Customized P2.5 LED Screen to Nigeria-Quick Guide (2024)

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH! Today I will introduce the p2.5 circular LED display customized by our company for a large church in Abuja, Nigeria! A customer in Abuja, Nigeria told us to customize a large, high-definition, indoor p2.5 LED screen with a diameter of 3 meters!

We responded to the customer’s needs as quickly as possible and recommended that he use indoor pre-maintained p2.5 LED modules to splice them into a 2.88 meter diameter, and then wrap the LED display into a circle with a diameter of 3 meters. LED display screen.

p2.5 LED module key technical parameters:

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
Module Size: 160mmx80mm
Cabinet material: Custom size iron
LEDs: nationstar SMD2121
Maintenance Way: Front Access

When splicing LED modules into a circle, small-sized LED modules should be used instead of large-sized 320mm×160mm p2.5 LED modules.

p2.5 led modulep2.5 led screen Customized iron cabinet:

Because the diameter of the circle is relatively large, we made the circular box into two semi-circular LED display boxes, and then spliced the assembled semi-circular LED displays into a complete circular LED display!

The advantage of using an iron LED box is that you can customize it in different sizes!

p2.5 led screen

Power supply for p2.5 customized circular display screen:

Since the circular LED display is suspended from the ceiling of the house, it is particularly inconvenient to replace the power supply! So we provide customers with very stable MEAN WELL power supply!

Input voltage: 110V-240V, use a wide voltage power supply to improve the ability of the LED display to withstand voltage fluctuations!

Output: 5V 60A, ensuring 30% power margin and ensuring the power supply resists attenuation.

p2.5 LED screen control system:

For circular LED displays, we provide customers with the Mooncell system, because the mooncell system is a large brand designated by China Central Television, and the system is more stable!

How is the circular p2.5 LED screen assembled?


p2.5  led screen is aging in 72 hours of white balance:



The stunning display effect of P2.5 round LED display:

Through the perfect recording of the production process, the charm of the circular LED display is perfectly demonstrated! It turns out that the production of circular LED displays is also very easy!

But we must also pay attention to the detailed process when customizing LED displays of different shapes. The process is as follows:

01 Scheme Design

According to the specific needs of the project, simulation drawings will be issued after product selection. Quotation and technical parameters.

02 Site Survey

Specific size measurement and quantity confirmation and production of detailed project drawings.

03Customized Production

Line design, customized production of raw materials, product assembly and aging, and then quality inspection before leaving the factory.

04 On-site Construction

Packaging and transportation, personnel, machinery, construction condition preparation, construction lighting, acceptance and delivery.

LEGIDATECH is an LED display factory with 13 years of production and R&D experience! Thank you Nigerian customers for your trust and support in the company. We work hard for our customers and submit perfect p2.5 Customized circular LED display.


1.What Are P2.5 LED Panels?
The distance (pixel pitch) between the two lamp beads on the LED panel is 2.5MM, so we call it p2.5LED screen.

2. Can LED screens be customized?
LED displays are all customized, and the LED screen manufacturer will prepare a plan for you based on the size and installation requirements of your project.

3. Where can p2.5 led panel be used?
p2.5 is a relatively small spacing, suitable for viewing scenes at a closer distance, and is mostly used in indoor places, such as churches, conference rooms, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.

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