Creative LED Display for Shopping mall

Most of the shopping malls in big cities are located in the commercial centers and prosperous areas of a city or a region.

They have a large flow of people and many consumers, and require a lot of advertising.

It is more appropriate to install LED displays in these places than the traditional placeholder system of advertising companies.

As the display price and technology are becoming more and more mature, an LED display can not only play multiple products every day.

Dynamic advertisements have a good effect in promoting products, and installing a large LED display around the shopping mall can also improve the grade of the commercial area.

What is Commercial LED displays ?

Commercial LED display screens specifically refer to various types of display products used in specific occasions such as commercial fields or shopping malls.
Electronic LED display equipment mainly used to display advertising, product information, event promotions and other content.
According to its form and function, shopping mall LED display screens can be divided into several types such as LED video walls, transparent LED displays, soft LED modules, floor tile LED screens and poster LED screens.

Why are LED display panel in shopping malls popular?

From the perspective of LED display screen alone, it is more intelligent than traditional paper media in the past.

There is no need to frequently change the advertising images in the light box, and there is no need to frequently print something.

You only need to make a picture or video and build it into the display screen. It can be played in real time and dynamically.

Moreover, the LED light source is more stable and durable, can work for a long time, has good display effect and long life.

In addition, the mall has a large flow of people, which provides a good foundation for brand and product promotion.

Shopping mall display screens have the characteristics of outstanding advertising effect, fast information dissemination speed, and wide coverage.

They can attract customers’ attention, improve brand image, increase brand exposure, and promote sales growth.

What are the various types of commercial displays?

There are currently 6 types of commonly used commercial displays, namely LED video walls, transparent LED displays, soft LED modules, spherical LED display, floor tile LED screens and poster LED screens

The functional characteristics and display effects of these 6 products are different, so they are also divided into Suitable for different purposes.

LED Video Walls

The application of LED video wall in shopping malls is mainly in the atrium of the shopping mall to play the brand and activities of the shopping mall.

Sometimes shopping malls hold events, and LED video wall is also the best choice. Its biggest advantage is that it can be seamlessly and infinitely spliced, giving people the feeling of a super large screen.

The LED video wall can also be installed at the entrance of the shopping mall to enhance the promotional effect of the shopping mall.

shoppingmall led screen

Transparent LED Displays

The transparent LED screen is a transparent screen that can display content, with a transparency rate of 60% to 95%.

It can seamlessly splice the floor glass facade and window lighting structure, making it transparent and light-transmitting, restoring the lighting and vision of the glass curtain wall.

The transparent LED screen does not take up space, can display products and promotional content at the same time, and can also beautify and decorate.

LED transparent screens can also be seen outside commercial center buildings in many cities.

It has a simple structure, aluminum profile structure and transparent PC panel, and has a stylish and beautiful appearance.

Because it is naturally lit and transparent, no additional heat dissipation equipment is required, and there is no centralized layout of cabinet accessories.

The weight of the same area and size is more than 50% lighter than that of traditional displays.

Because of its transparency, it can be installed on the glass inside and outside shopping malls, maximizing site utilization and saving space.

creative led display-transparate led screen

It not only increases the lighting effect of the building, but also provides a good publicity effect for brands and enterprises.

While serving as an advertising screen, it also meets the needs of the occasion and creates a good shopping atmosphere.

Features: personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment; spatial artistic effect display; complex and changeable shapes; different installation methods.

Application scenarios: outside of commercial buildings, atriums of shopping malls, glass showcases of brand chain stores, etc.

Soft LED Display Panel

Flexible LED panel screens, also known as soft LED displays, can still display clear and eye-catching images even if they are bent into any arc during installation, and can be customized into creative devices of any shape and size.

The LED flexible display screen displays excellent image quality and can customize the content, display it in front of people in the form of information media, and has more flexible interactive performance.

Different content information can be displayed according to different needs, making a comprehensive breakthrough to satisfy users’ pursuit of timeliness, comprehensiveness and dissemination of information.

Creative LED Display for Shopping mall-

Specific playback videos can be formulated according to the installation location, which can not only enhance the atmosphere of the scene, but also play advertising content.


Application scenarios: Soft LED displays are the new favorite in many media release and display venues such as exhibition venues, shopping malls and other public places.

Floor Tile LED Screens

The LED floor tile screen adopts video synchronization control method to achieve high-resolution soft color display effect, completing the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction.

It uses a high-strength tempered glass mask and a solid die-cast aluminum alloy support device. It has a load-bearing capacity of about 1.5 tons.

It has strong impact resistance and can be stepped on directly, making it suitable for group play.

The sense of experience stimulates the audience’s feelings and enhances the viewing experience.


The interactive floor tile screen installed at the entrance of the mall can give customers a good impression of the mall from the beginning, especially children.

While other shopping malls are still using traditional LED screens or posters to attract customers, interactive floor tile screens have integrated the entire stage performance into their bodies and blood, making it easier for customers to remember you.

Poster LED Screens

Poster LED screen is a category of LED display screen, which is also modular in design. The brightness and protection are better than traditional advertising machines.

The LED poster screen can be placed directly on the ground and can be moved at any time. It also supports hoisting and fixed poster wall installation, and can be used to display advertising posters and other content.

Shopping mall poster screens can display various products and clothing with high definition and true colors, and vividly convey the brand’s concept through dynamic pictures and images, making it easier for consumers to resonate and identify with each other when shopping.

The shopping mall poster screen can be updated with the latest discounts, promotions, new product releases and other information at any time.

creative LED display-poster display

This enables consumers to obtain real-time shopping information, improve purchasing decision-making efficiency, and enhance brand affinity.

The shopping mall poster screen is equipped with a touch screen function, and consumers can participate in brand interactive activities through the touch screen.

For example, trying on clothes, DIY design, message interaction, etc. These can enhance the participation and entertainment of shopping.

Where can LED displays be installed in shopping malls?

LED splicing screens are mostly installed in hotel atriums. They are used to hold some activities or are used with floor tile screens to attract customer interaction and increase the flow of people in the mall.

It can also be installed on the wall of larger stores to play celebrity endorsement videos and some promotional activities to attract customers into the store.

Transparent LED screens can be installed on the outside of commercial buildings, in the atrium of shopping malls, and in the glass showcases of brand chain stores, etc.

Flexible LED screens are mostly installed on columns in shopping malls to save space and beautify the shopping environment.

It can also be installed above the shopping mall lobby in a meandering shape to increase the sense of technology in the shopping mall.

Floor tile LED screens are installed inside and outside the entrance of the mall to attract customers as soon as they enter the mall.

The interactive form also makes the advertising effect deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Poster LED screens are most conveniently installed at the entrances of each store and at the corners of each floor.

They play some store products and shopping mall navigation maps, which can enhance customers’ shopping experience.


Author : Lisa Yang


1. Which LED display is the most convenient?
Poster screens are the most convenient. Can be placed on the ground for plug and play


2. What kind of LED display makes the mall most special?
Flexible display screens are most suitable for shopping malls. They have various shapes and can be installed on a cylinder or in the air with a curved arc. They can also be used as a straight screen without bending.


3. What can the outer transparent screen bring to the mall?
Increase visibility. Increasing the lighting level of the shopping mall can improve the level of the shopping mall and make it easier for passers-by to know.
The coverage rate of publicity advertising effect is higher.


4.How should you consider the dot spacing when purchasing a shopping mall LED display

In closed spaces in shopping malls, it is more suitable to install advertising screens near the flow of people, so that people can touch the screens at close range.

Because of this, columnar screens and LED displays in shopping malls generally choose screens with smaller spacing, such as P1.667, P1.87, P2, etc.

Of course, some places with relatively far viewing positions also use LED screens with larger spacing, such as P3, P4, P5, etc.

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