How much does a 3D LED Screen cost?

1.Why are 3D LED displays so popular in the market today?

2.How does 3D LED screen work?

3. Factors affecting the cost of naked-eye 3D large screen

4. What are the advantages of naked-eye 3D large-screen applications?

5. Compared with ordinary LED screens, is there any obvious difference in cost or selling price of outdoor naked-eye 3D LED screens?

6. What size is suitable for naked-eye 3D LED display?

7. Cases of 3D LED screen


1. Why are 3D displays so popular in the market today?

From a visual perspective, 3D, as a three-dimensional holographic display, can perfectly creatively display the things around us and science fiction scenes, creating visual stimulation.

Most of the places where 3D LED screens are located have developed into what we know as internet celebrity check-in bases, attracting more people, and at the same time speeding up the dissemination of information, increasing brand building and information dissemination benefits several times.

Many people may ask whether outdoor 3D LED displays are very different from conventional displays. As an LED display manufacturer, LEGIDATECH, from our point of view, 3D LED screen are the same as conventional LED display products. The only difference is that the video source played by the display itself is different. The video source played is a 3D video source produced through special processing. What we see is a three-dimensional 3D image quality. Playing ordinary video is the same as that of an ordinary display.

To put it simply, as long as it is a block screen, the area and pixels are enough for us to watch, and the 3D video source is played, the effect presented by the outdoor 3D LED screen is the same as what we watch online. It does not mean that these two There is a big difference. The only difference is the configuration of the display itself.

2. How does 3D LED screen work?

The working principle of 3D LED display is based on optical imaging technology, which uses different parallax angles to observe the same image to create a three-dimensional effect. Specifically, the display alternately displays two slightly different pictures on the same display surface through appropriate pixel configuration and brightness control.

These pictures usually switch at a high rate (usually 120 Hz or higher), so the human eye does not perceive changes in the image. These two pictures were actually taken from different angles while collecting the same scene. Because the eyes are closer together, the left and right eyes see slightly different images.


3. What are the advantages of naked-eye 3D large-screen applications?

1. The three-dimensional effect is good. It uses the screen frame effect to create a three-dimensional scene, giving users a visually impactful experience. It is a new way of outdoor advertising and marketing.

2. Full of sense of technology, products of technology + aesthetics, combined with specific videos, can highlight the culture of a city. The effect display of naked-eye 3D technology also uniquely displays culture and art through LED screen for naked-eye 3D advertising screens to improve the public’s aesthetic appreciation.
Realistic three-dimensional images: The 3D display screen can display realistic three-dimensional images, allowing the audience to experience a more realistic visual effect. This enhances the viewing experience and makes people more immersed in the content.

3. Increase sensory stimulation: Through 3D technology, viewers can feel the content not only through vision, but also through depth perception, which can add more sensory stimulation and improve the viewing experience.

4. Enhanced interactive experience: 3D displays can interact with the audience. For example, the audience can use gesture control to operate the content on the screen. This interactive experience can increase fun and engagement.

5. Provide more information display: 3D display screen can display more information at the same time in a limited screen space. By taking advantage of depth perception, more content can be displayed without increasing the screen size.

6. Enhance content delivery: For certain fields, such as medicine or architectural design, the use of 3D displays can better display complex content and structures. This helps improve content understanding and delivery.

4. Factors affecting the cost of naked-eye 3D large screen

1. Hardware screen: The area of a naked-eye 3D LED screen is basically hundreds or thousands of square meters. The resolution, refresh rate, contrast, grayscale and other parameters of the display directly affect the price of the screen module.

2. Multimedia server: Generally, the video content of such a large display screen is very large, and an ordinary computer cannot carry it, so a professional multimedia server is needed to ensure that the video content can be played normally.

3. Content material production costs: Compared with the hardware part, the production of video content sources is also a large expense. If the content source has special effects, water droplets, etc., the price may be more expensive, and it is usually per second. Billing rates ranging from one thousand to tens of thousands per second are also common.

4. Electrical box control: The display part and server part of the naked-eye 3D large screen require electricity, and a professional electrical box is required for management.

5. Frame accessories: Steel frames and wires are needed to support LED display modules.

Outdoor LED displays were originally positioned as media for outdoor broadcasting. As an upgraded and innovative version of the naked-eye 3D LED screen, it is changing the interaction model between the public and public spaces and deriving an urban screen culture. Different from ordinary outdoor advertising, it not only has wonderful expressive power. It achieves the purpose of shocking people with realistic effects and has unique media impression.

5. Compared with ordinary LED screens, is there any obvious difference in cost or selling price of outdoor naked-eye 3D screens?

Compared with ordinary LED displays, naked-eye 3D screens need to adapt to specific installation scenarios. Some functions have to be customized and developed, and the corresponding cost or selling price will increase. The goal is to provide customers with perfect solutions and the best viewing experience. .
Compared with ordinary displays, the difference in the driver IC is slightly more obvious, about 3%-5%.
Improvements in hardware specifications should have an impact on the cost or selling price of 3D screens. It also depends on where the device is used and the creative content it plays.

6. What size is suitable for naked-eye 3D LED display?

In theory, all screens can be used as naked-eye 3D LED screens, but the larger the display size, the better the effect. This is why the naked-eye 3D videos that are popular on the Internet are all large-area LED displays.

The first is the area of the screen. The larger the screen, the better the viewing effect. Generally, a square is thousands of square meters, and the viewing effect is good, which is easy to deceive the eyes. But when you watch it on a TV, the display area is only that big. , it will not be easy to deceive the eyes, and it will not be able to achieve a good naked-eye 3D effect.

With a display, you also need to know its parameters, such as height, the best angle for people to watch, resolution, etc. Only by relying on these parameters to produce special naked-eye 3D videos can you achieve good results.

7. Cases of 3D LED screen

1. Naked-eye 3D large screen in SM Tower in South Korea

As the first large screen to launch naked-eye 3D video, South Korea’s “wave” relies on real and delicate ocean waves to give viewers a sense of instant vision, and also brings naked-eye 3D video into the public eye. Star-chasing girls should be familiar with this screen. This screen is located in SM, a famous Korean entertainment agency.


2. Naked-eye 3D large screen in Taikoo Li Chengdu
OUTPUT teamed up with XK Studio to create a naked-eye 3D CG image for Xiaomi Mi 11, which made the Xiaomi phone fly out of the screen and was displayed on a real-life naked-eye 3D large screen in Taikoo Li, Chengdu.

The shocking visual of the huge mobile phone breaking through the screen attracted everyone to stop and watch. The strong visual impact further highlighted the thin and light body design and the brilliantly colored glass transparency of Xiaomi’s new flagship phone.

3. Chongqing 3788 Light of Asia

The Light of Asia, located in the Guanyinqiao business district of Chongqing, is the largest LED screen in Asia, and naked-eye 3D videos are also on the screen. The Light of Asia not only displays the shocking and eye-catching characteristics of naked-eye 3D video, but also integrates interactive devices to fully The world’s largest “claw catching machine” was successfully launched, realizing a new experience of “naked eyes + interaction”


4. Nike Japan’s Air Max Day 3D billboard

In Japan, sports brand Nike is famous for its innovative advertising techniques. Recently, they brought an amazing 3D advertising technology to the streets of Tokyo and called it “Air Max Day 3D billboard”.

This 3D billboard was set up to celebrate Nike’s Air Max Day. Located in the busy Shibuya district of Tokyo, it is a highly frequented and highly visible location. Throughout the day and night, the billboard will display a series of stunning 3D images showcasing the innovative design and technology of Nike Air Max shoes. These images are so lifelike that they seem to jump off the page, leaving a deep impression on passers-by.

Nike Japan’s Air Max Day 3D billboard not only showcases their unique vision for innovation and technology, but also conveys their commitment to sport and passion. This billboard will become a major highlight on the streets of Tokyo, attracting a large number of visitors and fans, and also has a considerable effect in promoting the Nike brand.

Such an innovative and eye-catching billboard not only proves Nike’s strength as a sports brand, but also shows the world their endless passion for excellence and breaking the rules. With the introduction of this 3D billboard, Nike Japan once again sets an example of fashion and technology, inspiring the younger generation to constantly challenge themselves and break through their limits.


5. 3D screen is the latest highlight of Taipei Shilin Night Market

The cute tiger 3D screen is the latest highlight of Taipei Shilin Night Market. This unique screen is located in the heart of the night market and becomes one of the most attractive highlights for visitors. Its appearance is very cute, designed as a lifelike little tiger, standing on a 3-meter-high screen, attracting the attention of a large number of tourists.

The Little Menghu 3D screen is made of high-tech projection technology. Every night, it will play a variety of wonderful 3D images and music. These images and music are closely related to the special food, culture and history of Taipei Shilin Night Market, giving visitors an immersive feeling.

This 3D screen is not only to attract tourists’ attention, but also to show the charm of Taiwan’s traditional culture. On the screen, you can see various traditional elements, such as the making process of Taiwanese food, the magnificent views of historical buildings, and more. This experience not only allows tourists to better understand Taiwanese culture, but also provides an opportunity to enjoy it with family and friends.


6. Korean polar bear 3D naked eye large screen

The Korean Polar Bear’s 3D curved large screen is an innovative technology display project that uses the most advanced 3D curved display technology to present the image of the polar bear to the audience in a more realistic and vivid way.

This large 3D curved screen uses the latest display technology, which can present the image of the polar bear with a more delicate texture and realistic effect. Audiences can observe every detail of polar bears up close through this large screen and feel their power and elegance.

In addition to presenting the image of polar bears, this 3D curved large screen can also display polar bears’ ecological environment, food chain and other related information. The audience can not only appreciate the beautiful images of polar bears, but also learn about their living habits and challenges they face.

This 3D curved large screen can be used in a variety of situations, such as science exhibitions, school education activities, zoos, etc. It can bring a new viewing experience to the audience and increase awareness and attention to polar bear protection.


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