Main Types of Outdoor Advertising–complete guide

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising refers to various forms of advertising displayed in outdoor places.

Different from the limited audience of traditional advertising media such as television and newspapers, outdoor advertising is more extensive and mandatory.

It can be seen by most people in public places, such as streets, squares, commercial centers, public transportation, etc.

LEGIDATECH believes that outdoor advertising comes in various forms, including billboards, light boxes, neon lights, electronic LED screens, bus advertising, subway advertising, outdoor advertising vehicles, etc.

Outdoor advertising is aimed at the entire public, so it is more difficult to select specific target audiences.

Outdoor advertising usually uses large fonts, eye-catching colors, concise and clear text and graphics to display the company’s image and brand at a fixed location for a long time.

It displays advertising content in areas where people conduct daily activities, attracting pedestrians and vehicles, and audience. Thus increasing the visibility of the company and brand.

Outdoor advertising has the characteristics of wide advertising coverage, high visibility, and strong communication effect.


Compared with traditional advertising media, outdoor advertising has a relatively long life cycle and can be displayed continuously within a specific period of time, enhancing the influence of advertising.

Outdoor advertising and signboards are the most intuitive reflection of the economic prosperity of a region.

It is an environmental media that creates beauty, spreads beauty, and extends beauty.

It is a communication window between the city and its citizens, and between the city and the outside world.

What Are the Types of Outdoor Advertising?

In today’s society with rapid economic development, there are various forms of outdoor advertising. Today LEGIDATECH will explain to you the main forms of outdoor advertising.

1. Billboard.

Usually mainly road advertising. Road advertising refers to the form of advertising located on various roads, highways, streets and other places with high traffic flow.

Pillar advertising is the main form, and pillars are divided into single pillars and double pillars. It can include the following types:

1.1 Street sign advertising

Street sign advertising refers to the advertisements located on the road signs on both sides of the road.

They are usually presented in the form of text, patterns or signs, and can provide navigation, indicate traffic rules, help drivers distinguish roads and control speed, etc.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-3

1.2 Lamp Pole Static Advertising

Lamp pole advertising refers to the form of advertising where advertising posters are posted or spray-painted on large structural columns.

It occupies a high point of view and enters people’s field of vision without any obstruction.

Street lamp structural columns are usually distributed in densely populated areas of cities, which can attract the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles and convey advertising messages.

In addition,  lamp pole screens are also a very popular advertising choice.

1.3 Dynamic LED display sign

Dynamic LED displays on roadside pillars can play promotional advertisements.

This not only provides an effective advertising platform for merchants, but also provides citizens with more shopping, entertainment and other information.

These advertising contents can also be personalized and pushed based on positioning information to improve the marketing effect of advertising.

In addition, governments and public welfare organizations can also use these LED display panel to promote environmental protection, traffic safety and other public welfare information to citizens to increase public awareness.

Through colorful flashing lights and dynamic effects, these LED screen panels make the city more modern and technological.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-8

Compared with traditional traffic LED signs, these digital LED displays not only have more diverse functions, but also can update content at any time according to different situations, improving the timeliness and accuracy of information.

2.  Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising refers to printing and pasting advertising content on the bodies of cars, buses, taxis and other means of transportation.

This form of advertising is mobile and can reach more potential audiences in different locations and routes in the city.

There are also special LED display trucks. The outdoor LED display  panel is customized according to the size of the truck and installed.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-6

It plays the advertising content provided by the merchant and shuttles around the city. Dynamic scenes, pleasant music and slogans from far to near are easier for passers-by and consumers to remember.

3. Street advertising.

Whether it is a signboard advertisement at the entrance of a store, a sticker advertisement pasted on the wall, or a banner advertisement hung on a street light pole, they all quickly attract people’s attention in various ways.

Merchants use signboard advertising to describe the characteristics of their stores, attract customers’ attention and increase sales.

Through sticker advertising, merchants can advertise at low cost and convey their store information to potential customers.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-7Banner advertisements hung on street light poles can cover a wider area, reach more people’s eyes, and further increase brand awareness.

Merchants can choose appropriate advertising forms according to the target group to maximize the publicity effect.

4.Urban street facility advertising

Urban street facility advertising refers to the form of advertising set up on city streets, highways and other public facilities.

It is a part of modern urban life. By displaying commercial advertisements on public facilities, transportation and street furniture, it can effectively convey information about goods and services and attract potential consumers.

Urban street facility advertising comes in various forms, including roadside billboards, light box advertising, bus body advertising, tire advertising, etc.

These ads are placed in the street environment where people live their lives and can be noticed while people are walking, driving or taking public transportation.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-      Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-10

Urban street furniture advertisements often use eye-catching images and text to attract the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles, thereby increasing the advertiser’s visibility and product sales.

5. Architectural Landscape Advertising

Architectural advertising refers to the form of advertising displayed on the exterior walls, roofs or windows of buildings.

They can make use of the huge area and unique shape of the building to attract people’s attention and effectively convey the advertising message to the audience.

5.1 Wall advertising

Wall advertising refers to the form of drawing, spraying or posting advertising content on the wall of a building.

This form of advertising usually has a larger area and can reach the target audience in a prominent geographical location in the city. Sometimes, because of the novelty, passers-by take photos and check in.

5.2 Wall advertising

Wall advertising refers to displaying advertising content by placing advertising signs, banners, etc. on the surface of a building.

Because wall advertisements are in a higher position, they have better visual effects and can attract people’s attention.

Generally, in commercial centers with large traffic such as entertainment and shopping, there will be large wall screens, and they appear in large areas.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-1

In the central areas of some big cities, there are also 3D naked-eye large screens, which can present realistic 3D images, making the audience feel as if they are in a real scene and interact with the characters and objects in the screen.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-5

This kind of experience makes the audience feel more involved in entertainment activities, making the activities more interesting and attractive.

5.3 Window advertising

Window advertising refers to the form of advertising displayed on the windows of buildings.

It can take advantage of the transparency of windows and use transparent LED screens to create various attractive visual effects.

Its characteristic is that it can completely cover the exterior wall of the building and make it visible both inside and outside through translucent materials, attracting the attention of pedestrians and passing vehicles.

6. Elevator, kiosk advertising

Elevator frame posters and kiosk advertising are a common form of indoor or outdoor advertising used to communicate information about a product, service, or campaign to the masses.

Elevator frame posters and information kiosk ads are located in densely populated areas such as business centers, office buildings, shopping malls, etc., so they can quickly attract people’s attention.

Whether going up or down the stairs or waiting for the elevator, people will naturally notice the advertising content on the elevator frame poster, and this unconscious contact can effectively convey the message.

Elevator frame posters are usually presented in the form of pictures and text to attract people’s attention and convey the desired message.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising-9

These posters can provide a promotional platform for various products, brands or events. Since elevators are places that people often pass by every day, elevator frame posters have high exposure and communication effects.

Kiosk advertising is a form of advertising displayed in kiosks in public areas. Information kiosks are located in places where people often gather, such as shopping malls, stations, parks, etc.

This allows the kiosk ads to better capture people’s attention and communicate the advertising content. Kiosk advertising can take the form of posters, electronic displays, flyers, and samples to meet different publicity needs.

Need an Outdoor Ad Design? LEGIDATECH Is the Place

There are many forms of outdoor advertising, but with the rapid development of electronics and technology, electronic display advertising has gradually become the main force of outdoor advertising.

Commonly used outdoor LED displays include aluminum-magnesium alloy boxes and iron boxes, with pixel pitches ranging from P2.5-P10.

LEGIDATECH has 5 models of outdoor display screens for different usage scenarios.

Outdoor LED Screen-AB series      ;    Outdoor LED digital signage – EDS series

Outdoor LED billboard B pro Series   ;   Outdoor Pole LED Display     ;    Transparent screen

If you have needs for outdoor advertising, you can consult LEGIDATECH for free and recommend suitable outdoor LED display panels for you.

Author : Lisa Yang


1.Which outdoor advertising method is best?
Answer:  There is no best, and we cannot blindly choose. What we can do is compare and choose the most suitable advertising method based on our actual situation.

2. Where is the best place to use LED displays for advertising?
Answer:  Places with high foot traffic are best because advertising is all about promoting products and services to the masses. Commercial centers and street curbs are popular spots.

3. What is the cheapest way to advertise?
Answer:   As for the cost of outdoor advertising, poster advertising is the lowest. You only need to print out the advertising content and post it on moving vehicles, elevators, information kiosks, bus stops and other places. Of course, the investment cost is directly proportional to the rate of return.

4. How common is outdoor advertising?
Answer:   It can be seen everywhere in life, and outdoor advertising is basically covered on roadsides and intersections. Outdoor advertising displays and light boxes exist in commercial plazas.

5. Why invest in outdoor advertising?
Answer:   You can quickly let the public know about your products and services. Create a subtle impact and increase purchase conversion rates.

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