P1.86 640×480mm indoor fixed LED display to USA

I am the sales manager of LEGIDATECH. More and more American customers like our p1.86 640×480mm indoor fixed LED display.

American customers install this p1.86 LED display into their company’s conference room , the size is 4.48m×3.36m.

I hope today’s article can help you understand our indoor small-pitch LED display!

p1.86 Key parameters and product features of indoor fixed LED display:

brightness is 800-1200CD per square; refresh rate is 7680HZ; box size of LED display is 640×480mm.

Hard connection with HUB Board, easy and fast for installation.

Full front maintenance design, easy and convenient for maintenance.

Ultra thin and light.

Ultra high quality images with high resolution; high refresh rate and high contrast.

1. High-precision LED display box

In this way, when the aluminum LED boxes that are finely processed by CNC machines are spliced together, there will be no gaps between the boxes!

2. Internal structure of LED display box


3. High quality P1.86 LED module:

4.P1.86 Power supply for indoor fixed LED display:

We installed a MEAN WELL power supply with very good stability.

Input voltage: 110V-240v
Output voltage is 4.2 V-5V

5.Control system:

A5SPLUS of NOVA system, a control system with high stable output signal.

6. The small-pitch LED display is undergoing aging testing:

LEGIDATECH will age the screen for 72 hours before shipping to ensure the stability of the product!

7.p1.86 Indoor fixed LED display screen has been produced. Loading onto American Logistics Company’s truck!

p1.86 640×480mm indoor front maintenance LED display to USA

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