LED Display Mask Ultimate Guide

Rental LED display screens have been very popular recently, and more and more professional customers have special technical requirements for rental LED display screen masks and outdoor LED screen masks.

Today, LEGIDATECH’s technical engineers will discuss the functions of LED screen masks with everyone.

And talk about how to choose a face mask for your LED display.

1. What is an LED screen mask?

The LED mask is designed to protect the LED display from accidental damage and plays a vital role in the display effect of the entire display.

The modular design of the mask can quickly replace modules and devices on site and adjust the black level of the screen surface:

The light trap design adopted by the mask can absorb external light to a large extent and reduce the “washing effect” on the screen surface;

The unique geometric design of the visor brim can expel rain and snow to prevent visual obstructions on the LED light surface.

The light panel mask is shown in the figure.

LED display mask

Outdoor p3.91 LED screen mask

P3.9 LED display mask-

2. The role of the mask

The top 5 uses of LED screen masks are as follows.

LED wall mask protects against direct light

The single cap on the screen surface blocks direct light from irradiating the LED, and at the same time prevents the reflection of strong light on the LFD, which is very important to ensure the display effect of the LED display industry under sunlight.

The blocking rate of direct light blocked by a single cap gun of an LED display screen is higher than 75% at noon.

And the blocking rate is mainly determined by the installation angle of the single cap brim and the screen body.

LED board mask anti-glare

The anti-glare effect is achieved through the slow scattering of the screen mask.

For an LED wall screen mask to achieve an anti-glare effect, the glare must be controlled within 10%.

And the anti-glare rate is mainly determined by the slow scattering zigzag pattern of the mask.

The design of this mask is very suitable for stage LED displays and rental LED displays.

Mask against dust

The brim of the screen mask prevents dust from falling directly on the LED.

At the same time, the dust is discharged through the dust guide groove, which is very important for the continuous display effect of the LED display.

The dustproof effect is mainly determined by the brim of the LED mask and maintenance and cleaning.

LED panel mask to prevent water accumulation

The brim of the screen mask and the water guide groove allow rainwater to drain away quickly and avoid water accumulation directly in the LED, which is very important for the continuous display effect of the LED display.

LED screen mask anti-UV

Prevent the aging of the mask after ultraviolet rays by selecting the material for the LED display screen mask.

This is very important for the display effect of the LED display during the day.

The LED panel mask can improve the contrast of the LED display, which greatly improves the display effect of the LED display.

3. How to choose LED board mask

For an LED display screen, the only materials that the audience can directly see are the LED and the mask.

The effect and weather resistance of the LED board screen mask greatly affect the display effect and durability of the LED display panel.

The selection and treatment of the mask are also the key to the continued beauty of the LED display screen.

3.1. Material selection

The LED wall screen mask material is PC+10%GF.

Adding pure black masterbatch, anti-UV agent and flame retardant, its flame retardant grade is 94V.0.

The material has strong deformation resistance, good flatness, is not easy to fission, and can effectively reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on it.

3.2. Surface treatment

The surface of the LED video wall mask is sprayed with UV-resistant high-temperature matte black glaze, which does not reflect light.

After the entire screen is assembled, the black screen ink color is even and there is no modularity.

This kind of LED wall mask is suitable for outdoor LED displays in hot weather and can effectively prevent fires.

3.3. Series protection design

The series of protective designs include sun visor design, anti-glare design on the front of the mask.

And modular elimination design, etc., which can prevent the mask from accumulating water, dust, and glare.

The mask design of this LED display is suitable for outdoor LED displays and outdoor advertising billboard.

3.4.True LED screen factory

LEGIDATECH is an LED display factory.We develop LED display masks with different characteristics according to different LED display application scenarios.

For example, for rental LED wall masks, our materials must strictly pass high and low temperature tests. .As shown below:

After repeated testing at a low temperature of minus 40 degrees and a high temperature of 80 degrees.

It is ensured that the LED panel mask can be used normally in complex environments.


Here, I would like to remind everyone that the mask of the stadium LED display screen has special requirements.

Considering that football or basketball may damage the LED lamp beads on the LED module, the mask of the stadium screen must be made of soft black ink spray.

Mask! , which can protect your stadium LED module very well.

Comparing good quality LED wall masks with poor quality LED screen masks, through comparison, we can clearly feel that the flatness of the LED display screen of the poor quality mask is very poor.

And the LED display screen can be seen. The appearance is modular.

For outdoor LED displays, choose a mask designed with a sunhat, for rental LED displays, choose a mask with 360-degree no blind angle.

For stadium LED displays, choose a soft mask. The choice of mask depends on the appearance of the LED display. Display effect plays a very critical role.

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