LED display Cabinet A Ultimate guide

1.The function of LED display cabinet

2. Why choose LED screen cabinet

3.Main accessories of LED screen cabinet

4.LED display cabinets are classified according to usage environment

5.LED displays are classified according to cabinet materials

6. Introduction to iron cabinet

7. Common Category 4 LED rental cabinets

8. Dimensions of LED screen cabinet

9. How to check the LED display cabinet

10. Price of LED display cabinet

11.How long does the cabinet delivery usually take?

12. Packaging of LED screen cabinet

13. LED display cabinet case


1.The function of LED display cabinet

1.1Fixing function: Internally fix display components such as modules/unit boards, power supplies, etc. All components must be fixed inside the box to facilitate the connection of the entire display screen, and externally fix the frame structure or steel structure.

1.2 Protection function: It protects the electronic components inside from interference from the external environment. It can protect the components and has a good protective effect. This protects the LED module circuit board and extends the life of the LED display.

1.3  Convenient LED display installation allows us to install the LED display on the steel structure in the shortest time, saving us a lot of time and installation costs.

2.Why choose LED display cabinets

LED display area is very large, in order to produce and transport convenience. LED display manufacturers according to the LED module installation hole diagram to produce a fixed module structure, with screws or magnets to the LED module adsorption in a regular plane or arc, the receiver card and the power supply is well fixed to the LED display cabinet.

When the customer receives the LED display cabinet, the LED display cabinet can be better spliced into a large LED display. Simply put, LED display case is a kind of frame for fixing LED modules, receiver card and power supply.

3.The main accessories of the cabinet of LED display screen

3.1 LED display cabinet positioning column: cabinet up and down only with high-precision positioning holes, in the splicing of the upper and lower cabinet, so that the upper and lower LED display left and right alignment at the same time, so that the LED module to remain in a plane. Installation is more level.

3.2 LED display cabinet locks: LED display cabinet up and down and left and right more LED locks, LED locks so that each cabinet seamless splicing, LED display better flatness. And the structure of the LED display is safer and stronger.

3.3 LED display cabinet can be installed small fan: LED cabinet heat dissipation is not uniform will make the LED screen local display yellow, heat is too high will reduce the service life of the LED display. LEGIDATECH LED cabinet increased cooling fan, can effectively transfer the heat of the receiver card and the LED module, so that the heat is evenly dispersed to the back of the cabinet. Enhance the display effect of LED display and extend the service life of LED display.

3.4 LED cabinet is equipped with a portable handle, handling more convenient, LED display installation, easy because of the inconvenience of handling, resulting in LED modules on the LED lamp beads due to bumping off, thus affecting the display effect. LEGIDATECH LED cabinet designed with a handle, can be convenient, stable handling of the LED display cabinet, to ensure that the installation effect.

3.5 The LED cabinet is equipped with plug-in power and signal cables, which reduces the installation workload and improves the installation efficiency.

4.LED display cabinet is classified according to the use environment

General LED cabinet is divided into two kinds: one is simple cabinet and the other is waterproof cabinet. 

Simple cabinet is generally used for indoor or semi-outdoor LED display installation, he does not have the function of waterproof; only the front of the led display can be waterproof, and waterproof cabinet is generally used for outdoor display installation, waterproof, dustproof, windproof function, these protective functions have a certain international standard IP, and now the general level of protection for the IP65, IP68 ( INGRESS PROTECTION) protection level system

It is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONALELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION). Electrical appliances are graded according to their dust and moisture resistance. The external objects referred to here include tools, human fingers, etc., are not allowed to touch the electrically charged part of the appliance to avoid electric shock.

ip protection level is composed of two numbers, the first number indicates that the lamps and lanterns are free from dust, preventing the intrusion of external objects, the second number indicates that the lamps and lanterns are moisture-proof, waterproof intrusion of the degree of confinement, the bigger the number indicates that the higher the level of protection, the protection level of the two marking numbers indicated as shown below:

The level of protection indicated by the two marked numbers is as follows:

0:No protection No special protection against external persons or objects.

1:Prevents intrusion of solid objects larger than 50mm Prevents human beings (e.g. palms of hands) from accidentally coming into contact with parts inside the luminaire. Prevents intrusion of large-sized (diameter greater than 50mm) foreign objects.

2: Protected against solid objects larger than 12mm Protected against human fingers coming into contact with parts inside the luminaire Protected against medium-sized (diameter larger than 12mm) foreign objects.

3:Protection against intrusion by solid objects larger than 2.5mm Protection against intrusion by tools, wires, or similarly detailed small objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter or thickness coming into contact with the internal parts of the luminaire.

4:Protection against solid objects larger than 1.0mm Protects against the penetration of tools, wires or similarly detailed small external objects larger than 1.0mm in diameter or thickness that may come into contact with the internal parts of the luminaire.

5:Dustproof Completely prevents the intrusion of foreign objects. Although it does not completely prevent the entry of dust, the amount of dust intruded will not affect the normal operation of the luminaire.

6:Dustproof The luminaire is fully protected against the intrusion of foreign objects and can be completely protected against the ingress of dust.

The degree of protection indicated by the second character number (digit)

0:No protection No protection.

1:Protected against dripping water Vertical dripping water (e.g. condensation) does not have a harmful effect on the luminaire.

2:Protection against dripping water even when tilted at 15 degrees When the luminaire is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees, dripping water will not have a harmful effect on the luminaire.

3:Protected against sprayed water Protected against rain or damage from water sprayed in a direction less than 60 degrees from the vertical.

4:Protect against splashing water Protect the luminaire from damage caused by water splashed from all directions.

5:Protect against sprayed water Protect the luminaire from damage caused by water sprayed from nozzles in all directions.

6:Protection against heavy waves Luminaires mounted on decks are protected from damage caused by heavy waves.

7:Protection against water ingress when submerged The luminaire is protected from damage caused by water ingress when it is submerged in water for a certain period of time or when the water pressure is below a certain standard.

8:Prevent the intrusion of water when submerged Lamps sink indefinitely under the condition of water pressure, to ensure that no damage caused by water ingress.

Outdoor LED display simple waterproof cabinet and standard waterproof cabinet difference
Advantages and disadvantages of simple waterproof cabinet: installation programme, fast heat dissipation. The front waterproof grade is still above IP65. Disadvantages, the back waterproof effect is almost.

Advantages and disadvantages of standard waterproof cabinet: front and back waterproof grade can reach IP65 grade, disadvantages: heat dissipation surface, not conducive to maintenance.

5. LED display by cabinet material classification

1, cabinet material classification: general cabinet for iron cabinet, high-end can use aluminium alloy, stainless steel, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano-polymer material cabinet.
Pressed axis aluminium cabinet: in recent years, small pitch technology with its more high-quality display effect and better integration of 3D, VR/AR, interactive and other emerging technologies to express the advantages of creativity to actively enter the field of outdoor solid mounted LED display, but also continue to open up a large number of emerging markets, such as gas station billboards, electronic reading boards, bus stops, and other segments of the market originally could not use the small spaced The place, now can be widely used.

But the small pitch LED display in the field of outdoor installation of rapid development, to the engineering display industry to bring great changes and enhancement at the same time, we also found some of the accompanying changes: for example, the market to the iron box-based module due to the heavy weight, poor precision, lack of strength and other shortcomings have not been able to keep up with the development of small-pitch LED display needs, and some of the new module materials are increasingly being market concerns. And this is currently the market calls for the highest when it comes to “die-casting aluminium”.
Die casting aluminium cabinet: after a long period of time,

Die-casting aluminium cabinet: after several years of development, the weight is getting lighter and lighter, the structure is more and more reasonable, the precision is also higher, basically can achieve seamless splicing. The latest die-casting aluminium display is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional display cabinet, from the structure, performance have been fully optimized and updated, is the use of patented production of compact indoor rental display, cabinet splicing precision, disassembly, maintenance is extremely convenient. 

Carbon fibre LED display cabinet

Ultra-thin design, light weight, good strength, tensile strength of 1.5 tonnes, the weight of each square meter is only 9.4kg. and the use of fully modular design, maintenance is more convenient, 45 degrees right-angled edge of the screen body can be achieved 90 degrees splicing installation, and provide non-transparent backplane, suitable for sports venues, outdoor advertising lights in the field of large-area installation.

Magnesium alloy LED display cabinet

Small density (1.8g/cm3 magnesium alloy or so), high specific strength, high specific modulus of elasticity, good heat dissipation, good vibration dissipation, the ability to withstand impact loads than aluminium alloy, good corrosion resistance to organic substances and alkali. Magnesium alloy used as LED display cabinet has cost-effective, easy to install, excellent heat dissipation and other advantages.

Nano polymer material LED display cabinet

With the characteristics of anti-vibration and anti-drop, while the weight is much lighter than the conventional cabinet, a single cabinet weighs only 4.5KG, 5.1KG. loading and unloading is simple, lightweight handling, and truss cost is low, low transport costs.

Classification of Cabinet: The main classification is related to the usage environment, from the waterproof performance, it is divided into waterproof cabinet and simple cabinet; from the installation place and maintenance and display performance, it can be divided into front-turning cabinet,  double-side cabinet and curved cabinet.

6. The introduction of iron cabinet

1.  curved LED display cabinet introduction curved LED cabinet is for a variety of curved screen specially designed LED display cabinet. curved cabinet classification: divided into the outer arc, the inner arc of the two kinds, the general arc cabinet are cabinet structure for the arc and the module and unit plate for ordinary materials, coupled with the arc of the steel structure Design and constitute a variety of special-shaped display.

Front flip LED display cabinet and front maintenance display features

In special occasions must use the front flip LED display cabinet to make the front maintenance display, the front door display, its main feature is: the whole cabinet by the front and back of the two halves through the top connected to the bottom of the way to open the production and become.


Cabinet structure: the whole cabinet like a hinge from the bottom up to open, after the following open cabinet internal components can be repaired and maintained, screen installation or maintenance is completed after putting down the outside of the side, locking the buttons of the whole cabinet has a waterproof function.

Applicable occasions: suitable for outdoor LED display, using a row of cabinet installation, no maintenance space behind the case.
3, double-sided LED display cabinet structure

Double-sided LED display cabinet also known as LED double-sided cabinet, mainly used in both sides need to show the electronic display.

Cabinet structure: two-sided display cabinet structure is equivalent to two front maintenance display connected back to back, double-sided cabinet also belongs to the special front flip structure cabinet, the middle is a fixed structure, the two sides and the middle of the upper part of the connection, the maintenance of the need for repairs or maintenance of one side of the cabinet up to open.

7.Common LED display cabinet size
Iron LED cabinet this kind of cabinet appeared in the early stage of development of the LED industry, cabinet is slightly larger and heavier, iron LED display cabinet size is common with 1280mmx960mm.960mmx960mm, 768mmx768mm and so on. Iron cabinet has sealed and simple cabinet points. The same size and material, sealed LED cabinet price is higher than simple cabinet.

Sealed LED cabinet protection level can do IP65, a variety of environments can work properly, mainly used in dry outdoor 2, simple LED display cabinet, relatively simple workmanship, should be mainly indoor.

Die-casting aluminium LED cabinet die-casting aluminium cabinet light weight, reasonable structure, high precision, can achieve seamless splicing, at present basically occupy the indoor, rental LED display market. Die-casting aluminium LED cabinet from the structure, performance are fully optimised and updated, is the use of patented production of compact rental display, cabinet splicing high precision, disassembly, maintenance is extremely convenient, launched the following five types of cabinet:.

1, indoor die-cast aluminium 480mmx480mm LED cabinet
The size of the LED display cabinet product strength and high precision, single weight 9KG, product versatility, easy to upgrade, the same paragraph support P1.6, P2.5, P4, P4.8, P5 rental display models.

2、Indoor die-casting aluminium 500mmx500mm LED cabinet
The size of the LED display cabinet separate mould, easier to use with most of the current module, closer to the user’s private custom features, favoured by domestic and foreign customers, the same support P3.91, P4.81, P4, P6.944 rental LED display models.

3、Indoor die-casting aluminium 512mmx512mm LED cabinet
The size of the die-casting aluminium LED display cabinet is a separate mould, with more easy to use with most of the current module, closer to the user’s private custom and so on.

4、Indoor die-casting aluminium 576mmx576mm LED cabinet
The size of the die-casting aluminium cabinet, lightweight, easy to install, can be achieved by stacking, lifting two installation methods. It occupies a large share in the indoor LED display and rental LED display market. The same support P3 P4 P6 rental LED display models

5、Outdoor external die-casting aluminium 640mmx640mm LED cabinet
The size of the die-cast aluminium LED display cabinet, mainly used in outdoor rental LED display, the same support P6.67 P8 P10 P16 rental LED display models.

Throughout the down their biggest common advantage is nothing more than light, thin, easy to install. This is a future development trend, and it is clear that the “iron box” is no longer adapt to this trend, the future is better to be replaced by new materials is destined. But it really be cleared out of the market needs a long and continuous process, so for the time being it also has the advantages of low cost, short production cycle (which is exactly where the new materials need to break through), will not be completely discarded by the market for the time being.

9. How to test the LED screen body
Coating adhesion: there should not be any shedding phenomenon.

Screen screen: whether the colour consistency, or the phenomenon of off-colour, or even the phenomenon of not bright.

Screen printing appearance: screen printing content should be clear, complete, uniform colour, no burrs, defects, trailing, pollution; all the specific content of the screen printing, location, pattern and font size, described in detail by the corresponding drawings, manufacturers strictly according to the drawings design requirements of screen printing.

Colour and sample compatible (normal vision in natural light or fluorescent light observation without obvious colour difference), no colour difference with the same batch of products (Note: colour difference including colour and gloss); coating surface smooth, flat, even, the surface shall not have the following defects: not dry back to sticky, particles, leakage of the bottom, pockmarks, hair flower, wrinkles, mechanical damage.

First of all there are many methods of cabinet testing, generally will use the tools are: vernier calipers, tape measure, level. cabinet testing requirements: inspectors must be strictly in accordance with the designers drawings of cabinet incoming materials one by one inspection, check whether there is less, leakage of processed parts, cabinet testing should pay attention to the following issues:

LED cabinet external dimensions deviation is not greater than 0.5mm, the difference between the two diagonals is not greater than 1mm.
Check whether the burr is removed, whether the sharp angle is chamfered blunt, not allowed to have scraping and stabbing phenomenon.
Each nut and nut post must be processed by back teeth to ensure that the screws can be locked in smoothly.

Inspection LED cabinet overall assembly requirements according to the drawings of the actual processing, each accessory (such as locks, hinges) must be used in the existing standard parts, assembly must ensure its mechanical strength and sealing performance.

Cabinet each weld must be firmly welded, no false welding, leakage welding and other phenomena, the weld must be ground flat, the weld needs to be done at the scraping grey treatment, the processing technology must be strict standards. Welded seams must be polished sealing waterproof, smooth and flat without sharp corners.

LED module hole punching and welding moulding should ensure the flatness of the front, around the panel shall not have warping, deformation, flatness error is less than 1MM; cabinet front panel positioning hole size is strictly controlled, hole size and hole distance error is less than 0.1mm; group hole axis X, Y direction should be in the same straight line, and the straight line should be perpendicular to the edge of the cabinet respectively, verticality less than 1mm.

10. Price of LED display cabinet?

The price of iron cabinet is cheaper, but the customized cabinet for shaped LED display is more expensive, because the process is more complicated than the regular iron cabinet, which leads to higher labour cost. General outdoor waterproof iron cabinet price is 100USD / square, if it is aluminium outdoor waterproof cabinet price is about 130USD / square. The price of general indoor iron cabinet is 60USD/square.

The price of axial aluminium cabinet is usually 200USD/square, axial aluminium cabinet is usually more for stage rental and indoor small pitch application. Here I only introduce the price of this mainstream LED display cabinet. If you want to know more, you can contact LEGIDATECH.

11. LED display cabinet Production lead time?

LEGIDATECH company, according to the customer’s order, we will recommend the LED cabinet for the corresponding project, we will plan the area of the LED display according to the size of the customer’s site measurement, we will design the appropriate size LED cabinet according to the size of the LED display.

We will design the right size of LED cabinet according to the area of the LED display.We will design the cabinet drawings and then give them to the cabinet supplier for customised production.The production lead time for cabinet manufacturers is usually 15 days.

12.LED display cabinet packaging.

Outdoor solid LED cabinet and indoor solid cabinet, we generally use wooden box packaging. The advantage of using wooden box packaging is to prevent cabinet deformation.
Stage rental LED cabinet we usually use the air box with wheels, which is conducive to the LED display handling and installation. Bit customers to save a lot of labour costs, save LED display cabinet splicing time.

13.LED display cabinet case show

Let me introduce a few recent cases of LEGIDATECH.

The first one is the outdoor advertising screen installed in Liberia on September 15th. Two 3*2m de screens. This is a 500*1000mm rental movable screen cabinet, which is easier to install than traditional outdoor advertising screens, and is also very bright and waterproof. This case uses an outdoor P4.81Magic series screen, which is LEHGIDATECH’s best never-go-black screen. It will not affect the operation of the entire screen due to damage to a certain power supply.

We use die-cast aluminum material for the cabinet. As mentioned above, die-cast aluminum cabinet is the best cabinet material currently on the market.


The second case is a small pitch EDI series P1.876 installed by our team in a conference room in South Africa. We set up an office in South Africa, and our local partners only helped us with the structure and door-to-door installation.

This is a high-end product. Although the cabinet is small, the spacing is very small and the display effect is very clear. Because it is a product suitable for permanent installation, the test is seamless splicing and its durability, so its cabinet is also made of higher-quality die-cast aluminum.


The size of the advertising screen for Nigerian hospitals is 2.88*21.92m, and the screen used is B series, 960mm*960mm, which is high-brightness and waterproof.

The box is made of thinner aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is 20 kilograms lighter than an ordinary iron box, making it easier to install and maintain. Moreover, it dissipates heat well, is more corrosion-resistant and more environmentally friendly.

As outdoor solid mounted LED display is becoming more and more widely favoured by customers, their product needs have also changed, and they are more inclined to choose products that can satisfy their more diversified and personalized needs when choosing products. Like the LED display cabinet alternative materials research and development, although there have been so many new materials, but the industry is still a lot of people continue to explore other higher reliability, higher cost-effective new cabinet materials.

LEGIDATECH must pay attention to real-time and seize the development of new opportunities ! By actively developing new products, LEGIDATECH can continue to progress and open up new markets.

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