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Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers in USA-Ultimate Ranking

Help you easily find TOP 40 LED display suppliers in USA

Since LED display is a widely used term with many product categories and application fields, there are different professional LED display suppliers in different LED display fields. For example, LED poster screens, stage LED displays, outdoor advertising screens, indoor commercial screens, creative LED screens, etc.

In USA, there are many LED display suppliers in every city, and their areas of expertise are also different. Some LED screen manufacturers are not local, but can support door-to-door transportation, installation and debugging

According to LEGIDATECH‘s market survey in USA, 40 LED display companies with very good reputations in professional outdoor LED displays, indoor LED displays and rental LED displays were found. Now listing their basic information and materials, I hope this list of the top 40 LED display suppliers in USA – the ultimate ranking can help you find a suitable and stable LED display.

1. LED Nation

Main Product:Provides LED screens for commercial and residential use.




LED National is a leading U.S. supplier of LED screens, providing LED display solutions for a variety of stage and indoor and outdoor applications. Their products include LED screens, video walls and digital signage. Tailor-made according to customer needs, involving various industries such as retail, transportation, sports and entertainment, etc.

LED National is known for its high-quality products, innovative designs and commitment to customer satisfaction. They are committed to providing cutting-edge display solutions to customers in the United States, delivering stunning visuals


2. LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier

Main Product: LED screen supplier with indoor LED screen; outdoor LED display; rental LED wall; LED poster

Website: www.ledscreenfactory.com

Email: legidatechled@gmail.com

LEGIDATECH is a professional LED screen manufacturer. Specializing in sales and rentals as well as the set-up and production of a wide range of audiovisual events, from government projects to sports, outdoor advertising, concerts, conferences and business presentations.

LEGIDATECH has thirteen years of display experience, the most innovative equipment on the market and rich industry experience. At Led Market, factory direct sales offer the lowest prices on the market. There is a large stock available consisting of different models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Daktronics

Main Product: LED screen supplier Provides LED displays for sports, transportation, and digital out-of-home advertising.

Website: www.daktronics.com

Founded in 1968, Daktronics has the experience and proven technology to become a world leader in the design and production of large-screen video displays, programmable display systems and electronic scoreboards.

Daktronics provides customized solutions for different customer applications including stadiums, shopping malls and billboards. Daktronics has also installed thousands of digital display systems for customers around the world.

Difference-led screen

4. Excel LED screen supplier

Main Product: indoor LED screen, outdoor LED display, Stage LED wall

Website: www.excelledscreem.com

Email: excel@excel-led.com

Excel LED Display is a leading LED display manufacturer that has been in the display industry for 13 years. With professional display knowledge and experience, we provide LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor LED screens, video walls and digital signage applications.

Excel LED Display has dealers all over the world, and its quality and after-sales service are trustworthy. Committed to providing cutting-edge display solutions to create unique and novel visual effects for customers.

5. Barco

Main Product: Offers high-quality LED displays for entertainment corporate, and control rooms.

Website: www.barco.com/en/

Tel: +1 678 475-8000 | +1 678 666 2325 (Pre-sales)

Address: 3059 Premiere Parkway Suite 400, Duluth Georgia 30097 United States

Barco is a global technology LED screen company that designs and develops visualization and collaboration solutions for various industries. Their rich experience and complete R&D team have made them leading the display industry for many years.

They are known for their high-quality LED display solutions, including large-format displays, video walls, and digital signage. Barco’s displays are used in a variety of applications such as control rooms, broadcast studios, entertainment venues and corporate environments.

Barco-LED display factory
Watchfire Sign

6.Watchfire Sign

Main Product: Specializes in outdoor LED displays for digital billboards and business signage.


Tel: +1-217-477-7330


Watchfire Signs is a well-known American LED display manufacturer that mainly produces digital billboards and LED displays. Watchfire’s monitors are known for their durability, brightness, and exceptional image quality.

They specialize in creating high-quality, energy-efficient displays for outdoor advertising, sports facilities, and other commercial applications. The company also offers cloud-based content management software that allows users to easily update and manage their monitors remotely.

7. Pixelflex LED screen supplier

Main Product: Specializes in customizable LED display solutions for various industries.


Tel: (800) 930-7954


Address: PixelFLEX  7500 Eastgate Blvd Suite 100

PixelFLEX is a leading LED screen supplier that has been providing customers with flexible, lightweight LED display solutions since its inception. The company’s products use advanced LED chips and driver technology to achieve high-brightness, high-contrast, and wide-color gamut display effects.

PixelFLEX LED’s innovative LED screens are known for their versatility and durability, making them ideal for a variety of applications including live events, retail environments, architectural installations and more. They also continuously introduce new products and special series to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

Pixelflex LED screen supplier
Sansi North America

8. Sansi North America

Main Product: Provides LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.


Sansi North America is a renowned LED display manufacturer that offers a wide range of LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. They specialize in providing high-quality LED displays to a variety of industries including outdoor advertising, sports venues, transportation and retail.

Sansi North America Inc. focuses on innovation and technological advancement. They offer a 5-year parts warranty, U.S.-based technical support, quick turnaround, and new technology. LED display manufacturers aim to provide high-quality visuals and can be easily customized to meet unique design requirements.


Main Product: Indoor LED Display supplier

Website: www.planar.com/

Planar is a leading LED screen manufacturer known for its innovative LED technology. The offered displays are energy efficient, reliable and deliver stunning visual effects. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted name in the LED display industry.

Planar offers a 5-year warranty, 24/7 online, customization, and quality materials. The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of LED display technology to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions.

Planar led screen supplier
AVI Systems

10. AVI Systems

Main Product: Offers LED display solutions for corporate, education, and healthcare environments.


Tel: 855-825-6030

AVI Systems is an LED screen company specializing in audio-visual solutions, including LED display systems, for a variety of industries including corporate, education, healthcare and government. They serve businesses across the United States, specializing in LED display equipment for businesses, houses of worship, hospitals, banks and other applications.

AVI Systems aims to enhance communication and collaboration in modern environments with its innovative approach to audiovisual technology and commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

11.Digital Projection

Main Product: Provides high-performance LED screens for professional use.


Tel: 770-420-1350


Digital Projection, a company headquartered in Georgia, USA, is a leading global LED display manufacturer of professional digital projection technology. As a leader in innovative digital and traditional LED display solutions, Vanguard offers an unparalleled suite of products, technology and support.

The company focuses on providing customized high-end digital projection solutions for professional markets, including home theater, shopping mall, education, medical and stage performance. Digital Projection’s products include LCD monitors, DLP and LED projectors, etc., which are widely used in various occasions.

0.Digital Projection
Clear LED

12. Clear LED

Main Producttransparent LED screen supplier for unique display needs.


Tel: +1 949 793 5330

Email:sales@clearled.com; info@clearled.com

ClearLED is a prominent transparent LED display  manufacturer. Their innovative displays allow for see-through visibility, making them ideal for storefronts, museums, and other applications where maintaining visibility is crucial.

ClearLED displays are known for their high transparency, brightness, and energy efficiency. The company is committed to providing cutting-edge display technology that combines functionality with aesthetics, creating engaging and visually stunning displays.

13. Rp Visual Solutions

Main Productdigital signage and LED screen supplier


Tel: 714-991-6400

Email: info@rpvisuals.com

RP Visual Solutions is a leading LED screen supplier of custom LED video wall mounting solutions and structures. They specialize in tailoring innovative installation solutions to each project’s unique requirements, ensuring the LED display is securely mounted and optimally viewed.

RP Visual Solutions is known for its expertise in creating complex installation structures for large-scale video walls in a variety of environments, including corporate spaces, retail stores and control rooms. Its solutions are designed to enhance the visual impact of LED displays while ensuring safety and reliability.

led supplier in us

14. Led Craft

Main Product: Outdoor LED screen LED display manufacturer

Website: www.ledcraftinc.com

Tel: 314 776 2909

Email: info@ledcraftinc.com

Founded in 1999 with 17 years of electronic signage experience, LED Craft Inc is a sign manufacturer specializing in the production of exquisite LED signs. Provide professional LED display customized solutions for various applications. For example: church LED signs, LED school signs, shopping mall signs, billboard signs, car dealer signs, etc.

These walls can be maintained from the front or the back. Offering large and bright LED video walls to captivate your audience, LED Craft Inc is a leading manufacturer of premium LED products for digital signage.

15.Vantage LED USA

Main Productoutdoor LED display California LED Display Supplier

Website: vantageled.com


Vantage LED USA offers a variety of indoor and outdoor LED displays. Including LED screens, video walls and outdoor digital signage, whether you want to hire an LED wall for a stage show or are interested in a permanent installation, there is a suitable solution for you.

Vantage LED USA is fully capable of providing custom solutions and high-quality displays, with 24-hour online service – and a one-year after-sales warranty. They are committed to providing state-of-the-art LED display solutions that meet the unique needs of their customers and help them achieve their promotional goals.

Vantage LED USA
bass ltd.

16. Bass Ltd

Main Product: outdoor advertising LED sign manufacturer

Website: bassltd.com

Tel: (337) 981-1189

Email: beau@bassltd.com

BASS Ltd. was established in January 1992 by Mr. Stephen B. Sonnier. Mr. Sonnier has over 34 years of experience in the outdoor advertising business. In 1980, while still in college, he started his first billboard company.

BASS Co. Ltd. is a professional outdoor billboard company, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of outdoor display technology and products. The company is committed to providing high-quality, reliable display solutions to the broadcast, entertainment, commercial and other industries. Bass LTD. has become one of the well-known display screen suppliers in the industry.

17. Worship Productions

Main Product: indoor LED wall and outdoor LED signage

Website: www.worshipproductions.org

Email: mailto:customerservice@worshipproductions.org

Worship Productions is a US-based professional LED display company specializing in high-quality displays and comprehensive solutions for churches, religious groups and other venues. They design and manufacture LED displays in various sizes and shapes and provide customized solutions to meet customer needs.

In addition to display products, Worship Productions offers a range of services including the design, installation and maintenance of audio and video systems to meet the unique needs of churches and other places of worship. Worship Productions is known for its expertise in leveraging technology to create immersive and engaging worship experiences.

Worship Productions
LED Nation

18.Little Mountain

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED display, Rental LED display

Website: littlemountain.com/leds

Tel: 918 583-745

Email: Hello@littlemountain.com

Little Mountain Displays is a California-based LED display company that provides LED screen solutions for events, concerts, and corporate gatherings.

Little Mountain Displays works closely with clients to design and implement custom audio-visual solutions to enhance worship services and connect with the congregation. With an excellent reputation within the industry and long-standing customer relationships, Little Mountain Displays is considered one of the leaders in display technology.

19.Vision tech led displays

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED video wall

Website: visiontechleddisplays.com

Tel: 1 800 927 1778

Email: info@visiontech-emc.com

Vision Tech is a LED screen supplier of LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. They offer a wide range of products, including LED screens, video walls, and digital signage, designed to deliver high-quality visuals and engaging content.

Vision Tech is known for its innovative technology, reliable products, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to providing cutting-edge LED display solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients and help them achieve their communication goals.

p2.604 Stage LED video wall-3
Media Merge

20.  Media Merge

Main Product: Provides audiovisual and LED screen solutions for various industries.


Tel:  1 (866) 678-0588


MediaMerge is a US-based display company focused on providing high-quality display and audio-visual solutions. Their customer base primarily includes businesses, schools, churches and other institutions.

In addition to designing and manufacturing various types of LED displays, MediaMerge also provides customized solutions for various LCD displays and projectors, helping customers customize display systems according to their specific needs.

21.Digital Media Systems

Main Product:   Offers stage LED display solutions for sports venues, corporate events, and retail environments.


Tel: +1 (212) 643-4000


Digital Media Systems specializes in digital and multimedia equipment for more than ten years. The company typically offers a range of displays in different sizes and features to suit customers’ different needs and budgets. These displays can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, information displays, indoor and outdoor events, and more.

The American digital media system display company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and innovative digital media display solutions and has won a good reputation and market share.

Digital Media Systems
Ultravision LED Solutions

22.Ultravision LED Solutions

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED display,LED Poster

Website: ultravisionledsolutions.com

Tel: 214 504 2404

Email: sales@uvledsol.com

Ultravision LED Solutions is a long-established LED screen supplier that offers displays in a variety of sizes and features, and also supports custom creative LED screen and schemes. Popular and recommended for catering to the different needs and budgets of our clients.

Ultravision LED Solutions has been moving forward in the pursuit of providing customers with high-quality and affordable LED displays.

23.Dvs led systems

Main Product: Rental LED display

Website: dvsledsystems.com

Tel: (813) 563-8005

Email: info@dvsledsystems.com

Dvs led systems is an American LED screen company that provides LED displays and related equipment and systems. It is already a leader in the field of LED systems.
The main products are various event stages, as well as LED video walls and audio-visual systems for indoor conferences, control rooms, etc.

Famous for its service experience and product quality, it is widely ordered by customers from all over the world.

SNA displays

24. SNA displays

Main Product:  Provides custom LED display solutions for large-scale projects.


Tel: +1 (866) 848-9149

SNA has been focusing on the research and development and advancement of LED technology since its establishment. Every year, it invests heavily in research and development, forming a scientific research team of more than 100 people, and is always at the forefront of the LED display industry.

This focus has made SNA one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED display products. In addition, SNA has been rooted in the US market for 20 years, and its product and sales experience are unmatched by most companies.

25.Vip LED Walls

Main Product: Rental LED display

Website: www.vipledwalls.com

Tel: 866-847-5333

VIP Displays is an LED display supply specializing in cutting-edge LED video walls and LCD displays. Their services are available nationwide to ensure clients receive their customized solutions.

In addition to LED video wall products, for customers to get a complete service experience, they have design, installation and maintenance experts who stand out by providing excellent service and top quality to customers nationwide.

The Audio Visual Rental

26.The Audio Visual Rental

Main Product:  Indoor  and outdoor  stage LED screen supplier


Tel: (844) 973-6828

Email: info@theaudiovisualrental.com

The Audio Visual Rental is a professional rental company that provides complete audio-visual equipment for a range of stage events. We will also conduct 3D designs for customers, preview event layout effects, and ensure a smooth event process.

The Audio Visual Rental also has experienced technical staff who can provide technical support at any time and are committed to providing the best resources for customers’ event stages.

27. Vanguard LED

Main Product:  professional high-performance LED display solutions 


Tel: tel:(877) 230-8787


Vanguard Vanguard is an American company headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. Is the industry’s leading LED wall supplier of full-color LED displays

Vanguard Vanguard has industry-leading new technologies, provides professional pre-sales guidance and suggestions, complete quotation plans and CAD drawings, as well as supporting after-sales services, installation, commissioning, training, etc. Keep a firm grasp on customer needs.

Vantage LED USA
LED Wall Systems

28. LED Wall Systems

Main Product:  LED screen supplier for outdoor and indoor LED wall .

Website: https://ledwallsystems.com/

Tel: +1-646-229-2995


LED Wall Systems is an LED display company rooted in New York, USA for 20 years. The design industry covers advertising, entertainment, government projects, etc., and has accumulated a wide range of influential and spectacular cases.

LED Wall Systems has a strong public influence and has participated in many corporate events, the New York City Marathon, and various large-scale music and film festivals.

29. Focus Digital Displays

Main Product:  Specializes in LED screens for outdoor advertising.


Tel: 1-877-386-9909

Focus Digital Displays has a team of LED display experts, specially designed for outdoor advertising.
Team members will share their knowledge about LED sign technology during communication with customers and give suggestions that are consistent with the customer’s actual situation to ensure that the customer purchases the most effective and efficient display screen.

Focus Digital Displays supports nationwide installation services and says that after-sales of the product and its training are unlimited.


30. Rise Display

Main Product: LED Banner

Website: www.risedisplay.com

Tel: (913) 717-8079

Email: sales@risedisplay.com

Rise Display is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of LED display screens, headquartered in Texas, USA. Committed to providing high-quality, high-resolution LED displays, our products are widely used in various occasions, including commercial advertising, event shows, retail stores, and sports venues.

All LED displays are UL certified and made from the highest quality components to ensure that the LED display can operate around the clock without color difference. It has been unanimously recognized by customers.

31. Retail Fluent

Main Productdigital signage


Tel: 347-440-4466

Address: 465 Mola Blvd, Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407

Retail Fluent is a company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, that specializes in providing various display solutions, including LED displays, digital billboards, and interactive touch screens.

They provide customers with customized display solutions to meet the needs of different industries, including retail, catering, medical and education, etc. They have a professional team and rich experience to provide customers with a full range of services, providing professional support from design to installation.

retail fluent led screen supplier
American LED Group

32. American LED Wall

Main Product:  indoor & outdoor video wall LED display supplier


Tel:(713) 887 2805


America LED wall has been in the electronic display industry since 2005, from projectors to LCD to LED. We have been developing technology with the times and are committed to providing customer-satisfying services and customizing LED display solutions that meet their needs.

America LED wall has very rich installation experience and can provide just the right design drawings, including indoor and outdoor screens, outdoor digital signs, control rooms, etc.

33. American LED Group

Main Productstage LED wallindoor LED display


Tel:+1 (305) 636-9593


America LED Group is a LED display company headquartered in the United States. They focus on providing high-quality, high-performance LED display products, including indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED video walls, and other LED display solutions.

America LED Group is committed to providing high-quality, innovative and reliable display products to help customers enhance their brand image, attract more customers and increase sales. Products are widely used in advertising, activities, conferences, sports events and other occasions.

amercian led screen supplier
Tecno Group

34. Tecno Group

Main Productindoor LED screen ,outdoor led display ,creative led screen


Tel:(833) 533-4255


Tecno Group is an expert in modular digital LED screens and has a wealth of cases in advertising, event stages, and shopping mall retail industries. The products include indoor and outdoor LED screens and control systems, which can provide customers with a complete set of facilities.

It has complete process steps, from technical investigation, installation, personnel training to follow-up work performed in the final project and provides long-term support, which is highly trusted by customers.

35. LED Market Video Walls

Main Product:  church LED screen, rental LED wall



Address: 2125 Biscayne Blvd suite 272, Miami, FL 33137

LED Market Video Walls equips each solution with an LED screen, control system, packaging box, installation parts, spare parts, etc., and then sells it directly with a clear price tag. Customers can choose the closest solution according to their needs and place an order directly.

There is a large amount of inventory and a short order cycle, maximizing time and cost savings for customers.

LED Market led display supplier
LED Miami Signs led screen supplier

36. LED Miami Signs

Main ProductLED signage



Email: sales@ledmiamisigns.com

Address: 147 SW 57th Ave, Miami, FL 33144

LED Miami Signs is an LED display company headquartered in Miami, USA. A good geographical location, an excellent and professional R&D team and comprehensive and meticulous services make them stand out.

Various products related to LED screens can be produced and completely customized according to customer needs.


Main Product:  


Tel: +17864750317


Address: 2915 SW 92nd Pl, Miami, FL 33165

HV All In Solutions is a Miami-based company that is special in that in addition to screen sales, it also offers screen rentals to provide convenience to its customers. And it also has specialized installation, maintenance and technical programming services available throughout the United States.

HV All In Solutions has been constantly innovating and adapting, staying at the forefront of LED technology and event production to provide customers with the most advanced and relevant solutions.

Los Angeles LED Screens supplier

38. Los Angeles LED Screens

Main Product church LED display stage LED wall



Address:2256 Fox Hills Dr Apt 3C, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Los Angeles LED Screen Company is a professional LED screen manufacturer and supplier operating in the Los Angeles area, the center of one of the world’s largest entertainment industries. We provide various specifications and types of LED displays, including LED screens for indoor and outdoor use, curved LED displays, etc.

They can provide customized LED display solutions for various events and venues, such as concerts, sports events, exhibitions, etc. Their products are of high quality and their services are considerate, and they are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

39. Seattle LED Screens

Main Productstage LED screen

Website: https://seattleledscreens.com/

Tel: +12067439459

Address:  4913 S 3rd Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Seattle LED Screens is an LED display company located in Seattle, Washington, USA, specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of LED display technology.

Seattle LED Screens has an experienced team that is committed to providing high-quality LED screen products and excellent customer service to lay a good quality foundation for customers’ advertising.

Seattle LED Screens
Xtreme LED Screens

40. Xtreme LED Screens

Main Productstage LED screen

Website: https://xtremeledscreens.com/


Email: info@xtremetechnologies.com

Address: 196 Siesta Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Xtreme led screen is an LED screen supplier that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing LED displays for various purposes, including outdoor billboards, indoor conference room displays and sports venues.

Xtreme led screen is committed to providing customers with innovative LED display solutions to meet their different needs and requirements, and has a good reputation and reputation in the industry.

Conclusion of Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers

According to the  Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers list listed above, it includes professional LED screen suppliers from various continents in the United States, such as Florida, Lexus, Los Angeles, New York, etc. Most of them are LED screen companies with a long history and rich experience in USA. A small number are leading LED screen suppliers from China. They have branches in USA, their technology is mature, and their quality can stand the test.

These 40 supplier rankings are only the results of LEGIDATECH’s survey and are only used as a reference guide for customers when they don’t know how to choose an LED screen manufacturer. It would be great if it could help you.

Of course, if you still have no clue, you can contact LEGIDATECH directly and we will make a suitable plan and complete quotation based on your needs and budget. Online 24/7, 3-5 years quality guarantee.

Choose LEGIDATECH, Choose Quality.   Good Luck!

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