P6 LED Display for Outdoor-Ultimate Guide

As the outdoor advertising and indoor advertising industries continue to develop, in order to better create advertising value, p6 LED display are constantly innovated.

Showcasing the colorful life for our business and entertainment. This p6 LED display for outdoor-ultimate guide will detail everything you need to know about P6 LED displays.

3D p6 LED screen

1. What is p6 LED display?
2. Features and advantages of P6 LED display
3.P6 LED display production process
4. Indoor and outdoor p6 LED screen specifications description
5.p6 Visual grade of LED display
6.p6 LED panel control system
7.p6 Power consumption of LED display
8.P6 LED display application description
9.p6 Format of video source content of LED display screen
10. Factors affecting the life of p6 LED screen
11.p6 LED display installation methods and precautions
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1. What is p6 LED display?

P6 LED display screen refers to an LED display screen where the distance between two adjacent pixels of the LED lamp is 6mm.

Due to its high definition and brightness, the p6 outdoor LED screen is widely used in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Among them, the outdoor p6 LED display is currently the most mainstream star product in the market.

P6 LED screen -OK series

Star product P6 led screen -ok series

2. Features and advantages of P6 LED display:

1. The high-brightness and high-density pixel p6 LED screen can display clearer and true-color pictures and videos.

2. The P6 LED display adopts environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology.

Compared with traditional display technology, p6 uses recyclable environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving LED lamp beads, which greatly saves later use costs.

3. The service life of the p6 LED display is up to 10 years. Pay attention to maintaining and cleaning the p6 LED panel to make your investment more rewarding.

4. The P6 LED screen can be made into a huge LED display with unlimited area, so it has a longer viewing distance and viewing angle. Create valuable advertising effects for you.

3. Production process of P6 LED display

p6 LED displays have different production processes and technologies, thus developing different types of LED displays.

DIP P6 LED display

Currently there are unique and energy-saving LED displays on the market, which use dual in-line technology to fix DIP LED lamp beads on the PCB integrated circuit board.

It has high brightness, high temperature resistance and high reliability, and its production cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the viewing angle is small and the product is relatively heavy.

SMD p6 LED screen

It refers to surface mount LED lamp beads fixed on PCB integrated circuit board.

The advantage is that SMD LED lamp beads have a large viewing angle and the product is light in weight.

The disadvantage is that the maximum brightness is smaller than that of the DIP LED display.

GOB P6 LED display

GOB LED modules are generally improvements to SMD indoor p6 LED modules. GOB glue is filled between the lamp beads of the LED module to protect the SMD LED lamp beads from moisture and being knocked off by external forces.

Post maintenance p6 LED display

That is, the P6 LED module can only be maintained and replaced from the back of the LED display box.

The advantage is that the production cost is low, and the disadvantage is that installing an LED display requires enough space to create a maintenance channel.

Front maintenance p6 LED display

That is, maintenance personnel can replace and repair all components of the LED display from the front of the LED display.

The advantage is that it saves installation space and makes maintenance easier. The disadvantage is that the cost of maintaining p6 LED screen before production is relatively high.

P6 LED screen -B series

Pre-maintenance p6 LED display

4. Indoor or outdoor p6 LED display specification description:

There are two common sizes of indoor or outdoor p6 LED modules, one is 192×192mm and 320mm×160mm.

P6 LED screen -MODULE

SMD 192mm×192mm p6 led module

Outdoor or indoor p6 LED screen materials are available in aluminum alloy and iron materials.

Aluminum alloy LED cabinet sizes are 960mm×960mm and 1280mm×960mm, while the size of the iron cabinet can be customized according to customer needs.

Outdoor p6 LED chip type: nationstar 2727
Indoor p6 LED chip type:nationstar 3528
The brightness of these two different types of LED lamp beads is different.
p6 LED display resolution: 27777 points/㎡

Whether it is indoor p6 LED Screen or outdoor p6 led display, they have the same resolution in the same area.

The waterproof level of the outdoor p6 LED display is IP65, which ensures that the LED display can work stably in rainy or frosty weather.

5. Visual grade of P6 LED display

Whether it is an outdoor P6 LED display or an indoor LED display, the display effect is determined by the visual display level parameters of the LED display.

What are the visual grade parameters?
Grayscale: 16 bit
Brightness: 1200CD/㎡ or 6500CD/㎡
Viewing angle:Horizontal 1406° / Verticall 140°
Brightness uniformity: IGU ≥95%

The higher the visual parameters, the better, because only with good enough visual parameters can the p6 LED display be used in different environments and still be able to clearly display pictures and videos.

6. P6 LED display control system

LEGIDATECH As an LED display supplier, we provide LED display control systems under different brands such as Nova, LINSN and colorlight.

With the support of the control system, the control parameters of the p6 LED display screen are mainly reflected in the control method and refresh frequency.

There are two main control methods for LED display screens, one is synchronous control and the other is asynchronous control. The refresh rate of LED displays is generally 1920HZ or 3840HZ.

P6 LED screen -VIDEO control

Asynchronous playback box NOVASTAR TB60

P6 LED screen -media box

Synchronous sending box novastar Mctrl 300

7.p6 Power consumption of LED display

We provide our customers with various brands of power supplies. Such as MENGWELL power supply, G-enery power supply and Chuanglian power supply.

It is recommended that customers use MENGWELL power supply for outdoor p6 LED display and G-enery power supply or Chuanglian power supply for indoor p6 LED display.

Power input:AC 110V~240V, 50/60HZ
MAX power density:800W/㎡
Average power density:240W/㎡

P6 LED display power supply


8. P6 LED display application description

p6 LED display screens are used in the commercial advertising industry and are made into outdoor advertising LED displays, light pole LED screens and outdoor mobile advertising machines.

p6 rental LED display is widely used in the stage background of performing arts activities to enhance the audience’s experience of stage activities.

p6 Stadium LED displays are used in sports stadiums for different ball games, and can broadcast sports events in real time and display sponsor advertisements.

P6 LED display cabinet

9.Format of LED display screen source content

The content format of the video source of the p6 LED display mainly depends on the software and video processor of the control system.

Usually LED displays can support text, picture and video formats.

10. Factors affecting p6 LED display life

The quality of LED lamp beads essentially determines the hourly thermal life of the LED. Mainly reflected in the anti-aging properties of LED lamp beads.

To put it simply, the greater the light attenuation of the LED lamp bead, the shorter the life of the P6 LED display.

The quality of other accessories of the P6 LED display, such as the power supply, cannot work in high temperature environments and can easily damage the LED display.

Working temperature, because the heat generated by the huge area of the screen is very alarming. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the LED display will stop working at high temperatures. LED driver ICs are most vulnerable to damage.

11.p6 LED display installation methods and precautions

There are 4 main installation methods of P6, wall-mounted installation, column installation, embedded installation and hoisting.

When installing, pay attention to the load-bearing and waterproof and moisture-proof treatment of the steel structure.

P6 LED screen waterproof test

In conclusion:

The p6 LED display is a high-performance, highly stable and high-resolution LED display. It is widely used in different indoor and outdoor scenes.

You have to inquiry LEGIDATECH to choose a suitable p6 LED display based on your actual needs.

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