Advantages of three-wheeled LED trucks

What is an three-wheel LED trucks?

An electric three-wheeled LED truck is an vehicle that can be equipped with an advertising display and is used for advertising and promotion activities.

It usually features a large billboard or advertising screen that displays advertising information while the vehicle is in motion. It can be understood as mobile billboard.

Although its appearance is similar to a truck, it is smaller and more flexible. It is widely used in urban streets, business districts, exhibitions and other places to increase brand exposure and attract consumers’ attention.

mobile billboard

Characteristics of electric three-wheeled advertising truck


Since it is a vehicle, it is an advertisement that can be flexibly moved. This is also its biggest difference from the previous fixed outdoor advertisements.

Generally, outdoor advertising displays come in two forms: fixed installation and mobile installation.

There are many installation methods for fixedly installed outdoor advertising screens, such as column installation, embedded installation, wall-mounted installation, roof installation, etc.

Fixed installation advertising screens are generally installed on roadsides or intersections with heavy traffic, and in commercial plaza buildings.

The mobile billboard is different. Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles are not restricted by location and can carry out mobile advertising in different places.

Compared with some large mobile advertising equipment, such as trucks or large buses, electric tricycles have smaller size and more agile driving performance, making it easier to enter busy streets and densely populated areas.


It is possible to go to this square today and go to another pedestrian street tomorrow. This allows advertisers to choose the best display location based on the distribution of target customer groups, thereby obtaining higher exposure and effectiveness.

Environmental protection

Using electric energy instead of traditional fuel as the power source has no tail gas emissions, can reduce environmental pollution.

And it has very low energy consumption, making it more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


Electric three-wheel display vehicles can also be equipped with LED display screens, which can perform multiple functions such as advertising and information transmission, providing more business application opportunities.

Strong adaptability

The three-wheeled display vehicle is compact and can easily travel through narrow urban roads or densely populated areas.

It has good adaptability and can be used for various purposes such as urban short-distance transportation, commercial promotion, express delivery, etc.

Three-wheeled LED truck VS three-wheeled bicycle advertising

Dynamic display

Electric three-wheelers are generally equipped with dynamic LED displays, showing dynamic advertising content.


The three-wheeled bicycle advertising generally can only carry static advertising signs due to their limited load-bearing capacity.

Electric three-wheeled advertising trucks can better attract people’s attention through dynamic displays and increase the exposure and appeal of advertisements.

Easier to use

Ordinary three-wheel bicycle advertising relies on bicycles to travel, which is difficult and laborious for the operator.

The electric three-wheeled advertising vehicle adopts electric drive mode and does not require manual pedaling. You only need to hold the direction to push the vehicle easily, reducing the operator’s physical burden.

bicycle advertising

Wider range

The range of activities of ordinary bicycle advertising is relatively limited, because they need to be driven by human power, and the driving distance is limited.

Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles can have wider angles and driving range through the electric drive system, and can cover wider areas more freely.

And the viewing angle of the LED display is also very wide.

More useful

In addition to picking up advertisers to place advertisements, electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles can also take guests.

The back seat of the truck is also designed with comfortable seats, which can be used as a dual-use car. The space of an ordinary tricycle can only accommodate one advertising sign at most.

mobile advertising

Three-wheeled truck VS LED trucks

More flexible:

LED trucks are usually bulkier and larger, requiring more space.

The electric three-wheeled advertising truck is smaller and lighter, and can shuttle more freely in crowded places.

Therefore, electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles can be used in various small places that large trucks cannot go, such as busy city centers, narrow alleys, etc.

Lower cost:

The purchase cost of electric three-wheeled advertising trucks is lower than that of LED trucks.

LED trucks typically require larger investments, including large vehicles and equipment such as installing large-sized LED screens.

Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles only need to install a few small and medium-sized displays on ordinary electric vehicles, and the purchase and maintenance costs are relatively low.

Wider range of customer base:

Due to the lower cost, the advertising rental for electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles will also be relatively low, making it affordable for even small advertisers.But mobile billboard truck has a wider audience than mobile billboard trailer.

The customer groups of LED trucks are generally large merchants and event organizers, and generally small merchants and activities will not be able to afford them.

Mobile Truck LED Screen-1

Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles provide a more flexible and economical option, allowing more companies of different sizes to choose to use them for advertising.

The current market situation of electric three-wheelers

Now the electric three-wheel market is showing a leap-forward development trend.

Many manufacturers in China, including LEGIGDATECH, are producing it, but it is not yet popular in countries other than China.

The number is relatively small, and they are all three-wheeled advertising bicycles. If you choose electric three-wheel advertising now, it will definitely bring greater surprises to your customers.

After all, you are the only one who is different and advanced. Once you have excellent cross-level differentiation, the customers and revenue it brings to you will be doubled.

Therefore, choosing electric three-wheelers as a method of advertising will bring you unique and excellent market competitiveness.


1. What spacing is required for the display screen of the electric three-wheeled advertising vehicle?

The screen spacing of outdoor advertising trucks is generally P4-P10.

The size and spacing of the display screen need to be selected according to actual needs. If the size is small, choose small spacing. vice versa.


2. In what situations can electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles be used?

Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles can be used in commercial districts, city centers, exhibitions, sports competitions, music festivals and other places with dense traffic.


3. What is the lifespan and maintenance cost of an electric three-wheeled advertising vehicle?

Electric three-wheeled advertising vehicles generally have a longer service life, and the maintenance cost of the electric power system is relatively low compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

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