p3.91 outdoor led screen to Malaysia-Quick Guide-2024

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH! With the development of the LED display rental market in Malaysia, more and more Malaysian customers require high-end and durable stage p3.91  LED screens!

Today, I will introduce the production process of the outdoor p3.91 rental LED display screen purchased by customers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia from our company!

Key technical parameters of p3.91 outdoor rental display:

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
Refresh Rate:3840HZ
Full Size: 4m(w)x 2m(h)
Cabinets Size: 500mm×500mm
Waterproof level: ip65

p3.91 LED module:

The outdoor p3.91 module size is 250mm × 250mm.

The biggest feature of this p3.91 LED module is that the maintenance method is front maintenance, which is adsorbed to the aluminum alloy cabinet through the magnetic force of magnets! This greatly saves maintenance time for customers.

p3.9 led screen module

p3 91 Outdoor rental display cabinet:

The biggest features of this aluminum alloy box:
• LED cabinet is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Brightness is adjustable, 800-4500nits, grayscale remains unchanged, protection level IP66
•LED cabinet quick installation and maintenance
Modular design of the cabinet, single cabinet is easy to install and replace
• LED cabinet can be creatively spliced

The unique box structure design can be staggered up and down, left and right, and front and back.

The right-angle splicing in the picture above is suitable for the production of 3D LED displays.

Power supply for Outdoor p3.91 LED display:

Input voltage: 110V-240V. Since the voltages in many countries in the world are different, we provide customers with a wide voltage power supply.
Output: 5V 60A.           Control system for p3.91: novastar A5splus

p3 91 led screen is aging in the workshop for 72 hours:

Only through strict aging testing can the stability of the product be guaranteed.

During the aging testing process, our quality inspectors can find problematic LED display cabinets at any time and then notify maintenance personnel for repairs.

Packaging of p3.91 outdoor LED display:

We provide Malaysia with high-end flight cases made of plastic, reducing weight! Save transportation costs for customers!

Thanks to Malaysian customers for their full support and trust in LEGIDATECH. We will work hard to make higher quality p3.91 outdoor LED displays! Create more value for customers!

I hope my article can help more customers understand LEGIDATECH’s LED displays. Our prices are factory prices. I look forward to more and more Malaysian customers having deeper cooperation with LEGIDATECH.


What does P3 91 mean?
THE P3. 91 LED display screen is a display product composed of multiple P3.91 LED modules. Its pixel pitch is 3.91mm. This means that the distance between each pixel on the display is 3.91mm.
What is the resolution of the P3 91 LED display?
Pixel Configuration SMD2121
Pixel pitch(mm) P3.91
Pixel density(dots/m2) 65746
Module resolution(W×H) 64×64
Module size (mm) 250(W)×250(H)

What is outdoor LED screen price malaysia/ or LED screen panel price malaysia?

The pixel pitch of outdoor activity displays is now mostly p2.5-p4.8, and the price range per square meter ranges from 600 to 1,300 US dollars. There are many factors that affect the price, including material and production costs, the quality of lamp beads and modules, brightness and waterproofing, etc. Therefore, it needs to be analyzed according to different situations.


how many  LED screen supplier are there in Malaysia?

There are only a few suppliers that truly produce and sell their own products. However, there are many suppliers who import from China and sell locally, so it is difficult to calculate.

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