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how to improve LED display lifespan

how to improve LED display lifespan

LED display screens have become a widely used display technology in today’s society due to their long life, high brightness, and rich colors.
However, how to ensure the life and stability of LED displays are important issues that need to be paid attention to during use.
So we will discuss how to ensure the life and stability of LED displays from two aspects: production and LED display use and maintenance.
Selection of LED lamp beads
The selection of LED lamp beads is the basis for ensuring the life and stability of the LED display. When choosing LED lamp beads, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:Quality and reliability: Choose an LED lamp bead brand with good quality and reputation to ensure product stability and reliability.Here LEGIDATECH strongly recommends NATION STAR Technology Co.Ltd and Kinglight Technology Co., Ltd
kinglight                             nationstar
Brightness and color: Choose the appropriate brightness and color according to actual application requirements.High-brightness LED lamp beads can provide better display effects, but they will also accelerate the aging of the lamp beads.Therefore, trade-offs need to be made based on actual needs. Generally, high-brightness LED lamp beads are selected for outdoor LED displays, and low-brightness LED lamp beads are selected for indoor LED displays.Working temperature: The working temperature of LED lamp beads has an important impact on its life and stability.Choosing LED lamp beads with good heat dissipation properties can effectively extend their service life.display lifespan

Heat dissipation design of LED display

The heat dissipation design of an LED display has an important impact on its lifespan and stability.

The lamp beads will generate heat during operation. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, it will cause the lamp beads to overheat and be damaged.

Therefore, good heat dissipation design is the key to ensuring the stability of the LED display.

LED display cabinet radiator design: Design a reasonable radiator on the LED display cabinet or frame to effectively dissipate the heat generated by the lamp beads.


 Install cooling fan                                                                         LEGIDATECH TURBINE HEAT DISSIPATION

Outdoor LED display vent design: Design reasonable vents on the box or frame to maintain air circulation, lower the temperature, reduce the humidity inside the outdoor LED display, and avoid moisture.



Brightness monitoring: We can install brightness sensors on the LED screen.

The function of the brightness sensor is to automatically change the brightness of the LED display based on the brightness of the outside world to extend the life of the lamp beads of the LED display.

We recommend NOVASTAR’s brightness sensor. As shown below:

brightness sensor

 Control circuit of LED display screen

The control circuit of the LED display screen has an important impact on its life and stability.

The control circuit is responsible for controlling the brightness and color of the lamp beads. If the control circuit fails, the entire display may not work properly.

Choose high-quality control IC: Choose high-quality control IC to ensure its stability and reliability.

Redundant design: Use redundant design in the control circuit to improve system reliability.

Even if one control IC fails, other ICs can continue to work to ensure the normal display of the display.

Real-time fault diagnosis: Through the real-time fault diagnosis function, faults in the control circuit can be discovered in time so that maintenance measures can be taken in time.

Things to note when installing and using LED displays

Precautions for use environment

1.The working environment temperature range is -20℃≤t≤50℃, and the working environment humidity range is 10% to 90%RH.

In order to ensure that the LED display screen can work at the appropriate temperature, LEGIDATECH LED display factory recommends our LED display screen Install a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature inside the LED display in real time.

2. Avoid use or storage in high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt environments;

3. Keep away from flammable items, gases and dust;

4. Avoid strong collisions and sharp objects during transportation;

5. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, be careful not to use the screen with the screen open for a long time;

6. When an LED display with a humidity exceeding the specified humidity is powered on, it will cause corrosion of parts and even short circuit, causing permanent damage.


7. It is strictly forbidden to allow water, iron powder and other metal objects that are easily conductive to enter the screen.

The LED display screen should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible.

outdoor led fixed board

Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will cause damage to the circuit.

If water enters for any reason, please cut off the power immediately and wait until all components inside the screen are dry before use.

Things to note when switching screens

Since the LED display screen is a high-power electronic device, special attention should be paid to the sequence of opening and closing the screen.

1. Open the screen: first turn on the control computer so that it can operate normally, and then turn on the large LED display screen;

2. Turn off the screen: first turn off the power of the LED screen, turn off the control software, and then turn off the computer correctly; (turning off the computer first without turning off the display will cause highlights on the screen and burn out the lamp, with serious consequences)

3. The interval between switching the screen on and off should be greater than 5 minutes;

4. Avoid opening the screen in a full white screen state, because this is the maximum power state, which has the largest impact current on the entire power distribution system.

 Precautions for power supply

1. The LED module is powered by DC +5V (working voltage: 4.2~5.2V). It is prohibited to use AC power supply.

It is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles of the power terminals reversely.(note: once the positive and negative poles are connected reversely, the product will be burned or even cause a serious fire)

2. Power supply voltage of LED display: 220V±10% Frequency: 50HZ±5%.

3. Safe and reliable ground contact, reliable isolation between the ground wire and the neutral wire, and the power supply should be kept away from high-power electrical equipment.

4. If any abnormalities such as short circuit, tripping, wire burning, smoke, etc. are found, power on and test should not be repeated and the problem should be found in time.

5. Keep the power supply stable and provide grounding protection to avoid lightning strikes.Do not use it under harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather.

6. The power supply for the large screen must be supplied step by step, because the maximum power state of the entire screen will have an impact on the entire power distribution system.

7. The LED display screen is not allowed to play the highest brightness all-white picture for more than half an hour to avoid excessive current, heating of the power cord, damage to the LED lamp, and affecting the service life of the display screen. It is recommended to mainly play dynamic videos.

8. During the use of LED display products, the power cannot be turned on and off continuously. There should be at least 1 minute between operations.

9. Non-professionals are prohibited from touching the internal circuits of the large LED display screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuits. If there is a problem, please ask professionals to repair it.

10. Due to the harsh environment in which outdoor advertising LED displays are used, thunderstorms are often encountered, so the power supply of outdoor LED displays must be equipped with lightning rods to avoid lightning strikes.

LED smart electrical cabinet                            LED smart electrical cabinet

LED smart electrical cabinet

 Cleaning precautions

1. Regular cleaning and maintenance: The large outdoor LED full-color display screen is exposed to wind, sun, and rain in the outdoor environment for a long time, which requires regular and timely cleaning to prevent it from affecting the viewing effect.

2. If you want to clean the surface of the module, please use a soft-bristled brush and brush gently.

It is prohibited to use any liquid substance to clean the surface of the LED module, otherwise the LED lamp beads may be damaged.

3. Wipe correctly: If the LED screen is used for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate on the surface of the LED lamp beads.

The outdoor LED display screen can be washed directly with water because the lamp beads are waterproof.

However, the lamp beads of the indoor LED display are not waterproof. You can only use alcohol to wipe the dust, or use a brush and vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

You must not wipe it with a wet rag soaked in water, because this will cause a large area of the LED lamp bead. Moisture.

Cleaning led screen

Cleaning led screen

Moisture-proof and storage requirements

1. When packaging the LED display, pay attention to placing desiccant to ensure that the lamp beads of the LED display are not damp.

2. Storage temperature requirements: ambient temperature -40℃≤t≤60℃. After the package is opened, LED products must be stored in an environment with a temperature <30℃ and a humidity <60%;

3. Whether it is an outdoor LED display or an indoor LED display, pay attention to placing rat poison during the installation process to prevent the wires of the LED screen from being bitten by rats.

4. The LED display cannot be turned off for a long time. In a high-humidity environment, if the screen has not been used for more than 3 days, a preheating lighting method must be used every time the screen is lit: use 30%-50% brightness to pre-heat.

After heating for 4-8 hours, adjust to normal brightness (80%-100%) and light up the screen to remove moisture so that there is no abnormality during use.

If the screen has not been used for more than 7 days, light up the screen each time It is necessary to use the preheating lighting method: 30%-50% brightness is preheated for more than 12 hours.

And then adjusted to normal brightness (80%-100%) to light up the screen, so as to eliminate moisture and facilitate the use. No abnormality.

5. Outdoor LED displays will generate a lot of heat when in use, and LED displays will also accumulate a lot of heat when exposed to sunlight.


These two factors will cause the screen temperature of the LED display to rise. . In order to increase the service life of the LED display, it is necessary to ensure that the LED display is at a suitable temperature when used.

Therefore, when designing LED displays, it is necessary to install cooling air conditioners or ventilation and heat dissipation equipment.

To sum up, if we want to extend the service life of LED displays, we mainly consider the selection of raw materials during the production of LED displays and the matters to be paid attention to during use and installation.

LEGIDATECH LED display welcomes your consultation. We provide free LED display integration solutions and recommend suitable LED displays.

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