P1.875 Indoor LED Screen in South Africa

ESL series indoor led fixed screen is EXCEL LED & LEGIDATECH top level private module product specially for indoor environments like conference room, studio, stock exchange center, traffic center, etc.

It suitable for public important situation use.

Project details:

Pixel pitch : P1.875mm

Cabinet size : 600 x 337.5 x 48mm

Screen size : 4200 x 2024mm

Resolution : 2240 x 1080 = 2,419,200dots

Maintenance way : Front maintenance

 indoor led fixed screen

P1.875MM 4200x2024mm

Why we recommend the ESL series indoor led fixed screen to our client?

Project situation: When we get the led screen inquiry from our client, we get to know the site place is under construction, will finished within 2months.

They plan to install the screen at the middle of the wall. That’s their idea.

Site checking: After we get the inquiry, EXCEL & LEGIDATECH South Africa branch local manager got in tough with them face to face at the site place.

By communication we know this one is used for network business and need show some figures and charts, which is very important for their business.

Thus we recommend them the fine pitch screen ESL series with 2 options: P1.875mm vs p2.5m.

After see their 3D designing effect, we decide to use p1.875mm to give a higher resolution effect.

 indoor led fixed screen


 indoor led fixed screen


Technical discussion: (based on the product choosing, this is also why we recommend our ESL series to them compared with other normal products)

Connection wayHard connection vs wire connection

Why we choose hard connection: Hard connection way is more stable than wire connection, especially for the signal.

As a professional network company’s display, signal stable is very important for them.

Module size: Private module size

150×168.75mm vs 320x160mm customized universal module

Why we use private module size product: As for private module type product, all the material are customized by our company standard, we all use the top level material to make sure the high quality.

Universal module their standard is not so high, the material used are at the normal level. Thus why we recommend the private module type for them.

Module connection way: Integrated module vs wire connection module

Why we recommend integrated module: This is related with the installation.

 indoor led fixed screen

As for normal wire connection module, you need set up the cabinet first, then connect the data cable and power cable with the module together, this process need many time to do.

As for integrated module, you don’t need connect the cable one by one, just put the module stick to the cabinet with the series number, then the installation is done. It’s very time and labor saving.

Cabinet ration: 16:9 vs 4:3

Why we do 16:9 ration: The aspect ratio of 16:9 makes the screen display wider and the viewing angle wider, making it suitable for watching visual content such as movies.

 indoor led fixed screen

The aspect ratio of 4:3 is mostly used for older computer monitors and mobile phone monitors, as well as for photo development.

The height and width of photos in this ratio are relatively moderate and suitable for printing and display. This is more suitable for a network company.

Other features of indoor led fixed screen:

Our ESL series have the indicator lights, testing button, protector corner and cabinet handle, with the indicator lights you can know which cabinet works well and which one have problem or not.

Testing button can help check each cabinet situation in advance, rather than see the problem one after install and light up the whole screen.

Protect corner help protect the the screen edge during the transportation, and cabinet handle can help the installation fast and easily. Normal level screen doesn’t have these features.

 indoor led fixed screen


How to do the installation of indoor led fixed screen?

EXCEL LED South Africa installation team is very professional one.

When you buy the led screen panel, some company may not offer the installation service locally, or they just do the simple service like make a drawing and take small videos for you learn step by step.

But as a local branch, we offer client very professional service.

 indoor led fixed screen

EXCEL LED is LEGIDATECH’s head office.

It is a professional LED screen factory with more than 14 years experience in the market, we can offer cash and carry service in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and its neighboring countries.

At the same time, we have 100+ partners all over the world can offer you the professional solution and service in led screen area like LED rental screen, indoor fixed LED screen, outdoor billboard screens, LED posters, LED lamp pole screens and even some customized LED screens.

What we should prepare before installation?

Locator, screwdriver, gloves, socket, main power cord, main network cable.

spare parts

What should we pay attention during the installation?

  1. Wear gloves to pick up the display module from the boxes.
  2. Install from bottom to top for higher accuracy.
  3. Install the cabinets according to their numbers to avoid disorder.
  4. Keep the installation site clean and tidy to avoid collisions with the display or module.

Whats the final effect of indoor led fixed screen-ESL?

This is the final effect of our ESL series 4.2m x 2.025m, you can see the high resolution, can’t feel the led lamp.

And the refresh rate is very high, never afraid picture taking.

What’s the client feedback?


Author : Jenny Xiao


  1. What’s the screen size of this screen?

This indoor led fixed screen size is 4.2×2.025m.

  1. Which is the pixel pitch of this screen?

This indoor led display pixel pitch is p1.875mm.

  1. What’s the screen resolution?

This indoor led display screen resolution is 2240x1080dots, total is 2,419,200dots.

  1. How about the viewing distance?

The best viewing distance is more than 2m.

  1. How about the viewing angle?

This led screen have a wider viewing angle than normal screen. This display viewing angle is 170degrees.

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