P2 LED screen to USA

Today I want to introduce our LEGIDATECH indoor P2 LED screen !

This LED video wall project was purchased by an American rental service provider from our company!

The customer’s requirements for the p2 LED wall are that it is easy to install, requires front and rear maintenance, and needs a flight case made of plastic!

The display area of this P2 LED screen reaches 100 square meters!

So the p2 I recommend to customers is our company’s E-NOVA series product, which just meets the needs of customers!

p2 led screen specifications:

The integrated circuit of this p2 LED wall uses a high refresh rate IC, allowing the refresh rate of the LED wall display to be as high as 3840HZ.

And the LED lamp beads adopt the famous Chinese brand Nationstar, which ensures the display effect of the LED display and restores the natural colors!

Besides, the circuit board PCB uses a complex 4-layer PCB to prevent digital signals from being interfered by lectromagnetic waves!

Product details of p2 LED screen:

P2 LED screen to USA

The requirements put forward by American customers are:

500*500 size LED cabinets and 500*1000 size LED cabinets can be installed together!

In this way, customers can build more stage LED displays of different areas!

P2 LED module

For the convenience of maintenance, we install magnets on the back of the LED module, and then attach it to the LED display box through the magnetic force of the magnet!

In this way, customers can remove the p2 LED module right in front of the LED display!

P2 LED screen to USA-

p2.6 Power supply for indoor LED display:

The power supply of the p2 indoor LED display is 300W.

From the picture, we can see that the power supply is very thin, which increases the heat dissipation space of the power box!

It ensures that the LED display screen can work stably and normally!

P2 LED screen to USA-1

p2 LED panel VS P3 LED panel

In the case of the same area, the resolution of p2 is higher than the resolution of p3, so the definition of p2 is better!

And about the best viewing distance,  p2 LED panel is about 2-3 meters, while the best viewing distance of p3 is about just 3 to 5 meters!

LEGIDATECH has been packed for US customers and is awaiting shipping.




1.) How to remove and install p2 LED screen independent power box?

Answer; The replacement of our independent power box only takes about 10 seconds!  So it can save you maintenance time!


2.)What is the resolution of p2 led screen?

Answer: p2 led screen resolution (per panel):500/2*500/2=62500


3.) How to install the p2 small-pitch LED display cabinet?

Answer: There are several quick locks on the LED display cabinet, which can achieve seamless splicing between cabinets.


4.) How much does our indoor P2 LED screen cost?

Answer; We provide cost-effective LED displays!

What’s more, our price per square meter is only 700USD to 800USD per square meter!


5.)Where is the LED display screen of p2 used?

Answer:  This small-pitch rental display is generally used in radio and television stations, churches, school conference rooms, and banquet halls of high-end hotels!


6.)How long does it take to produce a 100 square meter p2 LED display?

Answer:  It takes LEGIDATECH 15 to 20 days to produce 100 square meters of p2 LED screen!

But if there is no need for customization, our factory has 1,000 square meters of p2 LED panel in stock.

It greatly saves you purchasing time and you can create more business opportunities in a shorter time!

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