What is Colorlight Control System

1.Colorlight is a high-tech company that takes video processing algorithms as the core and hardware devices as the carrier to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in video and image fields. Taking advantage of the advanced core technologies, Colorlight products have been widely used in XR virtual production, smart cities, important celebrations, large events, performance stages, television studios, business centers and more, providing global users with full-process video and image comprehensive solutions.


  1. Video Processors

Carlette offers a variety of LED display processors for different scenarios, with three common video processors. The first is the Video Splicer series, which includes the X100 PRO and the DA16/D9. Combine perfectly the high-performance splicing processor and LED control system, achieve a more streamlined, efficient and stable system with impressive pixel processing power and ultra-high resolution LED control.


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D16/D9 Widely applied in various scenarios such as LED / LCD splicing screen, control and broadcast centres, multichannel projector, surround cinema screen, large billboard, etc.

The second series is super processor. This series contains different models. The specific models are Z8t/Z8I/Z8/Z6 PRO-G2/Z4F/Z5/Z4PRO /Z3.LED display engineers should purchase different types of video processors according to their own application scenarios and LED display area. The second series of application scenarios have 3D display application scenarios. Frame multiplexing allows multiple cameras to capture different content on the same screen Film-makers obtain multiple works in a single video shoot to double the efficiency of filming and virtual production.

The third series is professional processor. This series of specific models have X20 / X16E/X12 / X7 / X6 / X4M/X2M X4S/X2S running perpendicular, etc. The most important feature of this series is Flexible Control.

With TCP/IP, you can control and manage the processor through LAN. Meanwhile,it is compatible

with third-party devices control through TCP/UDP/RS232 protocol,

which is more convenient to operate.

These three series of video processors share three control software. The names of the software are ColorAdept, ISet and Kylin VICP. Want to know how to use the software, and their website address is: https://en.colorlightinside.com/. They publish information about their software and products there. If you want, you can download it for free from their official website.


LED control system mainly includes three series, this series is signal acquisition and transmission series, LED display signal receiving series, LED display computer debugging and playback software.

The main products of Sender series include S20/S20F/S6F/S4/S2 and so on. The models of receiver card Series include 5G Series, i10/i9+,i8/i5+,k10/k9+,k8/k5+,E320/E120/E80,

5A-75E/5A-75B. These receiving cards are used in engineering assembly LED displays and stage rental displays. At the heart of the whole control system is his control software. The Color light company provides two pieces of software, which are called LEDVISION and LEDUpgrade.

  1. The COLOR light company has developed a very useful asynchronous system. You can do this by

Colorlight cloud, an online platform that can cluster LED screens across cities and distribute photos and videos remotely. This requires that your LED display must use CLOUDPAYER control system. If you are a single LED display, do not need to cluster unified monitoring LED display, you can play video and content through the computer and U disk. Colorlight company provides asynchronous system software such as PlayerMaster and Assistant.


As the resolution of the LED display changes from the original 2K to 4K, the 4K resolution becomes 8K and 16K. In the case of super large resolution, in order to achieve point-to-point display video. COLORLIGHT COMPANY introduced the Media server. Colorlight’s media servers are CS16K,CS20-8K PRO, and CS4K PRO. These media server devices have grand show software built into them. Carlette’s self-developed GrandShow software brings creative change to image display technology

It not only allows super 16K video files to be smoothly decoded and played directly on a device, but also allows video files to be transformed at will

Let the unrestrained creativity show, create unlimited possibilities. Creative display with infinite possibilities.

3D mapping technology enables presenting a creative display on any shape, structure or building.


COLORLIGHT offers solutions for a variety of mainstream application scenarios according to the needs of the market and customers. At present, we provide 6 kinds of mainstream scene control system solutions.

The first one: Ultra-high resolution display

Colorlight’s media server has the capability of software decoding and hardware decoding to deliver the best performance of CPU and GPU. Combined with the ultra-high resolution video splicer, it achieves smooth playback of ultra-8K materials. The unique GrandShow Sync technology ensures that dozens of media servers can output ultra-high resolution videos in accurate frame sy   nc.



Second: In-Camera VFX

In-Camera VFX , based on the rendering engine, is applied to display real-time virtual scenes on a large LED screen. With actors and props, shoot any content you want by camera tracking, shutterlock and other technologies. Colorlight XR virtual shooting solution greatly meets the needs of camera shooting in virtual production and other aspects such as color adjustment, image optimization, data transmission, etc. It provides reliable technical support for shooting better virtual content and has been widely used in film shooting and advertising production.


Third: Creative display solution

As LED lighting becomes more widespread in everday life, there has been an increased demand for highly creative and aesthetically pleasing screens, underlining the importance of creative display. Deeply rooted in the industry for years, Colorlight has introduced innovation into the area of creative display in terms of cultural creativity and technological  innovation. LED creative display, along with sound and lighting, is sure to bring the most life-like experiences to viewers.


By delving into market demand and continually innovating application modes, Colorlight has overcome various technical difficulties in the field of creative display such as irregular module configuration, irregular cabinet installation, irregular screen calibration, 3D mapping technology and so on. Relying on years of independent research and technological accumulation, Colorlight is dedicated to offering customers one-stop solutions with a full range of software and hardware packages.


Type 4: 3D Display control solutions

Compared  with traditional display, the 3D display, with its vivid stereo visual effects, presents the most powerful visual effects and brings the most remarkable experience to the audiences. Combined with LED screens featuring high brightness, wide color gamut, and high contrast, the 3D display provides an immersive experience of more colorful, realistic, and delicate images. It has been widely used in various scenarios, such as cinemas, schools, manufacturing, and exhibitions, delivering a better audio-visual experience and a fully immersive teaching solution.

3D display control system

Type 5: cluster Management

Colorlight focuses on cloud networking and other solutions, comprehensively improving product performance from cloud players and cloud service platforms , enabling efficient “Smart City Internet +” and speeding up the development of new infrastructure.


Number 6: COB Screen calibration Solution

In line with the developing trends of the Mini/Micro LED, COB packaging technology, with the advantages of solid protection, high density, high contrast, fewer broken LEDs, and long lifespan, highly improved the reliability of fine pitch screens. After 10 years of industry research and technology development, the increasingly mature COB packaging has been employed more and more extensively. Accordingly, the leading LED display manufacturers have focused on developing and applying COB technology. However, the packaging process and accuracy of materials, such as LED chip and driver IC, give rise to the problem of brightness and color differences within and between modules, as well as the non-linear response of high and low brightness, seriously affecting the perfect display of COB screen. Colorlight, with more than 10 years of R&D investment in calibration technology, has accumulated rich industry experience and developed a scientific grade calibration solution, unlocking the full potential of LED display and achieving a perfect display effect.


To sum up: colorlight company is a professional LED display system supplier, from equipment hardware and system software to provide a full range of services to meet different customer needs, product performance is stable. It is worthy of our trust. If we have products and technical services for them, you can contact their official website customer service. This article is based on colorlight’s official website.

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