The application of Street lamp pole LED display screens in advertising and Community information promotion

When it comes to LED pole displays, first we need to understand what LED pole displays are.

LED pole screen is a type of LED display screen that is smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to conventional display screens, with vertical rectangular bars, and installed on street lamp poles.

It is usually divided into single-sided display and double-sided display.

With the development of LED display technology, brightness automatic adjustment sensors, cameras, speakers, and 4G/5G communication have also been integrated into LED pole screens, which are known as 4G/5G smart pole LED screens in China.

In recent years, the market application of smart light pole LED screens has become increasingly widespread, and we can often see the presence of LED smart light pole screens in our daily lives.

Next, LEGIDATECH will take you to understand the main applications of LED pole screens.

Application of LED display screens on lamp posts in commercial advertising:

We know that when advertising companies want to install commercial LED displays, according to common thinking, they usually consider the following points:

Firstly, foot traffic. Only in areas with high foot traffic will more people see advertisements, allowing advertisers to generate advertising value by placing advertisements on LED screens.

So we often see LED displays in commercial areas or at busy intersections.

Secondly, LED display screens should be large. Only by being large can LED display screens better enter people’s vision.

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Thirdly, LED display screen advertising content should be creative, novel, and able to arouse the curiosity of the advertising audience. That’s why we’ve seen many countries and cities install 3D LED displays in recent years.

Not all companies that want to install LED advertising screens can perfectly achieve the above points.

We know that usually good locations are occupied by powerful advertising companies, or good locations such as commercial districts have a high demand for applications and fierce competition, making it difficult to apply.

For some small and medium-sized advertising companies, this is a big challenge . However, good location is also limited .

Let’s talk about LED display screens again. If LED display screens are large, the initial procurement cost will be high, and the investment risk cost will also be high.

For smaller advertising companies, the operational pressure will be greater.

Recently 3D LED displays are popular, although they are quite novel, we have found that these LED displays are also installed in busy commercial areas, and the area of LED displays is very large.

Besides the above points, what are the other options for our advertising and media company to install LED display screens? At this point, the value of LED pole screens is reflected.

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What are the advantages of LED pole screens?

1: LED pole screen has a relatively small volume, light weight, and is easy to fix on the lamp pole.

For mature urban roads, there are quite a few road light poles, and we only need to find a place with relatively high traffic flow to install them. With more roads, there are more choices of locations, and more companies can participate.

In terms of installation, we can consider whether to install single-sided or double-sided LED light pole screens based on the actual situation of road light poles.

2: We know that LED display screens are large and can attract people’s attention, But let’s not forget “many” It can also attract people’s attention.

Whether an advertisement generates value ultimately depends on whether it leaves an advertising impression in people’s minds.

When the advertising content repeatedly appears in front of people’s eyes, it is easy for people to remember, so the advantages of LED pole screens are reflected.

However, LED pole screens have a relatively small area, so the individual procurement cost is low. Advertising and media companies of various sizes can participate and will not appear. The situation where advertising resources are monopolized by large companies.

3: The LED pole screen control system is integrated into the LED display screen, without the need for a control room. It can be controlled wirelessly and remotely in a cluster, which is very convenient.

4: LED pole screen is a complete machine that does not require steel structure, and can be directly hung on the lamp pole, with low installation cost.

5: The LED pole screen has a small volume and a small luminous area, which can be automatically adjusted with a brightness sensor to reduce light pollution.

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Application of LED display screens on lamp posts in communities:

With the development of the economy and the acceleration of urbanization, LED light poles Display have been used for commercial advertising and are now widely used in various communities.

The combination of LED pole screen and 4/5G communication technology allows for real-time replacement of display content anytime, anywhere, especially when combined with audio, making advertising more vivid.

It is not like traditional static billboards that require changing content and printing refreshed canvases, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Meanwhile, traditional advertising billboard can also affect the aesthetics of the community.

What benefits can LED pole screens bring to community promotion?

1: It can be used to promote community advertising information, festivals, and events.

2: It can display weather forecasts.

3: It can serve as a sign to provide people with convenient information such as community roads

and parking guides.

4: It can be used in conjunction with cameras to monitor the surrounding environment.

5: It can introduce commercial advertising and create advertising revenue for the community.


In summary, LED pole screens have the characteristics of small size, low procurement cost, simple and convenient installation, and easy control. It has already played an important role in outdoor advertising and community promotion.

Moreover, the application fields of LED pole screens are constantly expanding, and we can also see LED pole screens at some toll gates.


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Author: Sam Lee


1: Do you have a solar powered LED pole screen?

Answer:  There are already mature solar energy solutions available on the market for some sizes of LED pole screens.


2: How to choose the size of LED pole screen?

Answer:  If used for outdoor advertising purposes, the majority of the audience may be drivers. In order to

have good advertising effects, the size and width of LED pole screens are usually between 96-100CM, and the height is between 160-200CM, which is more suitable.

If it is for community promotion, a width between 60-80CM and a height between 120-160CM are more suitable. These can all be connected with LED pole screen manufacturers, and selected and recommended based on the load-bearing strength, viewing effect, and usage environment of the lamp pole.


3: What is the pixel pitch for LED pole screens?

Answer:  The common pixel pitch is P2.5 (pixel pitch of 2.5mm), P3 (pixel pitch of 3mm), P4 (pixel pitch of 4mm), and P5 (pixel pitch of 5mm)


4: Which pixel pitch LED pole screen is more suitable?

Answer:  LED pole screens P4 (with a pixel spacing of 4mm) and P5 (with a pixel spacing of 5mm) are commonly used for advertising purposes.

For community LED pole screens, due to their relatively small size, P2.5 (pixel spacing of 2.5mm), P3 (pixel spacing of 3mm), and P4 (pixel spacing of 4mm) are more commonly used.


5: How is the LED pole screen controlled?

Answer:  The LED pole screen can be connected to the internet via 4G or 5G, and can be controlled

anytime and anywhere on mobile phones and computers through control software app

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