Outdoor LED display can play 3D film source

 Outdoor LED display can play 3D film source, LED screen can display naked eye 3D video

Ordinary outdoor LED display can play 3D film source, in some promotional display occasions, many users of the video source is 3D video, usually need to achieve the naked eye 3D function, to achieve a stronger sense of visual impact, so that no more 3D glasses, more convenient to watch.

First say the answer, the LED display can play 3D film source, and can also achieve the naked eye 3D effect.

So how does it do it?

In fact, LED display to achieve 3D display function, it is still the use of ordinary products, it is important to the production of the film source, such as 3D video source is usually customized, in order to achieve more strengthen the 3D effect of pear, usually carry out detailed planning and production, so that the impact of the entire video is very strong, to achieve three-dimensional three-dimensional effect, Like some of the naked eye 3D large screens we see in the outdoors, they are all in the work of the source.

3D billboards

So as long as the film source is 3D, then the ordinary LED display can also show a powerful effect.

In the field of playing 3D video, it is generally necessary to pay attention to several problems, so as to achieve a better viewing effect.

Is to try to make the size of the LED display larger, or you can do some arc, [type and other shapes, so that the effect will be more obvious, usually the display area of more than a dozen square is good, and the viewing distance should not be too close. The second is to try to use a smaller spacing of the LED display, because the smaller the point spacing, its overall resolution will be higher, as far as possible to reach 4K resolution, so the clarity is better, so within our budget, try to choose the point spacing smaller, so you can better show the 3D film source. Like some outdoor use, choose P4, P8, etc., indoor try to use P2 below the third is to pay attention to the shape of the LED display and the film source to match, such as some special-shaped or non-16:9 LED display, then in the production of the film source should fully take into account its shape, in order to fit

3D billboards-1

When changing the source of the film, so as to match each other.

So, we know that the LED display can play 3D film source, there is no problem at all, but we need to pay attention to some problems, so that we can achieve the effect we want

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