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LED trailer : The best tool for mobile promotion

What is LED trailer

The LED trailer is a new display device with an LED display that integrates portable, movable, detachable and high-definition display.

It usually consists of a trailer and one or more LED displays, which can display various images, text, videos and other content.


LED screen trailers are usually installed on car trailers and can be moved to locations that need to be promoted at any time to display advertising content to attract the audience’s attention.

Mobile LED trailer has broad application prospects in fields such as publicity and promotion, outdoor advertising, performing arts and entertainment.

What are the differences between LED trailer and LED truck?

We know that LED screen trailer and LED trucks are both promotional tools that combine LED and vehicles, and have strong visual impact and communication effects.

But they still have certain differences in usage and functions. Let us find out together.

If the text is unclear to you, we have also attached some pictures and videos below to help you understand.

Body type:

LED screen trailer are typically smaller and easier to move than trucks, allowing them to be moved as needed.

The LED screen truck is the same size as an ordinary truck and is relatively bulky, but it can shuttle through places with a large flow of people.


LED Truck


The LED advertising screen of the LED trailer can be quickly detached and folded for easy portability and transportation.

LED screen trailer is also equipped with an automatic lifting system that does not require much manpower for assembly and disassembly.

LED trucks have LED screens custom-installed on the body or rear of the truck from the very beginning. Once installed, they cannot be changed such as lifting, lowering, rotating, etc.


The led trailer can automatically lift and rotate 360 degrees, mainly attracting attention with its large advertising area and adjustable viewing angle.

Truck advertising screens are usually fixed to the vehicle body, so the area and viewing angle are limited by the vehicle body and are easily disturbed by the surrounding environment.

LED Trailer


Trucks generally require a larger investment, and LED trucks require additional driver wages and vehicle insurance, as well as the driver’s skills in driving larger vehicles.

Mobile LED trailers generally cost less to purchase and maintain than trucks. Moreover, the transportation cost of trailers is also lower, and existing vehicles can be used to tow trailers, reducing operating costs.

Where can LED trailers be used?

1. Activity site

At various event sites, such as exhibitions, conferences, etc., LED screen trailers can be used as the main display platform.

LED screen trailers can be used to release information at event sites, such as event schedules, guest introductions, etc., to provide participants with real-time information.

Trailer advertising screens can also be used to promote relevant information, exhibitor introductions and on-site interactions during the exhibition to improve the effectiveness and participation of the exhibition.

2. Commercial advertising

Mobile LED trailers can flexibly patrol the city’s main roads and bustling commercial areas. Merchants can use LED screen trailers to display product information, brand image, etc. to attract the attention of passers-by.

In addition, in crowded places such as shopping malls and supermarkets, mobile LED trailers can be used as a carrier of advertising to increase brand awareness and product sales.

Communicate product information to target consumers comprehensively and accurately.

led screen trailer-1

3. Sports events

In sports events, LED screen trailers are mainly used for functions such as game timing, score display, and real-time replay.

At the same time, it can also serve as a display platform for on-field advertising, providing sponsors with more exposure opportunities.

In addition, in outdoor sports, such as marathons, bicycle races, etc., LED screen trailers can be used as an important tool for navigation instructions and information release.

4. Public safety

In the field of public safety, mobile LED trailers can serve as emergency command centers. In situations such as disaster scenes and traffic accidents, LED screen trailers can display rescue progress, evacuation instructions and other information in real time, helping rescuers better coordinate their work and improve rescue efficiency.

In addition, LED screen trailers can also be used to promote safety tips and preventive measures in public places such as train stations and airports.

5. Government propaganda

Government publicity can include the release of major government decisions, publicity of important meetings and events, as well as emergency management and safety education for the public.

Through dynamic text, pictures and videos on mobile LED trailers, the government can quickly and timely convey information and policies, allowing more people to understand government work and improve the government’s image.

6. Culture and entertainment

In the field of culture and entertainment, mobile LED trailers can provide high-quality background images for performances, celebrations and other activities.

Real-time performance images are played through high-brightness LED screens, combined with live music and lighting effects, to create a stronger atmosphere.

led screen trailer-

How does an LED screen trailer help your business?

If you want to buy a piece of equipment to advertise your own goods and services, or engage in a leasing business, and plan to attract advertisers to invest in advertising, LED trailers will be a very good choice. Here’s how your perspective can help.

1. Eye-catching display effect

The LED screen trailer can play dynamic images, text, video and other content, and has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition and high dynamic range.

Therefore, in a well-lit outdoor environment, LED screen trailers can present extremely clear and vivid advertising content, attracting the attention of passers-by.

2. High mobility and flexibility

Compared with fixed installation billboards, mobile LED trailers are more flexible in design and can be easily moved to different locations.

Whether it is a bustling business district, a crowded city center, or a park or square with a large flow of people, LED screen trailers can be deployed quickly to provide advertisers with more display opportunities.

In addition, LED screen trailers can also be customized according to needs, such as adding sound systems, interactive devices, etc., to make advertising more diverse.


3. Ability to update in real time

Another major advantage of LED screen trailers is their ability to update content in real time.

Through wireless transmission technology, advertising content can be uploaded to the LED display screen at any time, allowing advertisers to adjust their promotion strategies in a timely manner according to market changes.

In addition, LED screen trailers can also be combined with digital channels such as social media and online platforms to achieve online and offline linkage publicity effects.

4. Strong interactivity

Modern advertising pays more and more attention to interaction with the audience. LED screen trailers can interact with passers-by by being equipped with touch screens, sensors and other technologies.

For example, interactive games, information inquiries, etc. are conducted through touch screens to make advertising more interesting and participatory.

In addition, LED screen trailers can also interact with audiences online through social media and other platforms to increase brand awareness and user loyalty.

5. Accurately locate target audiences

Through technical means such as GPS positioning and big data analysis, advertisers can more accurately locate target audiences.

For example, based on factors such as geographical location, traffic flow, etc., LED screen trailers are deployed in locations with the greatest publicity effect.

In addition, by mining information such as audience behavior analysis, interests and hobbies, advertisers can push relevant content more accurately and improve advertising conversion rates.


1. Question: Can the LED screen on the trailer be folded or adjusted?
Answer: Yes. This allows the height, angle, and orientation of the screen to be adjusted as needed to better display content or meet different needs.

2. Question: Does this trailer come with a fuel generator to support long-term use?
Answer: This type of trailer usually does not come directly with a fuel generator. You can choose to connect a self-contained fuel generator with an LED screen on your trailer to support extended use.

3. Question: Are there any restrictions on high-speed driving of this kind of trailer during transportation?
Answer: There may be high-speed driving restrictions during transportation, depending on local traffic regulations and the installation of the trailer and LED screen.

4. Question: Does the LED screen trailer have remote monitoring and control functions?
Answer: LED screen trailers can have remote monitoring and control functions, if you have this need
Manufacturers and suppliers of trailers and LED screens can be informed in advance.

5. Question: Will the LED trailer come with a sound system?
Answer: Usually, Led screen trailers will be equipped with sound systems. However, whether it is equipped with a sound system depends on the needs of suppliers and customers. Therefore, when choosing an LED screen trailer, you need to confirm whether it includes a sound system.

6. Question: Does the LED screen trailer support outdoor use?
Answer: Yes, most LED screen trailers are waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistant and can be used in outdoor environments.

7. Question: Does the LED screen trailer support real-time video playback?
Answer: Yes, the LED screen trailer can play various video contents in real time by connecting to a computer or other multimedia devices.

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