P4 LED Screen to Malaysia

I am the editor of LEGIDATECH! The technology of LED display is changing with each passing day. In order to let more people in Malaysia know about the latest p4 indoor LED display and p4 outdoor LED screen!  Today I will introduce the P4 led screen that Malaysia purchased from our company!

Malaysian Customer’s Requirements:

p4 LED display box size need 960×960mm, amount is 50 square meters! The display should be stunning but the price should be cheap!

Key technical parameters of P4 led screen: brightness: 800-1200CD/㎡;  refresh rate 3840HZ;  LED lamp bead model: nationstar 2121.

High Quality P4 LED Module:

p4 led module size 320mm x 160mm LED module thickness 1.5CM

Number of LED points: 80 x 40=3200 points
Interface model:HUB75       Module power: 6A/30W
Module weight: 0.22kg        Power stand VH               Pixel 4m

Features of the P4 module:  flat lamp beads, low maintenance cost per lamp; constant current drive, uniform light emission, no color fading, low power consumption

p4 led module

Cabinet Details of P4 LED Screen:

What we recommend for Malaysia is a 960mm×960mm aluminum alloy LED display box.The weight of the LED display box is only 14 kg.

The installation methods of this box include: hoisting, base mounting and Fixed installation, etc.! And this p4 can be used indoors or outdoors!

P4 led screen cabinet

Power supply for P4 LED display:

Input voltage is 220V-240V
Output voltage: 5V 40A

P4 led screen power

P4 LED Screen Control System:

The novastar control system is used, and the model of the receiving card is MRV412, which ensures the high-fidelity color output of the LED display and restores the colors of nature!

P4 led screen receiving card

P4 LED Display Screen Video of  Aging in the Workshop:

The p4 LED display needs to be aged in the LEGIDATECH workshop for 72 hours to ensure the stability of the LED display!

The p4 LED display has been packed and ready to be shipped to Malaysia:

Thank you Malaysia for your trust and support of LEGIDATECH! We completed the production of p4 LED displays within the deadline agreed by the customer!

We will continue to work hard to create more value for our customers!

P4 led screen to Malaysia


1. Where do Malaysian LED screens need to be imported from?
Answer:  China is the largest LED screen factory in the world, and most of the LED displays around the world are imported from China, including Malaysia.

2. Are there any local LED screen distributors in Malaysia?
Answer:  some. There will be local businesses that specialize in importing screens from China. LEGIDATECH has two long-term partners in Malaysia to provide them with product quality and after-sales guarantee.

3. How about p4 led panel price?
Answer:  At present, the price of p4 is very cheap compared to small pitch. You can buy a high-quality p4LED panel for only 500-700 US dollars.

4. Which one is better led screen p3 vs p4?
Answer:  The p3LED screen is better, its clarity and resolution are higher. But for screens with a viewing distance greater than 5 meters, P4 is a more suitable choice with higher cost performance.

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