A Detailed Guide to Choosing an Indoor Church LED Display

LEGIDATECH has completed thousands of projects in the field of church LED display projects and gained the support of customers. Today we come to share with you A Detailed Guide to Choosing an Indoor Church LED Display——one case of H series indoor P3.91 LED display in American church.

After receiving the enquiry from the US customer, I learnt the basic information of the customer, but the customer didn’t reply my message until two months later, which was really a long wait.

Later, in the call with the customer, I learnt that the customer operates an electronic company, selling LED display and other electronic equipment, and is currently looking for suitable products for a church, which is a professional LED display dealer.

At first, the customer was entangled in choosing what kind of installation method, which also decided the recommended products, fixed installation LED display or mobile LED display.

I shared with the customer the cases of our church LED display, different installation methods and product features, among which, the customer was very interested in the installation and design of H series indoor LED display.

LED display for church

H series indoor LED display comes with a magnetic design, which makes the installation of LED display more convenient and efficient.

After the customer measured the size of the installation location, after several discussions, the customer determined the desired size is 18*14ft.

And chose H series indoor P3.91 to be fixed mounted on the wall behind the stage of the church, and customised a steel structure to support the LED display.

After two months of preparation, the customer and us finally confirmed the order, H series P3.91 indoor LED display, 18*14ft, 20 square metres.

H series indoor P3.91 church LED display

  1. Panel size: 500*500mm
  2. Pixel Pitch: P3.91
  3. Panel weight: 4.2kg
  4. Refresh rate: 3840hz
  5. Brightness: 1000nit
  6. Power supply: 300W
  7. Module size: 250*250mm
  8. Receiveingcard: Novastar A5S
  9. Control system: Novastar
  10. Control mode: synchronous control
  11. Video processor: RGB Link
  12. Socket standard: American socket
  13. Voltage: 110~220V
  14. Installation drawings: 18*14m steel structure construction drawings

After 15 days of production and testing,church LED display-H series indoor P3.91 LED display, 18*14ft shipped to USA.

church led screen displays

During the transport process, the customer likewise started to prepare the steel structure for erection.

install church led screens

When the customer receives the church LED display, we remotely guide the customer step by step to install and connect the LED display.

Church LED Screen Line signal

Finally, the customer successfully lit up the 18*14ft church LED display in the church.

In the follow-up conversation, the customer is very satisfied with our H series indoor P3.91 LED display, and proposed that the left and right sides plus two pieces of 2 * 12ft LED display.

We are still in the preparation, and hope to bring customers a more perfect visual experience!

Church LED Screen-5

Looking back at this case, this is not the longest single customer we meet, not the most complex project, but is very representative of a church LED display project.

The customer is a professional LED display dealer, how to gain the trust of customers, recommend professional LED display programme which is the key to closing the order.

After sharing this representative church LED display case, here are some tips for choosing indoor church LED display with you.

Firstly, why church LED display is needed by customers?

As times move on, churches are no longer just a place for the faithful to gather and pray, but have also become a preferred location for more activities.

Parishioners would meet in the church for daily prayers, weekend liturgies of Mass, festive celebrations, and other ecclesiastical liturgies.

Especially on weekends, there are many other group activities such as choir practice, catechism classes for non-parishioners, youth activities, and it can even be the location couples choose to get married.

In the United States, churches are everywhere. Few people can be seen on the streets on Sundays, when the busiest place is the church.

Going to church is not only to worship, but also part of people’s recreational life.

In some large churches that can accommodate hundreds of people, projectors and televisions do not serve well the activities that take place within the church.

The LED display screen has the characteristics of customizable size, adjustable brightness and perfect picture effect, which solves the shortcomings of traditional display screens.

In terms of display equipment, the LED display screen presented perfect images to every audience at the scene, exaggerating the atmosphere of the scene.

Church LED display, can provide believers with more convenient gathering prayer information, but also for the festival to add a sense of solemnity and piety, but also for the church wedding to create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Church LED Screen-6

Secondly, how to choose a church LED display solution?


  1. Combined with the church real-life photos, looking for similar cases.

In the process of determining the church LED display programme, you can combine the church with real-life photos, discuss the installation method, design effect diagrams, and share similar cases.

It should be noted that not all churches are suitable for fixed installation of LED display.

for example, some churches stage is curved, which is more difficult for customers to install.

Of course, if the customer is a professional customer, to understand the installation of LED display, combined with the design of the church for the customer to bring a unique visual effect is necessary.

Church LED Screen-7

  1. Provide detailed information about the church and choose the appropriate display size.

Although the LED display is a customized product, there are recommended display sizes and screen-to-body ratios

We can tell the salesperson how many people the church can accommodate, what is the area of the church, what is the distance from the church to the stage and other details.

I believe that with these data, combined with the required display size, we will get a suitable church LED display solution

It is generally recommended that customers choose a rectangular display size.

Church LED Screen-8

  1. Understand the operation and installation of LED display.

The LED display screen is an electronic device and has an operating manual.

But we can ask the sales staff to demonstrate the entire process from building the LED display to lighting it up.

For example, the connection of wires, how the computer controls the LED display through the video processor, and how to maintain the LED display later are all very important.

Thirdly, evaluate church LED display suppliers

Evaluation of LED display suppliers can be through the website or shop operation status and the service attitude of the salesman to understand its credibility.

If the supplier has customers and cases in their own countries and cities credibility is higher, and even on-site inspection of the quality of the LED display and other details.

In co-operation, the quality of the product and service to the church determines whether the decision to buy LED display is correct or not

If the quality of the LED display is not good, the church wastes money and time, if the service is not timely, the church encounters problems that can not be solved, the LED display can not be used properly.

As the world’s leading provider of LED display application products and solutions for churches.

LEGIDATECH has already had experience in many major events and engineering display solutions, and our products have very broad application scenarios in the market.

In the future, LEGIDATECH will continue to apply its deep understanding of cutting-edge technology to new products, and continue to provide users with more perfect products and solutions, creating brilliance with strength!


Author: Lucy Huang


1.How long does it take to set up an LED wall in Church?

By choosing our H-Series LED displays, all that is needed is to customise the structure accordingly, no need for lifting beams, harnesses and screws.

The cabinet can be attached directly to the steel structure. It takes only one hour for a small team to install an LED display with the size of 18*14ft.


  1. How much power does an LED wall use?

H Series,according to the maximum power consumption, it is 710 watts per square meter.The average power consumption is 300 watts per square meter.


  1. Are H series indoor LED screens good for Church application?

The H-Series typically offers better picture quality than LED displays on the market. With our rigorous selection of raw material suppliers.

The H-Series is a privately moulded product that is often superior in everything from black level to contrast and even colour accuracy. LED displays with full-array backlighting and local dimming provide the best picture quality.

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