P3.076 LED Display Module to Malaysia

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH. Today I will introduce a real case of p3.076 LED display module to Malaysia.

According to the requirements of Malaysian customers, LEGIDATECH OEM produces 320×160 mm p3.076 modules.

Customers need to install these p3.076 LED modules in the indoor environment of the bar, so LEGIDATECH recommends customers to purchase indoor p3.076 LED display modules.

I carefully recorded the entire production process of p3.076 LED display module.

1. Key technologies of indoor p3.076 LED display module:

Indoor LED module Pixel pitch: 3.076mm
Indoor LED module Size: 320×160mm
Driving IC:2153
LED lamp bead model: 2121
Refresh rate: 3840 HZ
Brightness: 800cd/㎡.

The brightness is customized according to the customer’s application scenario, because the bar is a dark environment and does not need to be too bright.

However, in order to improve the viewing effect of the LED display, a high-brush indoor p3.076 LED module with a refresh rate of 3840HZ was customized for the customer.

The p3.076 LED module is shown in the figure:

2. Power supply for p3.07 LED display module

The customer customized 2,000 p3.076 LED modules. Of course it’s not enough to just order the module, you also need to order the power supply.

LEGIDATECH recommended the Junengweiye brand power supply with very high cost performance to customers. And tell customers that one power supply can carry 6 pcs of p3.076 modules.

So the customer ordered 335 power supplies. The power supply is as shown in the figure:

The input voltage of the power supply is 220 V-240V, the power supply is 200W, and the output is: 5V 40A

3. p3.076 LED display module control system

LEGIDATECH provides customers with novastar V960 video processor and DH7512 receiving card.

The advantage of the V960 video processor is that the video processor and sending box are integrated into one device.

Customers do not need to purchase LED sending boxes or LED sending cards separately, which saves costs for customers.

4. Other accessories for p3.076 LED display module:

Because the customer needs to attach the module to the indoor steel structure, one module is required to match 4 magnets.

The power supply needs to be connected in parallel with a three-core cable.

A 16P signal cable is required to connect the receiving card and the module together.

The signal transmission between the receiving card and the receiving card requires a 1-meter network cable. The number of network cables depends on the number of receiving cards.

5. p3.076 LED module has been produced.

In order to ensure the stability of the product, we age it for 72 hours in the LEGIDATECH led display factory. If we find defective LED modules, we will repair them in time.

6.P3.076 LED Display Module to Malaysia

Packed in custom cartons. One carton can hold 30 LED modules.

7. I completed the production within the production delivery date specified by the customer!

Thank you for your support to LEGIDATECH. We will work hard to ensure good production quality for our customers! We are preparing to send p3.076 LED modules to Malaysia.

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