Detailed guidance on how to choose indoor LED display screens for Church

LED display screens have gradually replaced LCD splicing screens and projectors in church applications due to their long service life, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost, bright display colors, wide viewing angle, no reflection, and diverse installation shape design.

Especially with the development and maturity of China’s LED display screen industry, the price and cost have been decreasing in recent years, making LED display screens affordable for more churches.

How to choose a suitable  solution and product for an indoor LED screen for a church ?

LEGIDATECH will provide you with a detailed guide.

1: We start with the installation method to choose the indoor church LED display screen:

1.1:  Screen need to be lifted or frequently disassembled


church led display-2

Installation from the ceiling

church led display screen

Installation on trusses

church led display

Diverse design stage installation

Then we should choose indoor stage rental LED screens available on the market It is composed of 500x500mm or 500x1000mm die cast aluminum LED panel body, which has high strength and is suitable for direct lifting.

rental led screen- -R series

In addition, die-casting aluminum LED panels are equipped with quick locks for easy and quick installation and disassembly, allowing for free transformation of different installation shapes.

These types of LED panels also have plug and play power and network cables, which is very convenient for end users like churches.

In terms of packaging, if it needs to be dismantled and repackaged for storage after the event, road case packaging can be chosen .

rental led screen- R series

For example, LEGIDATECH’s R series products

1.2: Fixed installation of square shape indoor church LED display screen

This requires us to make a permanently fixed steel structure to fix the church LED display screen.

LED structure

 LED structure

Here, there are two installation methods:

A: Wall mounted:

church led display

If the strength and load-bearing capacity of the church wall are not sufficient to leave maintenance channels for LED display screen maintenance personnel to enter, then when choosing LED display screens, we need to choose products that are lighter in weight and can be maintained in front of the LED display screen.

This is what we usually refer to as front maintenance indoor LED display screens.

For front maintenance LED display screens, either the entire LED tiles can be removed from the front, or LED modules, power supplies units, receiving cards, and other LED display screen components can be removed from the front of the display screen for maintenance and repair.

The front maintenance LED display screen, with its installation structure and LED display screen, has a relatively small thickness and looks more aesthetically pleasing.

If your church requires front maintenance LED display screens, emphasize when consulting with LED display screen suppliers that “I need front maintenance indoor LED display screen products.”

If the church wall meets the load-bearing requirements, can have maintenance channels , and the LED display screen for rear maintenance is also acceptable.

Usually, for LED display screen manufacturers, the manufacturing cost and price of the same style of LED display screen cabinets are relatively lower for rear maintenance LED displays compared to front maintenance LED displays.

In most cases, when churches purchase wall mounted indoor LED displays, they will choose front maintained indoor LED displays.

B: Floor standing installation:

led screen case

Floor standing installation is usually commonly used for church stage backgrounds.

If it is not possible to install a fixed steel structure and you do not want to damage the stage floor or walls, you can choose to get an LED display screen with a die-casting aluminum panel , and purchase an easy to assemble installation back frame.

If a fixed installation steel structure can be used, then any style of indoor LED display screen is suitable.

1.3: Creative installation:

LED display screens for indoor creative installation require the church to provide its own design drawings and consult with the LED display screen manufacturer to discuss the feasibility of the design and whether it is possible to customize LED display screen solutions.


2: Choose a church indoor LED display screen with appropriate pixel pitch

As a professional LED display manufacturer, LEGIDATECH often encounters inquiries from church customers about LED displays.

Many church LED display screen buyers will ask if we have 4K, 2K LED displays or high-definition LED displays.

Buyers often ask questions in this way, either through non-professional explanations obtained through online searches or by judging LED displays based on their understanding of the television.

Actually, this is a buyer’s misunderstanding.

Firstly, what we understand is that LED display screens are solid pixels composed of individual light beads, which is different from LED televisions.

LED televisions are LED backlight sources, easy to have 4K or 2K .

A single LED display unit cannot achieve 4K or 2K resolution.

High Resolution LED display screen

To achieve 2K or 4K resolution, it is necessary to choose appropriate pixel pitch and a sufficiently large installation size.

The reason why LED TVs require 2K or 4K is because the TV has a small area and a short viewing distance.

For the selection of pixel pitch on the display screen, we first need to determine the closest viewing distance to the audience.

Usually, with a 4mm pixel pitch, the optimal viewing distance for LED displays is 4 meters away.

If the human eye cannot see the LED beads on the display from 4 meters away, people will think that LED displays are high-definition.

Similarly, the optimal viewing distance for a 3mm pixel spacing is 3 meters away, and for a 2.5mm pixel spacing, it is 2.5 meters away.

Usually, indoor LED display screens purchased by churches have a pixel pitch of less than 4mm.

Depending on the different styles of LED display screen boxes provided by different LED display screen manufacturers, the pixel spacing is usually 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm or 3.9mm, 2.9mm, 2.6mm.

LEGIDATECH, as the main production supplier of LED displays for churches, has recently developed an EHONOR series product specifically designed for churches with a very competitive cost.

Among them, P2.5 LED displays are very popular, and 90% of churches will choose this product. EHONOR2.5 can be suitable for church LED displays of any size, so don’t worry about choosing which pixel pitch.

EHONOR indoor LED screen

The mission of LEGIDATECH’s development of this product is to make LED displays accessible to all churches.

3: Choose the appropriate size of church indoor LED display screen

In fact, LED display screens do not have a standard fixed size.

They can be assembled according to the manufacturer’s panel size, and the display screen size can be made as large as desired.

And when we choose the size, we need to do a few things.

3.1: Select the installation location.

The LED display screen is for the audience to see.

It is necessary to clarify which location to install it in and which audience to see.

3.2: By having people sit in the farthest seat to observe the installation position of the LED display screen, ensure that the size is large enough to provide a good viewing experience.

And then preliminarily measure the width and height of the LED display screen to be installed.

Provide this size to the LED display screen supplier to determine the final LED display screen size.

3.3: What kind of display aspect ratio is more suitable

In fact, there is no need to worry about the display aspect ratio, which must be 16:9, 4:3, or 2:1, because LED video processors can scale the video to fit the ratio of the LED display screen.

Of course, when choosing a display screen, it is usually recommended to make it rectangular, with a width larger than the height. It is not recommended to make a 1:1 ratio of a square

3.4: Creative LED display screens, which can be determined based on specific design and proportions with LED display screen suppliers to determine feasible sizes.


In conclusion

By mastering the above points, it is easy for buyers of indoor LED display screens in churches to choose the LED board that is suitable for their church . The projector brightness is low, and the LCD video splicing wall will reflect light when use camera to shoot. LED displays solve the defects of projector and LCD video wall very well, and these devices will be replaced by LED displays in the future. That’s why more and more churches are starting to use LED displays.

Author : Sam Lee




1: Can the Church indoor LED display screen be connected to a camera?

Answer: The LED display controller (video processor) can be connected to a high-definition camera and synchronously projected onto the LED display screen.


2: What software is used to control the Church LED display screen?

Answer: The software is only used to configure the entire LED screen during the initial installation. After the splicing of LED Display is completed, software is no longer needed.


3: What kind of software is recommended for displaying images, video materials, or scriptures in churches?

Answer: If it is just a regular sized LED display screen, the size is not large. Churches usually use Easy Worship software.

If it is a large stage creative installation LED display screen, you can use the professional stage broadcast control software “ Resolume” , which can be found on Google.

If you are unwilling to spend money, simply display the content you want to play on the computer.


4: How to protect indoor LED display equipment in churches?

Answer: 4.1: After installing the display screen, it is very important to provide stable power supply to the LED display screen. If the voltage is unstable in some regions, a voltage regulator (AVR) can be used to ensure the stability of the power supply.

4.2: Indoor LED display screens are not waterproof or moisture-proof. In order to avoid the damage to the LED display screen, a dry environment should be provided for the LED display screen.

Do not let water get on top of the LED display screen, and do not use wet objects to wipe the LED display screen.

If there is anything dirty on the LED display that needs to be cleaned, it needs to be cleaned with a soft brush and alcohol.


5: How to do daily maintenance on church LED display screens?

Answer: Make sure to light up the LED display screen 2-3 times a week, with a duration of 3-5 hours each time, to allow the LED display screen to heat up and remove potential humidity.


6: How to choose the installation structure of Church LED display screens?

Answer: The specification of the square steel pipe in the vertical direction commonly used for LED display screens is 40x40mm, with a thickness of about 4mm.

For other structural parts, the specifications of each steel structure need to be considered based on the weight of the LED display screen.

You can consult LED display screen manufacturers and LED display screen suppliers for specific information.


7: How to connect the power and network cables of the LED display screen?

Answer: After selecting the size and style of the LED display screen, the LED display screen supplier can draw wiring diagrams. The buyer only needs to connect according to the drawings.


8: How to Configure  LED display screens?

Answer: Usually, LED display screen suppliers provide video guidance. The Configuration of LED display screens is very simple, and anyone who does not understand LED display screens can simply follow the video explanation to successfully configure the large screen.

In addition, remote control software such as TeamViewer or Anydesk can also be used for remote assistance through LED suppliers.


9: How to repair a broken LED display screen?

Answer: LED display screens are composed of modular units, unlike integrated televisions that require professional maintenance.

LED display screens generally have problems with one component. We only need to replace the faulty parts with corresponding spare parts.

After purchasing the product, LED suppliers will provide a certain proportion of spare parts .

If you encounter problems with LED display screens, please take photos or videos in a timely manner and send them to the LED display screen supplier. The LED display screen supplier engineer will guide you which part to replace.


10: What is the warranty for indoor LED displays?

Answer: The usual warranty is 12-36 Months, and different LED suppliers and products may have different warranties.

For example, LEGIDATECH’s EHONOR series has a 24 Months warranty.

The duration of warranty is not related to quality, the quality only matters to the material configuration and performance design of LED display screen production.


11: How long can indoor church LED video wall generally last?

Answer: If we can provide a stable and dry application environment for LED displays, and pay attention to daily maintenance, a high-end product like the LEGIDATECH EHONOR series can be used for more than 10 years.

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