3 Basic Knowledge about LED Screen Truck

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, in addition to stage LED display, indoor fixed LED screen, outdoor LED sign, mobile LED screen trucks have become a new means of publicity and advertising in modern cities.

This kind of truck combines the characteristics of mobility and high-definition LED screens. It can move freely in the city and carry out advertising in streets, alleys, commercial districts, and places with high flow of people.

Next, this article will take you to learn about this mobile LED screen truck

1. What is a mobile truck LED screen?

LED mobile advertising truck (OMDM), Outdoor Mobile Direct Mail advertising, also called Truck-Mounted LED Screen, is a mobile advertising equipment integrating LED display technology.

Advertising methods have gradually developed from shouting and selling at the beginning, and have experienced various forms such as posters, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, electronic advertisements, etc.

With the continuous development of technology, LED mobile advertising vehicles have emerged as the times require.

This idea once shone in the United States and was brought to China in 2006. A production base was built in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

After two years of research, in 2008 we finally produced the first LED truck independently produced in China.

By 2010, this kind of equipment could be seen all over the country.


LED advertising truck refers to an LED screen as an information output device and a mobile body as a heavy advertising device.

It can change its position and is generally equipped with audio, computer and other equipment to make it more eye-catching.

Speaking of LED trucks, we must first introduce the LED display. LED display screen is a modular structure display device composed of LED dot matrix.

Text, pictures, animations, and videos are displayed by turning on and off red, green, and blue lamp beads. The content can be replaced at any time. Each component is a display device with a modular structure.

LED displays are generally installed on the outside of mobile trucks, so it is necessary to use outdoor LED displays with high brightness and good protection capabilities, so that the advertising content can be clearly seen even in the sun.

2. What are the benefits of using and purchasing mobile  LED truck?

The mobile LED screen truck is a mobile advertising media tool that installs LED screens on trucks.

Mobile Truck LED Screen-1

Its main features include:

2.1. High mobility:

The mobile LED screen truck can be moved to different locations at any time for advertising, and has a large coverage area.

LED screen trucks can flexibly meet the needs of various events and venues.

For example, temporary event stages, shopping mall promotions, store promotion products, etc.

The led billboard truck can be driven into city centers, business districts, densely populated locations, etc. as needed to obtain the best advertising results.

LED trucks help increase brand exposure and influence potential customers subtly.

2.2. High-definition display:

The LED screen truck adopts high-definition LED screen, which can display excellent image and video effects.

The LED screen has the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast and wide viewing angle, ensuring that the audience can clearly see the advertising content no matter what angle it is viewed from.

2.3. Media linkage:

The mobile LED screen truck can be linked with other media, such as sound systems, cameras, sensors, etc.

By combining these functions with LED screens, mobile LED screen trucks can not only be used for advertising displays, but also for live event broadcasts, product promotions, government publicity and other purposes, with strong adaptability and flexibility.

You can create more attractive multimedia advertising displays and provide a richer user experience.

2.4. Flexibility:

The LED screen truck can carry out different advertising displays as needed.

It can play static pictures, scrolling text, pictures, dynamic videos and other advertising forms to meet the needs of different advertisers.

Buyers can also change and update the content at any time as needed to adapt to different promotional needs and market changes.

Mobile Truck LED Screen-2

2.5. Easy to operate:

The LED billboard truck is equipped with a professional control system, and users can update and adjust advertising content through simple operations.

Some advanced systems can also monitor screen status, remote control and other functions in real time, providing a more convenient management method.

The LED billboard truck is equipped with a comfortable and spacious interior space and is equipped with fan air conditioning.

When operating the screen, technicians have a good operating environment.

2.6. Power saving and environmental protection:

The mobile LED screen truck uses LED display technology, which has lower energy consumption and longer life than traditional display devices such as TV screens and projectors.

The brightness of the LED screen can also be adjusted to adapt to the needs of different environments and time periods, saving energy.

2.7. Remarkable advertising effect:

As a novel advertising form, mobile LED screen trucks use high-brightness, high-definition LED screens, which are highly attractive and attention-grabbing.

Its mobility and high-definition display characteristics can attract the attention of a large number of target groups and increase the exposure and influence of advertising.

2.8. Cost savings:

Compared with building fixed LED screen advertisements, purchasing mobile LED screen trucks can save a lot of costs, and has a longer service life, making it more economical and practical.

Moreover, when the LED screen is not needed, the switch is more convenient, which can maximize energy consumption.


3. What requirements must vehicles installed with mobile truck LED screens meet?

In addition to the LED display as an important component of the mobile truck LED screen, there is also an essential component, which is the vehicle.

However, not all vehicles can be equipped with mobile truck LED screens. LEGIDATECH think the following conditions must be met:

3.1. The vehicle structure is suitable for installing LED screens:

The vehicle needs to have a corresponding structural design in order to install LED screens on the vehicle.

This includes the vehicle having a certain flat surface that can bear the weight of the LED screen, etc.

Generally, when purchasing an LED screen, you need to inform the supplier of the size of the vehicle, and the supplier will provide a drawing that matches the LED screen and the vehicle.


3.2. Power supply:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the LED screen, the vehicle needs to have sufficient power supply.

A common approach is to install a generator on the vehicle or use the vehicle battery to power the LED screen.

3.3. Power conversion equipment:

Because LED screens usually require DC power, and the power supply on vehicles is usually AC.

Therefore, it is necessary to install power conversion equipment to convert the AC power on the vehicle into DC power suitable for the operation of the LED screen.

3.4. Control system:

The vehicle needs to be installed with a special control system to manage and control the operation of the LED screen.

This control system can be a desktop computer or an embedded system, which can control the brightness, color, playback content, etc. of the LED screen.

Generally, when suppliers sell LED video walls, they will be equipped with a video processor for the control system.

3.5. Safety considerations:

Since the vehicle can move, safety issues need to be taken into consideration when installing LED screens on the vehicle.

When installing the LED screen, you need to ensure that the LED screen is firmly and stably fixed to avoid accidents during driving.

3.6. Ventilation and heat dissipation:

The LED screen will generate a certain amount of heat during operation.The vehicle needs to have sufficient heat dissipation space and ventilation equipment to ensure that the LED screen does not overheat during long-term operation.


LED trucks are a high-investment project. If you have the idea of purchasing an LED screen truck, be sure to choose your supplier carefully.

Don’t buy with the idea of buying at a low price because the cost of making a mistake is too high.

You can ask LEGIDATECH for free consultation on the details of the individual pixel pitches of LED screen panel and the details of the truck structure.

This way you will have a general understanding and can choose the LED truck that suits you.

Author: Lisa Yang
FAQs :

1. What pixel pitch is suitable for LED mobile advertising truck
Answer:  Generally, the distance between vehicles and people on the road is 1-5m. According to the optimal visual distance algorithm of the LED display, P4 and P5 are more suitable choices.


2. Do I have to buy the entire vehicle?
Answer:  no. Just choose according to your budget and needs. You can have your LED screen custom-sized and installed on your existing trailer or truck, or we can ship the entire trailer or truck LED screen to you.


3. How long does it take to make money back from buying a mobile LED display truck?
Answer:  This cannot be estimated. Advertising is a supporting role that helps your business gain visibility. But if you can recruit advertisers, you can turn advertising into a direct means of making money.


4. Can the LED screen of the mobile LED screen truck be replaced later?
Answer:  The LED screens of most mobile LED screen trucks can be replaced to suit different advertising needs, just make sure the sizes are consistent. Some higher-end vehicles can also implement screen rotation and lifting functions.


5. What types of LED screens can be used on mobile LED screen trucks?
Answer:  Mobile LED screen trucks can use indoor and outdoor full-color, single-color, dual-color and other types of LED screens. When choosing the type of LED screen, you should choose it based on the actual use environment and publicity effect.

6. Does the LED truck have a built-in generator?
Answer: LED trucks often have built-in generators, which provide power to LED lights and other devices.


7. Can the LED screen of the LED truck be rotated?
Answer: The LED screen is fixedly installed on the structure on the side of the truck. The LED screen of the LED truck usually cannot rotate and can only be raised and lowered. The LED trailer can be raised, lowered and rotated at will.


8. Will the LED truck come with a sound system?
Answer: If you buy it as a whole vehicle, the LED truck will be equipped with a sound system to provide audio effects to match the visual effects of the LED screen.


9. Can mobile LED trucks conduct live broadcasts?
Answer: Mobile LED trucks can usually carry out live broadcasts. They can carry live broadcast equipment and cameras, and broadcast live video content through LED screens. This allows live streaming of events, advertising or other content.

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