P4 LED Display-Quick Guide

The emergence of P4 LED display is an iconic product of LED display. It marks that the LED display industry has entered the era of small-pitch LED displays.

Through continuous innovation in P4 LED screens, LED displays for many different application scenarios have been developed.

Following the quick guide of p4 LED display, we once again feel the splendor of LED display.

Cylinder P4 LED panel

1. What is p4LED display?
2.P4 indoor LED display parameters VS P4 outdoor LED display parameters
3. What types of P4 LED screen are there?
4. Characteristics of p4 LED display
5.p4 LED screen design plan
6. Life span factors of P4 LED display
7.p4 LED panel auxiliary equipment
8. Summary

1. What is P4 LED display?

P4 LED display means that the distance between each pixel on the p4 LED module is 4mm, which means that the optimal viewing distance of the p4 LED display is 4 meters, and it can display videos and pictures in high definition and high brightness.

The p4 LED display can produce LED displays of any shape.

P4 soft led module

2. P4 indoor LED display VS P4 outdoor LED display

There are some differences in parameters between P4 indoor LED display and P4 outdoor LED display.

Brightness: Since the indoor environment is relatively dim, the brightness of the P4 indoor LED display is usually between 1000-2000cd/㎡, which is sufficient to meet indoor viewing needs.

The P4 outdoor LED display needs to cope with harsh environments such as strong direct sunlight outdoors, so its brightness usually reaches 5000-8000cd/㎡ to ensure that it can still display clearly in outdoor environments.

Resolution: Indoor space is limited and people’s viewing distance is relatively close, so the resolution of P4 indoor LED display is required to be higher. Common ones are 1920×1080, 3840×2160, etc.

The outdoor space is vast and the viewing distance is long, so the resolution of P4 outdoor LED display is relatively low, common ones are 1024×768, 1280×1024, etc.

Refresh rate: The refresh rate of P4 indoor LED display can reach 3840Hz, and 1920Hz is also optional, while the refresh rate of P4 outdoor LED display is usually not lower than 1920Hz.

Products with high refresh rates have no water ripple effect when taking photos and videos, and the picture quality is better.

In addition, the two may also be different in terms of power supply, control system, etc., and specific parameters need to be selected based on actual application scenarios and needs.

3. What are the p4 LED display products classified by process?

The p4 LED display screen can be divided into several types according to the process: indoor P4 soft module, outdoor P4 soft module, rear maintenance P4 LED display and front maintenance P4 LED panel.

Indoor P4 soft module: This type of P4 LED screen is usually used in indoor and outdoor environments.

It has the characteristics of front and rear maintenance, low voltage and energy saving, easy installation and easy disassembly.

P4 soft indoor led module

Outdoor P4 soft module: Compared with indoor P4 soft module, outdoor P4 soft module has higher brightness and stronger resistance to harsh environments.

It has the characteristics of front and rear waterproof, flexible bending, front and rear maintenance, low voltage and energy saving. LED displays with unique appearances can be produced according to the shape of the steel structure.

P4 soft outdoor led module

Post-maintenance P4 LED display: When designing this type of P4 LED screen, a maintenance channel needs to be reserved behind the screen body.

Because post-maintenance can only be done behind the screen to repair and replace LED accessories. The advantage is that the price of p4 LED panel is relatively low.

P4 LED display outdoorp4 led module-Post-maintenance 320×160mm

Front maintenance P4 LED display: Compared with the rear maintenance P4 LED display, the front maintenance P4 LED panel does not require a maintenance channel to be reserved behind the screen body.

This is because the national standard method of p4LED modules is to fix them through locks. But the price of front maintenance p4 LED display is higher.

Pre-maintenance p4 LED module

GOB p4 LED display and HOB LED display refer to coating the SMD LED module with a layer of thermally conductive nano-scale glue to enhance the stability of the LED lamp beads.

3.What are the application scenarios of P4 LED display?

P4 LED displays can be divided into many types, mainly including the following:

 Outdoor P4 LED display: P4 LED wall is usually used in outdoor billboards, stadiums, performance stages and other scenes.

p4 rental LED display: P4 LED screen is mainly used for temporary activities, conferences, exhibitions and other occasions.

It is lightweight, easy to install and easy to disassemble, making it convenient for users to quickly deploy and disassemble in different locations.

p4 sports stadium LED display: P4 LED panel is usually used in large sports venues, competition venues and other occasions.

p4 transparent LED display: This type of P4 LED display has the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, and space saving.

It is usually used in shopping malls, showcases, stages and other places, and can realize various functions such as advertising display and background decoration.

Floor tile LED displays are usually made in large offices. Floor tile P4 LED wall can be configured with interactive sensors.

Creative p4 LED display, LEGIDATECH can produce distinctive LED displays.

For example, cylindrical LED display, spherical LED display, Rubik’s cube LED display, rotating LED display and so on.

Creative p4 LED screen

4. Features of P4 LED display

High Definition: The P4 display has a high pixel density, capable of presenting detailed and clear images and text.

Good display effect: Using advanced display technology, it has good color expression and wide viewing angle characteristics.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Using LED as light source, it has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life and no pollution.

Flexibility: P4 LED panel can be customized according to customer needs, including size, shape and installation method.

5. P4 LED display design plan

The design scheme of P4 LED panel should comprehensively consider the following factors:

Size and resolution: Choose the appropriate size and resolution according to the application scenario and needs.

Brightness: Choose the appropriate brightness level according to the use environment to ensure good viewing effects under different light conditions.

Control system: Design a reliable control system to ensure the stable operation of the display and the accurate display of content.

Heat dissipation: Ensure that the display has good heat dissipation performance to prevent overheating from affecting the display effect and service life.

6. Life span factors of P4 LED display

The life of P4 LED wall is affected by many factors, including the quality of LED lamp beads, production process, usage environment, etc.

High-quality LED lamp beads and advanced production technology can ensure that the display has a long service life.

In addition, reasonable usage environment and maintenance measures are also key factors in extending the life of the display.

7. P4 LED display auxiliary equipment

P4 LED screen usually require some auxiliary equipment, such as:

Playback equipment: such as computers, players, etc., used to transmit display content to the display screen.
Control system: used to control the display content and effects of the display screen.

Cooling equipment: such as fans, radiators, etc., used to reduce the operating temperature of the display.

8. Summary:

There are more and more types of p4 LED displays, which can better meet the application scenarios of different LED displays for different customers.

If you are planning to buy a p4 LED wall, LEGIDATECH is an LED display factory. We will recommend suitable LED displays, design p4 LED display solutions, and provide the best p4 LED display prices.

P4 LED Display Quick Guide:

Creative spherical P4 LED screen


1.How is the image quality of a P4 LED display compared to other pixel pitches?**
P4 LED displays offer higher resolution and image quality compared to larger pixel pitches like P6 or P8. They are capable of displaying detailed content and are suitable for applications where clarity is important.

2. **What is the maintenance like for a P4 LED display?**
– Maintenance for P4 LED displays typically involves regular cleaning and checking for any faulty pixels or modules. Depending on the manufacturer, some displays may offer easy access for module replacement or repair.

3. **Can P4 LED displays be used for outdoor applications?**
– While P4 LED displays are primarily designed for indoor use, some models are suitable for outdoor applications with proper weatherproofing and brightness levels. However, outdoor use may require a higher pixel density for optimal viewing.

4. **How do you control the content displayed on a P4 LED display?**
– P4 LED displays can be controlled using a variety of methods, including proprietary software, media players, and video processors. Content can be uploaded and managed remotely, allowing for dynamic and engaging displays.

5. **Are P4 LED displays energy efficient?**
– P4 LED displays are generally more energy efficient compared to traditional display technologies like LCD or plasma screens. They consume less power while providing bright and vibrant visuals.



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Outdoor rental led screen display p4.8 Magic serie to Lagos,Nigeria

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