P3.91 Transparent LED screen characteristics and application site analysis

In the field of transparent LED screens, different models of products have different application needs. It’s not a random choice.

The most widely used models on the market are transparent LED large screen P3.91. Here is a specific analysis of this product:

The pixel pitch of LED transparent screen P3.91 is actually 3.91mm/7.81mm, that is, the spacing between horizontal beads is 3.91mm, and the spacing between longitudinal beads is 7.81mm. So its pixel density we can calculate (1000÷3.91) × (1000÷7.81) =32256dot/m2.

The higher the pixel density, the clearer the display effect, so the P3.91 transparent LED large screen display effect is clear.

P3.91 Transparent LED large screen-

But the clearer the screen, the more expensive it is per unit area, which is also easy to understand:

because the more light beads per unit area, the more light beads are one of the main factors affecting the price inside a transparent screen.

But to some extent, clarity and transparency are contradictory to each other.

The clearer the screen, the lower the transparent screen, because the density of the light beads and the spacing between the light strips have decreased, resulting in more obstruction and lower transparency.

At present, the transparency of LED transparent screen P3.91 can reach about 65%.

By optimizing the structure of the power box and light strip, EXCEL LED/ LEGIDATECH has further improved transparency by up to 75% without affecting product stability and playback performance.

P3.91 Transparent LED large screen

The higher the definition of the screen, the more suitable it is for close range viewing.

Therefore, the transparent LED large screen P3.91 is a screen for close range viewing.

Usually suitable for viewing at a distance of 4-20 meters. Therefore, it is more commonly used in indoor display windows and shopping mall atriums.

These fields require close viewing distance and high playback clarity. And it also requires a certain degree of permeability.

Overall, P3.91 is the most suitable. When viewed up close, the area is generally not very large.

Therefore, its application area is mostly within 60 square meters.

What are the advantages of transparent display?

First, High transparency:

LED transparent screens usually have 70% to 95% transparency, by optimizing the LED bead arrangement and using a special design, so that the screen does not affect the visibility behind the premise of high-definition images.

Second, transparent and beautiful:

The display structure is hollowed out or grid-like design, reducing the physical part, making the overall look thinner and fashionable, and the visual effect is excellent.

Third, flexible installation:

Due to its thin and transparent characteristics, the LED transparent screen can be easily embedded in existing building structures, such as glass curtain walls, Windows, etc., without adding too much additional load-bearing structure, and easy to install and maintain.

Fourth, energy saving and environmental protection:

The transparent screen uses an energy-efficient LED light source with low power consumption, while reducing the need for cooling equipment such as air conditioning because of its good ventilation performance.

Fifth, Customized design:

Pixel pitch, brightness, size and shape can be adjusted according to different application scenarios and needs to meet a variety of creative display needs.


For indoor close-up viewing with a small screen area and requirements for playback clarity and transparency, a P3.91 transparent LED screen is your best choice.

Author: Jason


What scenarios are LED transparent screens mainly used in?

LED transparent screen is widely used in commercial advertising display, stage design, exhibition, shopping centers, automobile 4S stores, high-end brand stores, large architectural glass curtain wall decoration and other fields, especially suitable for those who want to have both information release function and do not want to destroy the original architectural style or vision of the place.

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