LED Ball Screen—One of the Hottest Products at the Exhibition

We’re sure everyone who attends the exhibition has been attracted to a spherical LED screen.

The world’s largest spherical screen is MSG Sphere, a spherical building located in Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, USA.

LED Ball Screen-

With a diameter of 157 meters and a height of 111 meters, the sphere has an interior seating capacity of 17,600 seats and is capable of hosting various forms of immersive entertainment shows and concerts.

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So, today I’ll give you a brief introduction to what a spherical display is.

1. What is LED Spherical Screen?

LED spherical screen is a ball-shaped display, breaking the limitations of conventional flat display, with its novel and unique visual impact, bringing a new visual experience for the audience.

LED spherical screen can present images in a 360° all-round way, covering more people, attracting more attention, and increasing the exposure and influence of advertisements.

The installation is diversified, and can be seated, suspended, inlaid, embedded and other different installation methods to meet different installation needs.

And unlike any flat or curved display system, each spherical screen is different in diameter and internal structure, which is unique in terms of project design, steel structure design and construction organization, customized LED screen modules, spherical digital creative content, etc.

Therefore, the comprehensive strength of LED display production factories is highly required.

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2. Why LED Spherical Screen is Popular?

LED spherical screen is the pinnacle of the creative display field, combining art display with commercial advertising, exhibition display, cultural tourism and other industries cleverly, building a truly immersive display space in the city.

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For example, in shopping malls, to achieve close to the petals, as far as the brilliant stars of the scene sensory, combined with sound and light show space environment allows consumers to be in the art of light and shadow between.

In the science and technology museum, LED spherical globe is not only art decorations, but also can dynamically display the earth’s geomorphology, demonstration of the evolutionary history of the earth, play a better role in the dissemination of knowledge.

In tourist attractions, through the spherical screen art installations, and scenic area lighting night scenery, to create a special brand, highlighting the charm of culture and tourism.

3. Derivative Classification of LED Spherical Screen

LED spherical screens have given rise to numerous creative products, with three main representative products:

  • LED Telescopic Ball

LED telescopic ball is a perfect combination of mechanical, electronic and LED technology, is a major breakthrough in the LED industry in the spherical screen, can be customized according to the demand for size and specifications.

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First of all, LED telescopic ball in the appearance of a strong attraction to the audience’s eyes, any partition play, can be the same asynchronous expansion and contraction, 360-degree appreciation of the perspective, to bring people a visually stunning impact;

Secondly, in the design concept of environmental protection, energy saving, low-carbon earth, LED retractable ball has become the best choice for museums, science and technology museums and entertainment venues.

  • LED Dome Screen 

LED hemisphere is also an extension of the LED spherical display products, structure and screen part are half of the LED spherical screen, and cost savings.

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LED hemisphere screen is particularly suitable for the exhibition industry, hemisphere screen modelling design is a good solution to the irregular structure of the problem, the entire display of the fashionable science and technology effect and the environment of the exhibition hall is very well integrated, but also with other LED display products for the role of the atmosphere.

  • LED Inner Dome

LED internal screen screen is another innovative form of spherical screen display.

The shape of the screen body is semi-curved or semi-circular, whether in brightness, color reproduction, grey scale is better than the projection dome cinema, suitable for many commercial creative display applications, such as in the field of the dome flight theatre, the audience can 360 ° full immersive experience to the naked eye 4D visual effects.

With dynamic seats, and the whole scene shock stereo surround sound, the audience can open the jungle adventure, travelling in space, deep-sea diving and other exploratory journeys, the field effect is shocking and strong!

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In the application of simulation warehouse, such as virtual driving, flight simulation, equipment manipulation training, breaking the boundaries of time and space, no longer subject to time and space constraints, and low safety risks, high fault tolerance rate.

Real three-dimensional teaching images in virtual space, bringing excellent learning and training effects.

4. Spherical LED Display 360° Display Application Scenes

Spherical LED display allows the audience to watch the full 360 ° viewing angle, unlike conventional LED display, the picture details are easy to show, at the same time, spherical LED display can be the earth, football and other spherical objects directly projected onto the display, giving people intuitive, perfect video enjoyment.

LED spherical screen is a creative LED spherical surface display, with multiple display split, telescopic shaped display, uniform technology display screen HD without distortion, super advertising value.

Spherical LED display has a stronger visual shock effect, more eye-catching for publicity and more unique for decoration.

Spherical LED display breaks the limitation of traditional LED display’s regular shape and appears in different shapes, which brings another way of development in LED display industry.

Higher technical requirements and higher production difficulties have determined the creative LED display technology in the hands of only a few manufacturers, is an important symbol of the comprehensive strength of LED display manufacturers.

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LED spherical screen as a novel display, can play a role in modernizing the decoration, atmosphere and so on, has become the forefront of attracting thousands of eyeballs of advertising tools.

With the gradual spread of the LED spherical screen market, in the near future, both individual business households and large brand manufacturers can take advantage of the LED spherical screen to attract more customers, through the LED spherical screen to introduce products and decorate the environment, so as to bring more economic benefits.

Application environment:  applied to museums, planetariums, science and technology museums, juvenile palaces, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, waiting halls, star hotels, large open-air venues, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, bars, and other places.

Video, graphics and images can be played at will, and all kinds of information can be broadcasted in real-time, synchronous and clear information dissemination.


  1. What are the Main Components of LED Spherical Screen?

LED spherical screen consists of spherical bracket, LED module, controller, power supply, and like conventional LED display, LED spherical screen is also self-luminous display.


  1. How to Debug LED Spherical Screen?

The first step, before debugging we need to connect the LED dome screen sender card and computer.

The second step is to install the debugging software and install the graphics card driver.

The third step, enter the LED spherical screen setting interface, adjust the resolution parameters.

The fourth step, enter the intelligent settings, you can adjust the display type, the number of module information points, the number of module data interface and so on.


  1. What is the installation process of LED spherical screen?

First of all, we need to consider the site installation method, display requirements, combined with the screen size, to design a reasonable proposal for the customer.

After the customer and the LED spherical screen supplier determine the proposal, we start to customise the steel structure, before installation, we must plan the screen power consumption with how big the distribution cabinet is configured, then install the LED spherical screen module to ensure the normal work of the LED spherical screen.

In this process, customers also need to learn and understand the basic knowledge of LED display.

Author: Lucy Huang

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