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Did you have any problems with the GOB projects you worked on before?For customers who have used GOB projects, have you ever encountered such problems: uneven GOB ink color, LED modularity, intolerance to low temperatures, patchwork and cross-lighting, etc.

These problems not only affect the performance of the display, but also shorten its service life. However, now, there is a new solution to these problems – HOB LED DISPLAY.

hob led screen

HOB LED DISPLAY, the first in the industry, solves many pain points of GOB LED displays with its unique process technology.

The disadvantages of GOB are its uneven ink color, LED modularity, low temperature resistance, patchwork and cross-lighting, etc.

The HOB process completely solves these problems with its high-temperature solidification process.

First, let me explain to you what HOB is.

HOB LED display, the full name of ‘Hot melt on the board’, is a new display technology that combines the advantages of traditional DIP (Dual In-line Package) LED and SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LED.

hob led module

The HOB display can display high-definition, high-brightness and high-contrast images, and has a wide viewing angle, allowing clear images to be seen at any angle.

In addition, HOB LED display also has the characteristics of low power consumption, high response speed and bendability, and can be used in various smart devices, virtual reality and augmented reality devices.


The disadvantages of GOB are uneven ink color, LED modularity, low temperature resistance, patchwork and string lighting, etc.

The HOB process is better than the GOB process. GOB is a normal temperature cooling process.

In contrast, HOB uses a high-temperature solidification process, which has better molding effects.

The HOB process solves all the problems of GOB modularization, low temperature intolerance, colloid deformation, patchwork stringing, colloid layering, etc.

hob led screen-1

When you place a traditional GOB product and a HOB product side by side and scrape the surface with a screwdriver, you’ll see a noticeable difference.

GOB products are not scratch resistant and will develop scratches and cracks immediately, while HOB products remain intact.

This is because HOB products adopt the COB process of high-temperature molding of polymer synthetic colloids, which contains various additives, coagulants, anti-UV agents, etc.

This can not only avoid the yellowing problem of ordinary epoxy resin, but also modify the black pigment to create a matte finish that resembles a matte black gloss.

This increases the contrast ratio of the entire screen by 40%.

hob vs gob

The final product surface of the ordinary GOB process is a mirror surface and cannot achieve a frosted or matte surface.

Our HOB process restores the graininess of the LED lamp beads itself, with better visual effects and better heat dissipation performance than GOB.

Bosses who have done GOB before and have any problems can contact LEGIDATECH. The HOB process solves all pain points of GOB.

The HOB process is a better protective process than GOB.

Features and advantages of HOB

The industry’s first “HOB” process!

The HOB process is a true module surface protection technology.

It adopts high-temperature thermal condensation and vacuum environment packaging, which can not only protect the module from damage at 360 degrees without blind spots;

It can also make the surface more wear-resistant and conduct heat evenly, thereby reducing temperature and color differences. This allows your display to serve you longer and more safely.

HOB display also has the following features

High brightness: HOB LED packaging technology can provide high-brightness LED light sources, making the LED screen display more vivid and improving visibility.

This is important for advertising and information display in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Uniformity: HOB LED packaging technology can achieve uniform light output by optimizing the point spacing and optical design, avoiding the problems of uneven light and shade and inconsistent colors on the LED screen. HOB LED display can present more vivid and natural colors.

led pixel pitch view distance-4

Energy-saving and efficient: HOB LED packaging technology uses efficient LED chips and optical designs, which can provide better brightness and display effects while saving energy, making the display consume less energy and reducing its impact on the environment.

High reliability: HOB LED packaging technology has anti-static capabilities, which can effectively prevent static electricity from damaging the LED light source, improving the reliability and stability of the LED screen.

Waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion: The HOB LED display is made of high-temperature, low-temperature, and corrosion-resistant materials, and is encapsulated with high-quality sealant, which can effectively prevent water vapor and dust from invading the inside of the display, ensuring that the display works stably for a long time.


Adaptability: HOB LED packaging technology can be customized according to different needs and application scenarios, adapting to displays with different sizes, shapes and functional requirements, and has high flexibility and scalability.

Besides, the module surface protection technology of the HOB process enables it to work stably in extreme temperature environments of -20°C to +80°C. This greatly expands the application range of the display screen.

Whether it is the cold north or the hot south, the HOB display can provide you with excellent visual effects and stable operating performance.

In summary, the application of HOB LED packaging technology on LED screens can improve the display effect, reliability and energy-saving performance of LED screens, and meet the needs of advertising and information display in different environments.

Application fields of HOB

HOB LED displays are widely used in indoor and outdoor large billboards, stage performances, sports competition venues and other occasions to provide high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast and bright-color visual effects.

HOB technology is applied to floor tile LED displays

Floor tile screens usually require impact-resistant and waterproof displays with strong load-bearing capacity. HOB LED packaging technology can better solve these problems.

dance floor led display
dance floor led display

HOB LED packaging technology embeds LED chips into the back of the floor tiles, allowing them to sit on a flat floor without the need for grooves or other special treatments.

This simplifies the installation steps. And the high-temperature thermal condensation technology makes the ground smoother and smoother, and the module and lamp beads will not be damaged in any way.

In addition, HOB LED packaging technology also has the characteristics of high brightness and high contrast, which can provide clearer image effects.

Floor tile screens using HOB LED packaging technology also have better waterproof, dust-proof, impact resistance and other characteristics, and are suitable for use in various indoor and outdoor environments.

The HOB process is used in outdoor LED displays.

HOB technology can provide higher brightness and more uniform LED light source. HOB with high-temperature process is more cold-resistant, and matte matte technology reduces reflective surfaces.

This enables the outdoor advertising screen to maintain a clear picture display under bright sunlight, increasing the attractiveness of the advertisement.

In addition, HOB has super waterproof and moisture-proof properties, which can help outdoor advertising screens cope with various harsh weather environments.

The HOB process is used in rental LED displays.

As we all know, the most important point of a stage rental display is that it is easy to disassemble and move.

In addition to the die-cast aluminum design on the box to reduce the damage rate of the box during movement, the protection of the module and lamp beads is also very important.

Dead lights are very common in rental screens, but now HOB‘s new technology can solve this problem very well.

hob led screen-2

HOB is a high-temperature thermal condensation process that uses polymer synthetic colloid to form at high temperatures to isolate the lamp module from the outside world.

Moreover, HOB is resistant to impact and will not leave scratches, providing safety guarantee for the disassembly and movement of LED screens.

At present, the HOB process is still a new technology, there are few manufacturers on the market, and many customers still know little about HOB or have even heard of it.

But because of this, HOB has a promising market prospect.

With the development and promotion of technology, customers will realize that there are many problems with traditional GOB, which also provides an outlet for the development of HOB.

LEGIDATECH only makes and specializes in the “HOB” packaging process of LED displays.

We believe that we can provide you with more assured and reliable LED screens for your customers.

Author: Lisa Yang

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