Are P2.5 LED screen and P3 LED panel the same?

Among the specifications of LED display screens, p2.5 and p3 are two very common point spacings with very high technological maturity and are often used in indoor full-color large-screen display systems.
When many customers choose indoor LED screens, they want to know what is the difference between p2.5 led display and p3 led panel? Is there a big difference in display effects?
In fact, when comparing these two dot spacing LED displays, we need to know what the main impact of different dot spacing LEDs is.
The so-called p represents the pixel pitch of the LED, and the unit is usually millimeters.
For example, p2.5 refers to the distance between the centers of two LED lamp beads, that is, the pixel pitch is 2.5 mm, referred to as P2.5.
What is Pixel Pitch and Why is it Important for LEDs? - Osel Tech
And p3 means the spacing is 3 mm. Therefore, the most direct difference between them is that the dot spacing is different, and the resolution caused by the dot spacing is different, which leads to different sharpness of the display screen, so the user’s viewing effect is different.

Pixel Definition is Different

The pixel pitch of the p2.5 LED display is 2.5 mm, which is smaller than the P3 pitch, so the number of LED lamp beads distributed in its single module is larger. When spliced together, its pixels are The more, the clearer the natural picture will be.
At the same viewing distance, we see that the picture presented by p2.5 is clearer than that of p3, and the visual experience is better. This is also a direct difference between them.

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is closely related to the pixels. The smaller the pixels, the closer the minimum viewing distance that can be supported.
The minimum viewing distance of the P2.5LEDscreen is 2 meters, while the minimum viewing distance of the P3 is 3 meters. You can look at the picture below to understand the difference between viewing up close and viewing from a distance.
P2 LED SCREEN VS P3 LED screen  P2.5 led panels vs P3 LED screen
            Close comparison                                   long distance comparison

Product Category Differences

P2.5 LED displays are basically full-color screens. Because it is a small-pitch screen, it is mainly used in high-end places such as indoor conference lecture halls or press conferences.
In this occasion, videos or pictures are mainly displayed, so monochrome will not be used.
The P3 LED display is available in full color and single color. For example, some message advertising screens or door screens commonly used in door-to-door LCD screens are used to display some welcome messages and text. They are basically in a single color, such as single red or single green.

Price Difference

Under normal circumstances, p2.5 and p3 LED displays use modules that are directly installed on the structure, and cabinets are rarely used.
In the entire industry, the smaller the dot pitch of the same screen, the more expensive it is. However, the difference is not particularly obvious. There is a difference of several hundred per square meter.
If we look at the difference in effect comparison, the main difference between the LED displays of p2.5 and p3 is the difference in screen clarity shown by the difference in dot spacing. This is a more intuitive difference.
Therefore, we also need to look at the specific application scenarios, such as the viewing distance. If the viewing distance is relatively close, the difference will be more obvious.
And if it is in some large-scale scenes and the viewing distance is more than ten meters, then the difference they show is not obvious and almost invisible.


If you need to use LED screen at a viewing distance of less than two meters, you need to choose P2 LED screen.
For scenes where the viewing distance is greater than 2 meters, LEGIDATECH recommend you to choose P3 LED screen, because there is basically no difference in the long-distance viewing effect between the two.
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