LED displays “Shining” Hangzhou Asian Games

On September 23, the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. The Asian Games, centered in Hangzhou, has a total of 56 competition venues. LED display screens are everywhere in the venues, broadcast rooms, and control rooms.

Experts say that Leyard, Unilumin, Absen, Nanjing Lopu, Ledman, ShenZhen AOTO, LianTronics, LEGIDATECH, Kinglight, Novastar, Colorlight, and other domestic LED display manufacturers have gathered at the Hangzhou Asian Games to provide scoreboards, stadium screens, control room screens, airport screens, outdoor screens, and other display products, ensuring the smooth progress of the event.


For this Asian Games, Leyard provides technical support and service guarantees for event organization/security, venue construction, and event support. Among them, Leyard created a double ring screen for the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium.

The total length of the upper ring is about 590 meters, and the lower ring is about 490 meters, with a combined area of over 1,000 square meters.

In the Great Canal Asian Games Park Gymnasium, Leyard set up high-definition LED screens on both sides of the venue, with a central funnel-shaped hanging screen system in the middle, providing real-time live broadcasts, event information updates, timing and scoring statistics, and other tasks.

At the Hangzhou E-sports Center venue, Leyard created four large screens, four corner screens, and a 202 square meter competition screen, catering to the viewing needs of the audience in different positions.

At the Linping Sports Center, Leyard provided over 200 square meters of high-definition audience screens and comprehensive visual effects services.

At the Shangcheng Sports Center Stadium, Leyard provided over 200 square meters of high-definition audience screens and comprehensive visual effects services. They also created four ultrahigh-definition audience screens with a total area of nearly 500 square meters for the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium.

Additionally, Leyard provided ultrahigh-definition integrated visual solutions for the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming Pool, Qiantang Roller Skating Center, Jinhua Sports Center, China Light Textile City Gymnasium, Deqing Sports Center Gymnasium, and other venues, promoting the intelligent upgrading of the venues.


Unilumin provided a total of 1,500 square meters of LED display screens and integrated solutions for the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and seven other smart venues, covering Hangzhou and Shaoxing competition areas.

They revitalized the Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium with a 550 square meter LED video wall. A 100 square meter LED display screen and integrated solution ensured the smooth progress of the weightlifting competition.

It is worth noting that Unilumin equipped the Yuhang Gymnasium with a large 85 square meter LED screen hanging in the center of the venue, offering a high-quality viewing experience for the audience.


Absen provides LED display screens and arena display services for multiple competitive venues at the Hangzhou Asian Games, including football, cricket, boxing, 3×3 basketball, baseball, softball, etc., ensuring the smooth running of the events.

Apart from cricket fields and boxing arenas, Absen’s LED display products and solutions are also applied in competitive venues such as the 3×3 basketball arena and the baseball and softball stadium at the Hangzhou Asian Games Sports and Cultural Center, as well as the Zhejiang Normal University Asian Games football field, bringing high-quality visual experiences to participating athletes and spectators.

Nanjing Lopu

Nanjing Lopu provides nearly 2000 square meters of LED display screen products, including stage screens and indoor/outdoor fine-pixel pitch screens, for venues such as the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium, stadium, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center, Hangzhou Linpu Sports Hall, and the Asian Games Village Technical Officials Village.

For example, in the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium, Lopu installed LED screens on the north and south towers, upgrading the resolution from 2K to 2K+, providing more comprehensive and high-definition real-time information on the progress, results, and news of the matches to the audience.

Inside the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium, Nanjing Lopu adopts an integrated long elliptical stage screen design, with a total area of 206 square meters and a total display of 6K.

In addition to the large screens in the competition venues, the media tower screen in the Asian Games Village Technical Officials Village is another impressive product created by Lopu, adopting an integrated corner box and front-mounted fully sealed module solution.


At the frontline command center for power assurance at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Ledman’s sliding track welcome screen, with a resolution of 2880*2480, is broadcasting promotional content for the games.

At the frontline command center, Ledman’s four LED screens are linked to display the organizing principles of the games.

At the power assurance command platform of the Asian Games, Ledman’s extra-large L-shaped LED display screen is running, showing the real-time electricity consumption of various sports venues.

This L-shaped screen combines a facade power visualization screen (resolution: 4480*1920) and a ground LED electronic sandbox (resolution: 4480*2240), realizing real-time monitoring of power data in nearly 300 Asian Games power assurance locations, including 56 competition venues and 31 training venues.


On the eve of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, over 30 LED display screens built by AOTO have given Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport a new look, warmly welcoming athletes and spectators from around the world.

According to reports, AOTO has helped construct over 30 LED display screens in key areas of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, including ticketing hall, departure hall, baggage carousel, arrival hall, elevator wells, etc.

(including naked-eye 3D screens, curved screens, double-sided screens, column screens, corner screens, square screens, etc.), and provided supporting LED display and naked-eye 3D solutions.


LianTronics is using its display power to assist in the cloud-based broadcast of the Asian Games, presenting the exciting moments of the games in a timely and high-definition manner to the audience.

LianTronics has created the first 3D naked-eye large screen in Qianjiang Century Park in Xiaoshan District, which will provide high-definition broadcasting of the Asian Games for the residents.

In addition, LianTronics has cooperated with Alibaba several times to create a super-sized screen of over 300 square meters, helping with its digital upgrade.

Ningbo is one of the co-host cities of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and LianTronics recently illuminated the command screen for the Ningbo Integrated Social Governance Center and the Ningbo Fenghua District Social Governance Center.

In addition, LianTronics has also illuminated promotional screens in several parks in Xiangshan, Ningbo, allowing residents to experience the excitement of the Asian Games firsthand.


Recently, the Shishan Asian Games Mountain Park in Lin’an, Hangzhou has been fully completed.

As a surrounding landscape of the Asian Games sub-venue, LEGIDATECH has created an LED display screen at the entrance of the park, using its outdoor R series with pixel pitch of 3.91mm , which can live broadcast the game footage and provide convenience for citizens to watch the Asian Games.

LEGIDATECH has created an immersive visual space for the Hangzhou Asian Games viewing platform (Vanke Olympic Sports Center elevator carriage), where the overall location of the Asian Games Village can be directly observed.

In the main stadium of the Olympic Sports Center, LEGIDATECH’s outdoor sports stadium LED display screen will witness the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games as well as athletics events with the audience.

Inside the comprehensive sports hall, LEGIDATECH has two indoor P6 full-color screens (total display area of 60 square meters), which are used for live broadcasting, playback, and highlights playback of the games, achieving good interaction with the audience.


At the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the 6000-square-meter LED display screen made of Kinglight’s outdoor 1515 RGB LED products was eye-catching.

According to reports, Kinglight’s outdoor 1515 product is a high-performance LED product with excellent brightness, color reproduction, and reliability, suitable for various outdoor Ultra-HD applications, including sports events, entertainment activities, and commercial billboards.


Novastar provides exclusive full-chain video display control system solutions for the opening and closing ceremonies, helping the 24K super-sized floor displays and surround screens to shine brightly.

At the same time, Novastar provides full-chain core control system for more than 30 venues, the core information command center, and the main media center of the Hangzhou Asian Games, assisting in the exciting events and the smart Asian Games, witnessing the moments of champions.

In addition, Novastar also provides display control and content support for various outdoor 8K giant screens, naked-eye 3D screens, urban traffic screens, and urban landscape screens, helping to deliver the exciting moments of the Asian Games.


For this Asian Games, Colorlight is providing support for various major events.

For example, in the rugby stadium, in order to provide a good live viewing experience for the audience, a 240-square-meter outdoor large screen is controlled by Colorlight’s LED control system, ensuring the clarity and stability of the display, and achieving high brightness and high contrast display effects, escorting the exciting events.

Conclusion : With the group of LED Control system providers’ and LED Screen manufacturers’ effort like LEGIDATECH , we make the Hangzhou Asian Games different and impressive .

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