P2.5 Creative Cylindrical LED Screen to France Quick guide(2024)

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH! Today I have a case study of the company’s latest product to introduce to you! The idea of P2.5 cylindrical LED display comes from an idea provided by an France customer!

The france client is in the media promotion business for beverage companies. They use large-scale performances to promote different beverages of the beverage company!

In order to create more advertising value for performance activities, the france customer asked us to make P2.5 cylindrical LED display that looks like a can.

Our technical R&D team 3D simulated the can-shaped LED display, and finally decided to use indoor p2.5 soft modules to modularly splice into a cylindrical LED display (P2.5  LED display).

In the following 3D structure diagram, we Can determine how many indoor p2 soft modules to use to splice into a cylinder.We can also know how many indoor p2.5 soft film sets of different shapes are used.

p2.5 Creative cylindrical LED display-size :

Height: 1200mm

Diameter: 731mm
The size of this indoor cylindrical screen is designed according to the size ratio of the American customer beverage company, and is in line with the aesthetics of the American people.

Key technical parameters of p2.5 creative cylindrical LED display:

pixel pitch:2.5mm
number of cabinets:6
control way:4G or wife
LEDS:nationstar 2121
Refresh rate:3840HZ
shipping Destination: The France

Indoor P2.5, whether viewed at close range or from a distance, the merchant’s advertising video can still be clearly seen.

High-quality p2.5 indoor soft LED module:

The size of P2.5 module is 320×160mm, driving constant current IC: MBI5359.

And the characteristic of the soft module is that it can be adsorbed on the irregular LED steel structure through the magnetic force of the magnet, thereby manufacturing Produce special-shaped indoor LED displays of different shapes.

P2.5 creative cylindrical LED display cabinet:

The p2.5 LED cabinet  is made of iron, because the iron LED cabinet makes it easier to create frames for LED displays of different shapes.

P2.5 creative cylindrical LED display of power:

Input voltage: 110V-240V
Output: 5v 60A
Power: 300W
Power supply brand: MEAN WELL or Juneng Weiye, the brand of power supply can be specified by the customer.

p2.5 Creative cylindrical screen -control system :

LEGIDATECH provides customers with the Mooncell control system.

And mooncell control system is more professional and stable in the field of irregular LED displays.

How is the p2.5 creative cylindrical LED display screen installed?

How to maintain indoor P2.5 creative LED display?

Because this indoor p2.5 can LED display is completely enclosed, the LED module method is front-end maintenance.

The p2.5 indoor creative cylindrical LED display is undergoing 72 hours of aging in the workshop:

In order to ensure the stability of the LED display, we conduct uninterrupted 72-hour aging tests for customers.

p2.5 creative cylindrical LED display of packaging:

In order to facilitate transportation, we provide customers with air boxes with wheels.

They are being shipped to the logistics company designated by the france customer.

LEGIDATECH has a R&D technical team.

We are ready to customize and manufacture p2.5 creative cylindrical LED displays of different shapes for you to bring more advertising value to your performances.

Based on the products of France customers, we have developed p2.5 and p2 and p1.8 creative cylindrical LED display!

Our company also has other creative LED display. As shown below:

p2.5 LED creative arc LED display

p2.5 Creative round LED display

p2.5 Creative curved LED display

p2.5 Creative outer arc LED display

p2.5 S-shaped LED display


What is p2.5 cylindrical LED display?
It is a screen formed by using p2.5 soft modules installed on the structure. The p2.5 soft module can be bent at will, suitable for spherical screens, cylindrical screens, heterosexual screens, etc.

How much does p2.5 cylindrical LED display cost?
For specific prices, please consult the supplier based on your screen size and spacing.

Where canp 2.5 cylindrical LED displays be used?
Shopping malls and exhibition halls are the most common places. You only need to add the structure and install the soft module on the original pillars.

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