P8 LED display-quick guide

With the development of outdoor LED displays in the advertising industry, more and more outdoor p8 LED display and indoor p8 LED displays are used by merchants in shopping malls and different stages.Create huge advertising effects for customers.

This p8 LED display quick guide article provides you with a reliable reference and provides you with the correct method for choosing an LED display.


1.What is p8 LED display
2. Key technical parameters of outdoor P8 LED display
3. Technical parameters of indoor p8 LED display
4.p8 LED display screens are classified by production technology
5. What are the module box dimensions of the P8 LED display?
6. What’s the maintenance method for p8 LED display?
7. Power supply for P8 LED screen
8.What are the control systems for p8 LED display?
9. What factors determine the price of P8 LED screen?
10.Where are  p8 LED displays used?
11.What are the installation methods of p8 LED display?
12. How to optimize the effect of p8 LED panel?
13.p8 LED display VS P10 LED display
14.p8 LED display VS LCD display

1. What is p8 LED display?

The p8 LED display means that the center-to-center distance between the two pixels of the LED display is 8mm. The p8 LED display is a smart outdoor or indoor LED display.

This kind of LED display is suitable for publishing commercial advertising information and being installed behind the stage as a stage background wall.

outdoor p8 LED display

Outdoor advertising p8 LED Poster

2. Key technical parameters of outdoor p8 LED display

Outdoor p8 LED billboard brightness: 6500cd/㎡
P8 LED billboard refresh rate: 1920HZ-3840HZ
Outdoor p8 LED billboard waterproof level: ip 65

The brightness and waterproof level of the outdoor P8 LED display fully meet the outdoor environment use, and it can display pictures and videos with high definition under direct sunlight;

in heavy rain weather environments, because the p8 LED display has a very good waterproof level, Can still work stably. So it is used as an outdoor billboard to display different commercial advertising messages.

The disadvantage is that the cost of outdoor p8 LED display is higher than the cost of indoor p8 LED display.

3. Key technical parameters of indoor p8 LED display:

Indoor p8 rental display screen brightness: 1200cd/㎡
P8 rental LED display refresh rate: 3840HZ
Indoor p8 rental LED display waterproof grade: IP44

Due to the insufficient waterproof level and insufficient brightness of the indoor p8 LED display, the indoor p8 LED screen is only suitable for use in indoor environments.

For example, the indoor p8 LED display is applied in the center of the stage to provide the audience with a very sci-fi display effect.

4.p8 LED display screens are classified according to production technology:

The p8 LED display screen is classified into DIP p8 LED display screen, SMD p8 LED display screen and GOB p8 LED display screen according to the production process.

The brightness of Dip P8 LED display is the highest, and the brightness can reach 10000CD/㎡.

Moreover, the production technology is mature and the production cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the viewing angle of the DIP P8 LED display is not as good as that of the SMD P8 LED panel.

The viewing angle of the SMD P8 LED display is larger than that of the DIP LED display, making it easier to improve the contrast and refresh frequency of the LED display.

SMD LED modules are lighter than DIP LED modules. This greatly saves transportation costs and steel structure production costs for customers.

outdoor p8 LED display module

SMD P8 LED module

GOB P8 LED display is a new process developed on the basis of SMD LED modules. On the basis of SMD indoor P8 LED modules, a layer of waterproof and anti-bump glue is added to extend the service life of the p8 LED display.

5.What are the module box dimensions of the P8 LED screen?

Common indoor and outdoor p8 LED module sizes are 256×128mm or 320mm×160mm.


320×160 mom p8 LED module

Outdoor p8 LED modules are used to produce p8 LED display cabinets with cabinet sizes of 1024mm×768mm and 960mm×960mm.

LEGIDATECH LED display suppliers can customize and produce LED display cabinets of different sizes according to customer-specific dimensions.

outdoor p8 LED display-B series

P8 LED display-B series

outdoor p8 LED display-OK series
p8 LED Screen -OK series

6.What are the maintenance methods for p8 LED display?

There are two maintenance methods for p8 LED display, one is post-maintenance and the other is pre-maintenance.

outdoor p8 LED display-module
Front maintenance magnetic suction outdoor p8 LED module

When installing an outdoor p8 LED display, the installation environment must have enough space, because a maintenance channel needs to be reserved to facilitate maintenance personnel to repair and replace the p8 LED module.

The advantage is that production costs are relatively low.

If there is not enough installation space, it is recommended to choose the front maintenance p8 LED display, because the front maintenance LED display does not need to reserve a maintenance channel during installation.

The disadvantage is that the production cost of front maintenance p8 LED display is relatively high.

7.p8 Power supply for LED display

The power supply brand suppliers we provide to our customers include different brands such as MEAN WELL, Chuanglian, Juneng Weiye, etc.

Among them, the cost of the MEAN WELL power supply is the highest because of its superior stable performance and good ability to provide DC current for the p8 LED display.

The cost of other brands of power supplies is basically the same, and the price/performance ratio is very high.

It is recommended to install MEAN WELL power supply for outdoor p8 LED display, because MEAN WELL power supply can still work stably in high temperature environment.

Indoor p8 LED display screen is installed with other cost-effective power supplies.

outdoor p8 LED display-power

400W MEAN WELL Power Supply

8. P8 LED display control system

The systems provided by LEGIDATECH according to the needs of different customers include synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems.

p8 outdoor advertising display generally recommends that customers use asynchronous control systems.

For indoor p8 LED displays, it is recommended to use a synchronous control system.

Because the indoor p8 LED display application scenario has a variety of LED display video source signals that need to be processed or switched.

The brands of p8 LED display control systems generally include Novastar, LINSN, colorlight and HUIDU systems. Since each brand operates differently, our p8 LED display control system is specified by the customer.

outdoor p8 LED display-receiving card

Novastar MRV208-1 Receiving card

9.What factors determine the price of P8 LED display?

1. LED lamp beads are the core component of the LED display screen and directly affect the effect of the p8 LED display screen.

In China, Nationstar lamp beads are the best and the most expensive.

2. Selection of driver IC. The stronger the processing power of the driver IC, the better the effect of the LED display and the more expensive the price.

3. The LED cabinet material of the P8 LED display also determines the price of the P8 LED display.

Generally, the iron cabinet is the cheapest, and the final aluminum cabinet is the most expensive, because the final aluminum cabinet also involves complex production processes.

10. Where are P8 LED displays generally used?

P8 LED display screen is widely used to meet different usage scenarios due to its high brightness and high waterproofness.

1. 3D outdoor billboards: Outdoor billboards can be made into right-angled or curved shapes to display 3D advertisements and attract the attention of passers-by.

outdoor p8 LED display-aging

Arc p8 LED display screen

outdoor p8 LED display-3d
Right angle outdoor 3D p8 advertising LED display screen

2. Stadium display screen, which can broadcast live and announce the results of outdoor sports events.

3. The stage background screen can be combined with stage lighting to create a sci-fi stage effect.

4. Commercial display, at different large-scale exhibitions, can display various models of products to customers, promote the brand and attract customers’ attention.

11. What are the installation methods for P8 LED display?

There are usually three ways to install P8.
Wall-mounted installation, suitable for indoor or outdoor walls.
Pole installation, suitable for outdoor billboards and stadiums.
For embedded installation, when the building is designed, space for embedded installation is reserved on the wall.
During the installation process, attention should be paid to waterproofing, dustproofing and lightning protection.

12.How to improve the effect of p8 LED display?

1. According to the on-site installation environment, adjust the brightness and contrast of the p8 LED display to ensure clear display of images and videos.

2. Improve the computing power of the LED display video processor to better handle the color temperature and color grade of the p8 LED display.

3. Increase the refresh rate of the P8 LED display, because a higher refresh rate can avoid eye fatigue.

4. Reasonably determine the installation angle of the P8 LED display so that each viewer can still see a clear picture at different locations.

13.P8 LED display VS P10 LED display

What the P8 LED display and the p10 LED display have in common is that the parameters of brightness and refresh rate are basically the same.

The difference is that under the same area, the resolution of the p8 LED display is greater than the resolution of the p10 LED display.

The dot pitch of p8 LED display is 8mm, while the dot pitch of p10 LED display is 10mm.

For the same area, the cost of p8 LED display is higher than that of P10 LED display.

14. P8 LED display VS LCD display

The p8 LED display has high brightness and high resolution, making its colors more vivid and contrasting than LCD displays.

LCD brightness is relatively low and is not suitable for installation in outdoor environments.

The p8 LED display can be installed indoors or outdoors.


Because of the high brightness and high resolution of the p8 LED display, it can be adapted to different application scenarios.

Moreover, LEGIDATECH LED display screen supports customized production, especially if the customer produces a 3D LED display screen that attracts the audience’s attention.

According to your different installation scenarios, we recommend P8 LED display screens with different configurations.

P8 LED Screen-Quick Guide

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