How to choose P4 LED display

How much to make a indoor or outdoor P4 LED display?

Many customers buy LED display for the first time, do not understand the LED screen panel, only want to buy the highest definition.

In fact, in the LED display industry, there is no maximum clear only more high-definition concept, LED display clarity is based on the use of the environment, screen size, viewing distance.

LED display clarity are relative, such as indoor P2.5 than P3 clear, P3 clearer than P4.

So How to choose the right P4 LED display?

Many customers to buy LED display for which LED display does not have a clear concept, we should be based on own needs, choose the right cost-effective LED products.

Here, we will analyse in detail how to buy P4 LED display for customers.

1, First of all, it should be clear whether you want indoor LED display or outdoor LED display, you should understand that indoor P4 LED screen is not waterproof, outdoor P4 screen waterproof.

2.Determine the expected length and height dimensions of the LED display.

3.Measure the viewing distance, i.e. the approximate distance in metres between the nearest and farthest viewing distances from the display.

With the above three data, you can probably know what kind of LED display meets the requirements.

For example, if you want to do a full-colour LED display on the back wall of a banquet hall, you need to make sure that the back wall is a solid wall to ensure load-bearing.

Then measure the display installation area, determine the proportion of the installation size, such as 16:9.

Finally, consider the furthest viewing distance. If the viewing distance is about 4 metres away, then you can consider indoor P4 LED display.

2.Is lower pixels better for LED displays?

Here to remind the majority of users who are ready to buy LED display, not the denser the number of points of the display must be the best cost-effective, the most suitable for your use.

Can be based on the size of the area, viewing distance requirements to consider, professional sales will be on your actual situation to give appropriate advice for you to choose outdoor LED display, LED display, LED electronic screen, indoor full-colour display.

Here are a few examples of indoor LED display models.

P0.8, P0.9, P1.0, P1.25, P1.33, P1.5, P1.53, P1.667, P1.875, P1.9 belongs to the indoor small-pitch LED display models, commonly used in government, indoor institutions (such as video conferencing, monitoring centres, command centres, studios, etc.) places.

For close viewing requirements are very clear, these types of models of high pixel, the cost is relatively high.

P2, P2.5, P3, belongs to the indoor high-definition LED display models, commonly used in conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, corridors and aisles.

Suitable for 3 metres outside the viewing distance, the area is suitable for more than 4 square metres of better results.

P4, P5 commonly used in hotel banquet halls, restaurants, stage background LED screen.

Can be used as a temporary stage construction, performance activities.

With LED stage screen, in order to facilitate the carrying, transport, can be freely disassembled, made into a box, according to the site environment, can be spliced together according to any size.

Generally have iron box, aluminium box, but also supporting the flight case transport.

3.Elements that determine the clarity of the LED display

3.1 pixels:

Because the LED display are indoor surface paste technology, so the LED display are red, green and blue colours in one.

The point pitch is the basis of distinction between the LED display models, but also determines the final display effect of the LED display.P4LED display model point pitch single square 625000 pixels resolution.

3.2 screen brightness:

indoor surface-mounted technology belongs to the constant motion scanning, brightness requirements are generally more than 600CD / m, in the semi-outdoor, or indoor window position must choose a brightness greater than 3000CD / m or even higher brightness models.

3.3 the visual distance and effect:

stage, venue and all kinds of activities used in the background of the big screen are generally P4 or more coarse display model.

The viewer is located in 10M or so can clearly see the picture, but in close proximity there will be a full screen of particles. Nowadays, all kinds of performing arts business is developing rapidly, indoor LED display screen is generally used P2.6 and P3 models, high-definition is P2.

4.Tips on buying P4 LED displays

LED screen price quality can never be separated from the topic, in the early stage of purchase, many customers are very sensitive to price, always like to take the lowest market price to compare, in fact, this is meaningless.

Similar to the LED screen of such electronic products, stable quality and durability of the display is a good measure.

If you need to buy LED display, be sure to choose the regular factory products, do not buy poor quality, low price LED display.

The same model LED display products, in addition to listed companies, if the difference in price of a square metre of more than 500 yuan, the raw materials must be different.

Now the LED screen market price is very transparent, has long gone far away from the previous windfall profits, especially in 2020 prices remain stable, profits also fell to the lowest point.

In the procurement of LED display is best to understand in detail the manufacturer LED product performance, production scale, price should be the last factor to consider.

Author : Lucy Huang

  1. What is a P4 LED screen?

A P4 LED Display Screen basically an LED Screen with pixel pitch of 4. We have the P for pitch. The 4 after it symbolizing the distance between any adjacent LED lights in the panel, in this case 4mm

  1. Which LED wall is better P4 or P6?

For example, the P4 LED display screen has about 62,500 pixels per square meter, while the P6 LED screen has only 40,000 pixels per square meter. This means that the P4 LED wall can display more detailed and higher-resolution images than the P6 wall.

  1. What is P4 resolution?

The P4 LED display is a widely used electronic display in our daily lives. Its unit board measures 320X160mm, with a P4 resolution of 80*40, which offers 3200points of resolution. This type of display is highly versatile, serving both indoor and outdoor applications.

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