You must know the diverse applications of LED displays

Curved surface LED display

The curved surface LED display is also called a bendable LED screen, a bendable LED display, and a bendable LED display. It combines traditional LED display technology and bending technology to bend the LED panel at different angles. , to achieve innovative results.

The curved soft LED display has exquisite structure and excellent visual effects. Its display quality is excellent. It can customize the content and achieve a variety of different shapes and angles. It can be used for commercial advertising and indoor and outdoor decoration to meet the diverse needs of customers. Require.

soft led display-b

For example, the popular naked-eye 3D effects are mostly displayed using corner LED screens.

Curved surface LED display

The corner screen, also known as the right-angle screen, is a type of three-dimensional large screen display. Through the linkage of the two walls, a naked-eye 3D effect is formed. The entire building’s facade and indoor corners use screen shapes and frame effects to create the feeling of a three-dimensional scene, which can bring users a visually impactful experience.

The entire building’s facade and indoor corners use screen shapes and frame effects to create the feeling of a three-dimensional scene, which can bring users a visually impactful experience.

Recently, a huge corner LED screen was displayed at the Meizu flagship store on Chuhe Han Street in Wuhan, showing a vivid three-dimensional naked-eye 3D effect.

concern led dsiplay

Bending technology folds traditional LED panels to form different arc shapes, making the LED screen more flexible. LED special-shaped screens can be folded into many different shapes to create different atmospheres in different spaces.

Spherical LED display

The LED spherical screen has a full 360° viewing angle and can play videos in all directions. You can experience good visual effects from any angle without any flat viewing angle problems.sphere led

For example, this LED spherical screen called MSG Sphere is not only ornamental, but also fully functional-the interior of the spherical screen is full of design, covering an area of 81,300 square meters, with 17,600 seats, and can be connected to high-speed Internet.

It has 2,400 stations and can accommodate nearly 20,000 people. It is designed with the main concept of “immersive performance” and can host movies, music and sports activities, allowing the audience to enjoy an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

LED splicing screen

LED splicing screens are assembled using special LED modules of different specifications and are not limited by the size of the screen.

As a high-resolution, high-contrast, and high-color reproduction display device, the splicing screen is a large-screen display product that is widely used today and can provide viewers with a more vivid and realistic display experience.

space led display

It is mainly used in monitoring centers, offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, business halls, shopping malls and other fields, especially in exhibition halls. More and more exhibition halls now use splicing screens.

LED Rubik’s Cube Screen

The characteristic of the LED Rubik’s Cube screen is that it is not a flat screen but a three-dimensional one. Six LED faces are combined into a cube, which can also be spliced into special geometric shapes.

The gaps between the faces are minimal and the connections are perfect. It can be viewed from any angle around it, breaking away from the look and feel of a traditional flat monitor.

cube led

The magic cube LED screen fully demonstrates the perfect integration of technology and art. Because of its beauty and practicality, it is enthusiastically sought after by shopping mall stores. It plays advertisements for brand promotion and promotional information dissemination.

cube led

It can also set off fashion style and become a new artifact for store traffic. Some even build a huge Rubik’s Cube screen in the center of the square to reflect uniqueness and fashion and attract people to stop.

LED time tunnel screen

LED time tunnel screen The entire tunnel is made of LED modules seamlessly spliced together. The delicate display screen is combined with the carefully created multimedia video, which slowly unfolds from shallow to deep from one side to the rear, and then uses artistic techniques to intersperse, move, and change the color background throughout the entire range to dynamically express the development process.

The Time Tunnel in Hunan Taohuayuan Scenic Area is located at the exit from Qingu to Two Mountains and One Lake. It is 150 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, and 2.8 meters high, with a total area of 1,500 square meters and a walking surface of 400 square meters.

time line led

Using LED electronic screens, from spring and summer to autumn and winter, from the old system of the Qin Dynasty to the modern bustling traffic, visitors can travel through ancient and modern times in a 360° experience of visual impact changes.

LED floor screen

LED floor tile screen is an LED display screen that can be used on the ground. In order to reflect its role of being able to interact well with players when stepping on it, special treatments have been added to its load-bearing, protective performance and heat dissipation performance.

Interactive floor screens are widely used in bars, KTVs, museums, science and technology museums, shopping mall centers, wedding sites, large-scale event performances and other places to create a truly immersive interactive experience for users.

dance led

The installation is made using an LED screen floor and stretched mirror foil and is 40 meters long, 6 meters high and 3 meters wide. Inspired by the natural layering of Saudi Arabia, the design takes visitors on a journey from the ocean floor to the sky and the stars above the Arabian Peninsula.

LED strip screen

Bar screen is a new type of LED display, also known as light strip screen. It consists of a series of strip lights that can adjust color, brightness and frequency through control signals to achieve various graphics, text and animation effects.

space led display

For example, the LED stair screen has excellent layering transition and a very smooth picture. This staircase consists of 17 steps, each step is paved with LED screens.

LED tree screen

The tree-shaped LED screen is an LED display screen that is constructed into a tree shape through LED modules, allowing sound, shadow, light, and electricity to be seamlessly intertwined, and using high-tech means to display diversified and three-dimensional displays.

led tree screen-

The Unilumin LED tree-shaped screen at Qingdao MGM Hotel is very eye-catching, with bright and colorful color blocks that are “moving” and perfectly connect the spaces on both sides with an immersive feeling.

led tree screen

LED sky screen

LED sky screen is a dome display screen installed above a relatively confined space. It is a dreamy LED product that plays a rendering, decoration and lighting effect.

sky panels

In Fenghuang County, a famous historical and cultural city in China, the local Phoenix Maglev High-Speed Railway Station has undergone an eye-catching digital upgrade this year. In order to provide better service and experience, an LED sky screen was specially made to upgrade the display. Improved overall viewing pleasure.

LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen displays often refer to hard light bar transparent screens, which are thin, transparent, and playback images are transparent and brilliant.

It is an effective extension and expansion of the application of LED display products, and is mainly used in architectural glass curtain walls, showcases and other fields.

Due to the transparent and invisible characteristics of the transparent screen, when playing 3D videos, the human eye naturally three-dimensionally integrates the scenes in front of and behind the screen with the images in the screen, forming a strong three-dimensional sense of suspension.

window led screen

It is light, thin and beautiful. The screen body is low in thickness, bendable, cuttable and flexible. It can be used in commercial art displays and exhibition halls to add a sense of technology and immersion.

LED interactive screen

LED interactive screens, while achieving visual effects, can also allow the audience to participate in image interaction. While presenting visual content, it also increases interactivity and interest, making the audience more involved and more effective.

interactive led

The LED interactive screen can undergo corresponding interactive changes with people’s actions. The LED screen can present elements such as flowers, vines, and music rhythms, producing magical visual effects and giving users an immersive experience and feeling. The experience is endless. The same form of interaction.

LED displays have unlimited possibilities in creativity and technological innovation, adding more ingenuity to various scenes. They can also be combined with various technological means to create cool, technological, and immersive effects, turning traditional static displays into technological dynamics. exhibit.


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