

We completed the production of indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED displays within the delivery time specified by the customer!

Via customer video communication and video acceptance of goods! We are helping customers deliver it to the designated logistics company!

Finally, Thank you to our customers for their strong support and trust in LEGIDATECH. Every employee of our company goes all out to control product quality.

Please believe in the power of the LEGIDATECH brand! Hope to create more value for customers!



1. What is P3 LED screen price
The price of p3LED screen is relatively moderate. The price per square meter is generally between 600-1,000 US dollars. Of course, there are also very high-quality ones that cost more than 1,000 US dollars.

2. LED screen P2 vs P3 which one is better?
The smaller the pitch, the clearer and better the quality of the screen, but smaller is not more suitable for your project. The spacing size needs to base on the viewing distance size to determine. It is suitable to choose p2 only for distances less than 2 meters.

3. What is p3 LED screen specification?
You need to check the details of the specific product, including waterproof level, brightness, refresh, weight, etc.

4. What is P3 LED screen resolution?
The actual pitch of most P3 screens is p3.91, which is p3 91 LED screen resolution of 500*500MM=500/3.91*500/3.91=16352 dots.

5. Where can I buy LED screen p3?
Merchants in most countries will import LED screens from China. You can buy them from local distributors or import them directly from China. Look for LED display factories like LEGIDATECH and EXCEL LED.

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