P8 LED display:Complete installation Guide-LEGIDATECH

P8 LED display:Complete installation Guide-LEGIDATECH

P8 LED display, also known as outdoor large screen, waterproof LED screen, HD LED display and so on.

These are actually LED display model specifications, here the P8 LED display is one of the models, the most common outdoor LED screen.

P8 LED display, the point spacing is 8mm, the conventional LED screen module size is 256*128mm, the box size according to the size of the module, as well as the size of the scene design, the most commonly used size is 1024*1024mm, the resolution is 128*128 points.

In terms of lamp beads, it was previously divided into direct insertion lights and table stickers, but now the direct insertion is basically eliminated, and the ink color of the table stickers has been and the flatness is high. Like our factory is now a large number of times the production of table paste P8 LED display, especially this year 2023 lamp bead front-end supplier process improvement, and now the household appearance paste has become a trend.

P8 led display

p8 led display-3

p8 led display-4

Tools/Raw materials

  • P8 LED display
  • Installation tools, wires, etc


  1. This is the module and case of the P8 LED display.The size of the usual size group is: 256*128mm and 320*160mm, and the corresponding conventional size of the box is: 1024*1024mm and 960*960mm.Module lamp beads are NATIONSTAR, crystal, national star, etc., the chip is commonly used MBI5124, and the normal screen body is refreshed above 1920HZ/3840HZ.

    p8 LED screens-7p8 LED display-6

  2. Before installation, we must first do a good job of the steel structure of P8 LED display. Common steel structure installation methods include single column, double column, wall hanging installation.LED display steel structure drawings are generally provided by the screen factory, like our factory, the customer will set the size, according to the size and site conditions, design a CAD version of the steel structure drawings, provided to the site construction.

    If there is no drawing, you need to design your own, you can refer to another experience shared, which describes how to design P8 LED display CAD steel structure drawings.p8 led display-8p8 led display-9p8 led display-10p8 led display-11

  3. This is a picture of the installation and the finished installation.Installation P8 LED display need to use the accessories screen factory will be equipped, including the connected power cord, network cable, box buckle, fixing screws and so on.

    When installing, pay attention to the bottom of the first row of time must be level, can not tilt or high or low, otherwise installed to the end may be particularly large deviation.

    p8 led display-12p8 led display-13p8 led display-14p8 led display-15p8 led display-16

  4. Debugging this step is no longer said, do not understand can refer to another experience shared, there is a detailed introduction to the debugging method of each control card manufacturers, including Ling star rain, Kessida, Nova, Carlette and other commonly used.Here is mainly the details of the treatment should pay attention to the place.

    Electronic products are mainly afraid of water, so the most important thing is to do a good job of waterproof. The details are in the picture. After the installation of the screen body, there is a gap around it. The gap must be filled up, otherwise the rain will seep into the screen body from this gap.

    p8 led display-17p8 led display-18led display-16


    p8 LED display is a more commonly used outdoor screen model, relatively high cost performance. The area of more than 40 square meters can be considered to use this model, like our factory’s outdoor screen project, there are about 50% of P8 LED display this model, with more customers.

    P8 LED display installation must pay attention to waterproof, water problem is very big. In other shared experience, there are detailed teaching how to troubleshoot and maintenance, LEGIDATECH are 13 years of experience in the factory, basically LED screen problems know how to solve.

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