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If a customer tells you that he wants to install an outdoor P8 LED display with a three-sided design by the sea, how would you recommend the LED display?

In November 2023, the customer who wanted to install an  outdoor LED display screen by the sea contacted LEGIDATECH.

He introduced his installation concept and emphasized that the material and quality of the LED display screen were crucial since the installation location was by the sea.

Looking back on my discussion with the client, the thing that struck me the most was – don’t change your proposal so easily.

Here’s the story of my client.

Many clients are very efficiency-oriented and want to see a complete proposal (detailed product description and pricing) upfront in the conversation.

P8 LED Display 2 P8 LED Display 1

After learning the basic information of the project, the size is 4*7m three-sided design, the steel structure height is 30 meters, and it is installed on the seaside.

Considering these key information points, I chose LEGIDATECH’s OK series P8 to introduce to the customer.

The OK series is an energy-saving product, which has more advantages than traditional outdoor LED display products in large outdoor projects.

And the brightness is high, even if the viewing distance exceeds 50m, the OK series can display the picture well.

The most important point is that the material of the OK series is aluminum profile.

Unlike magnesium-aluminum alloy and iron cabinet, the OK series has very high corrosion resistance.

P8 LED Display 3

After sending a proposal for the customer and a detailed product introduction, the customer did not reply.

Two days later, the customer forwarded several messages to me, which may be the suggestions of the customer engineer. The main content is P4.81, brightness 4000nit, and better picture quality.

And hope we can give a quotation.

But I noticed that the forwarded requirements were not the type of outdoor LED display, but the type of stage LED display.

At this time, I did not recommend our stage LED display according to the customer’s new requirements, but explained the difference between the two products to the customer.

The stage LED display mainly includes indoor (P2.6 P2.9 and P3.91) and outdoor (P3.91 and P4.81) LED display.

The main difference is whether it is waterproof and brightness. It is mainly used for stage activities and can be flexibly disassembled.

P8 LED Display 4

The biggest feature of outdoor advertising LED display is waterproof and high brightness.

Among outdoor LED display products, we also have different products to choose from.

Traditional iron cabinet LED display is not suitable for humid and high-salt areas and is gradually being eliminated by the market.

P8 LED Display 5

Magnesium-aluminum alloy cabinet LED display used in coastal areas also need to increase the module filling vinyl steps to improve the waterproof performance of the product, but this step, increase the production cost!

P8 LED Display 6

However, the advantages of the OK series aluminum cabinet in this project are obvious.

The OK series is very rigorous in design from modules to cabinets, which can effectively reduce the impact of coastal environment on the display screen.

In addition, the internal power supply voltage equalization design also makes this LED display screen safer.

After waiting for two days, the customer clarified the project requirements.

I want to update the price of the OK series P8 with video processor, local voltage 220v 3phases 60hz, and provide UPS system.

At this time, I think the customer has understood the difference between stage LED display screens and outdoor LED display screens.

Outdoor LED display screens are more inclined to choose the OK series, so we will succeed if we directly update the quotation, right?

In fact, there is another detail that needs to be paid attention to, which is the UPS system, which can be simply understood as a power bank for LED display screens.

The size of outdoor LED display screen projects is generally above 24 square meters.

We are discussing a project with 3 sides of 4*7m and a total of 84 square meters, and the UPS system is only suitable for small LED display screens.

So how to help customers solve the problem of unstable voltage affecting LED display screens?

We can configure more professional equipment, 60KW voltage stabilizer and 100KVA distribution cabinet, these two devices solve the worries of customers.

P8 LED Display 7 P8 LED Display 8

The maximum power consumption of the OK series is 650W per hour.

Here are 84 cabinets, which can be regarded as 84 square meters, and the maximum power consumption is 54.6 kilowatts per hour.

The average power consumption is 250W, 84 cabinets, which can be regarded as 84 square meters, and the average power consumption is 21 kilowatts per hour.

If a traditional cabinet is used, what is the maximum and average power consumption of an 84-square-meter outdoor LED display?

The maximum power consumption of a traditional outdoor LED display is 800W per hour.

Here are 84 cabinets, which can be regarded as 84 square meters, and the maximum power consumption is 67.2 kilowatts per hour.

The average power consumption is 300W, 84 cabinets, which can be regarded as 84 square meters, and the average power consumption is 25.2 kilowatts per hour.

Usually the outdoor advertising LED display will be on for at least 8 hours a day to promote advertisements.

In the long run, compared with traditional outdoor LED displays, the OK series can save customers more electricity.

After comprehensive consideration by the customer team, we decided to use the OK series P8 in this three-sided outdoor LED display project.

OK Series P8 Outdoor LED Display

1.Cabinet size: 960*960mm

2.Lamp bead brand: Nationstar

3.Pixel pitch: 8MM

4.Cabinet weight: 28kg

5.Refresh rate: 3840hz

6.Brightness: 6500nit

7.Power supply: 400W

8.Module size: 480*320mm

9. Receiver card: Novastar A5S

10.Control system: Novastar

11.Control mode: synchronized control

12.Video Processor: Nova VX600

13.Socket standard: American socket

14.Voltage: 220V 3 Pharse 60hz

15.Installation drawings: triangular 4.8 * 6.72m structural construction drawings

16.Voltage regulator:60KW

17.Distribution cabinet:100KVA

P8 LED Display 9

OK series belongs to high-end customized products, after 30 days of production and testing, OK series outdoor P8 LED display, 84pcs 0.96*0.96m cabients and accessories are shipped

Packaging data are as follows, 14 wooden crates packaging, of which 12 wooden crates packed 84 boxes, a load of 7,  1.06*1.11*1.15m, 240kg.

Voltage regulator and distribution cabinet packing size is 1.07*0.67*1.24m,295kg.

Packing size of OK series spare parts is 1.03*1.03*1.16m,246kg.

P8 LED Display 10


The installation period of outdoor LED display projects is relatively long, and in different countries, installation licenses are required.
The time is also not certain, which is related to the specific size of the LED display, installation location, etc.

Customers need to have enough patience and prepare for work in advance.

When we make suggestions, we need to understand the information of the customer’s project in detail.

For example, the local environment, humidity, whether the installation is column-type or wall-mounted, and the picture effect that the customer wants to achieve.

Of course, at the beginning, many customers are not willing to share too many details with us.

But we should play to our strengths and simply understand the climate environment of the customer’s country after receiving the customer’s inquiry.

I believe that after a simple judgment, we can give professional suggestions.

Author: Lucy


  1. What do we need to consider when installing LED display at the seaside?

In addition to the waterproof design of the LED display, we also need to consider whether the LED display is corrosion-resistant, the seaside environment has high humidity, salinity is also high, poor waterproof LED display and poor corrosion-resistant LED display are not suitable for outdoor LED display projects at the seaside.


2.How to match the voltage regulator and distribution cabinet for outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED display using utility power, we need to consider the local voltage, whether it is 3 items of electricity, etc., and then according to the design of the power supply voltage of the LED display, consult with the supplier for the appropriate products.


  1.  How to determine the height of the outdoor LED display project structure?

First of all, we need to consider the size of the LED display, and secondly, there is the local wind speed, the surrounding obstacles need to be considered. These will affect the viewing effect of the LED display. If the normal wind speed, the viewspace is open, such as 4 * 3m LED display, we recommend single column installation.

If it is 12 * 8m such LED display, we recommend double column installation, of course, this is also in the case of normal wind speed and wide field of view.

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