P1.86 LED Display Ultimate Guide

In today’s digital era, LED displays have become an important tool for information transmission and advertising. Among them, the P1.86 LED display is highly praised for its high-definition picture quality and delicate display effect.

The article of P1.86 LED Display Ultimate Guide will introduce you in detail to the specifications and parameters of P1.86 LED display, LED display products, power supply, cabinet and LED display control system, application scenarios, and key points of purchase and maintenance. , to help you better understand and use p1.86 LED display.

p1.86 3D LED display

1. What is a P1.86 LED display?
2. Specifications of the P1.86 LED display
3. What are the characteristics of a P1.86 LED display?
4. Which LED products are available for P1.86 LED display screens?
5. P1.86 LED display module
6. P1.86 LED display cabinet
7. P1.86 LED display control system
8. P1.86 LED display power supply
9. Installation method for P1.86 LED display
10. Routine maintenance of P1.86 LED display
11. P1.86 LED display vs P2 LED display
12. P1.86 LED display vs LCD video wall
13. Development trends of P1.86 LED display screens
14. Why choose LEGIDATECH‘s P1.86 LED display?
15. Conclusion

1.What is p1.86 LED display?

The P1.86 LED display is a small-pitch LED display with a point pitch of 1.86 mm. It is widely used in the field of indoor full-color large-screen displays.

The technology of this kind of display screen is mature and stable, providing module structure and box structure, with a wide range of options.

P1.86 LED display screens are often used in conferences, data display and other fields. They can provide clear display effects and are suitable for indoor environments.

P1.86 LED display

p1.86 Rental LED display screen

2. Specifications of the P1.86 LED display

Pixel pitch: 1.86mm, the pixel pitch is so small that it can display clear images and videos in more detail.

resolution: about 288906 points/㎡. The resolution of 1 square meter is very high, which means that a lot of LEDS lamp beads are used, so the production cost is very high.

brightness: ≥500cd/m², the brightness is relatively low, not suitable for use in outdoor environments p1.86 LED display.

Viewing angle: approximately 140° horizontally and 130° vertically. The viewing angle is relatively large. No matter what angle you stand to view the content of the p1.86 LED display, you can clearly see the content displayed on the p1.86 LED display.

Refresh frequency: 3840Hz-7680HZ. The resolution of the p1.86 LED display is very large, so the refresh rate of the p1.86 LED display also requires a very high level to smoothly display high-definition images.

Generally, the 7680HZ P1.86 LED display can generally be used on the background wall of the TV station.

Service life: 100,000 hours. The service life of the LED lamp beads reaches 100,000 hours, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the P1.86 LED display and improves the stability of the p1.86 LED display.

Lamp bead technology: It is encapsulated using Nationstar 1515 lamp beads.

Brightness adjustment: Supports brightness adjustment, and can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the installation site.

Viewing distance: The optimal viewing distance is more than 1.9 meters.

3.What are the characteristics of a P1.86 LED display?

Multiple color management:

The P1.86 LED display has more color gamut options, which can accurately restore the most realistic colors in nature and make the content displayed on the LED display more realistic.

Ultra-high contrast:

The contrast ratio of the P1.86 LED display is as high as 10000:1, forming a strong contrast between light and dark, making videos and pictures more three-dimensional, so that more content details can be presented.

Ultra-high grayscale:

The P1.86 LED display has the ability to finely adjust the grayscale of 11-22bit, and the transition between light and dark is natural, allowing every tiny dark scene detail to be clearly displayed.

Green energy-saving technology:

P1.869 LED display adopts dynamic management energy-saving technology and the latest thermal management technology, which saves 20% of electricity and heat energy than other LED displays at the same brightness.

4.Which LED products are available for P1.86 LED display screens?

P1.86 Poster LED display:

The P1.86 LED display can display pictures and videos in high definition and is highly flexible. Can replace traditional paper small billboards.

P1.86 LED poster

p1.86 Poster LED display

P1.86 Smart light pole screen:

P1.86 Smart light pole screen combines 5G network and WIFE network to display urban traffic information and city news on the P1.86 LED display screen in real time. Therefore, the P1.86 LED display is the display terminal for smart city information.

outdoor led lamp pole

p1.86 Smart light pole LED display

P1.86 Rental LED display:

P1.86 Rental LED display screen has the characteristics of fast installation and convenient transportation. It is widely used in television stage backgrounds and government conference rooms.

p1.86 stage led display

p1.86 Front maintenance rental LED display

P1.86 all in one video conference LED display:

P1.86 ALL in one video conference LED display has the characteristics of ultra-large display area, ultra-thin and ultra-clear.

It is easy to move and can be viewed from different angles. Its functions include smart check-in and smooth writing, and it has high brightness. There is no need to close the curtains during meetings, which improves the meeting experience.

p1.86 led machine
P1.86 Church LED display:

P1.86 Church LED display screen enhances the technological atmosphere for church weddings and religious beliefs. It can better display the pastor’s speech and also better increase the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

stage led screen

p1.86 Rental indoor LED display

5. P1.86 LED display module

SMD P1.86 LED display module:

This is to package red, green, and blue chips on an independent LED lamp bead, and then fix the LED lamp bead on the PCB integrated circuit board through an SMT machine.

This production process is very mature, and the current price of SMD p1.86 LED display modules produced by this process is relatively advantageous.

The disadvantage is that the protection and moisture-proof capabilities of this type of LED module are insufficient and prone to failure.

led module

SMD P1.86 high brush 320×160mm LED module

p1.86 Flexible LED display module:

The PCB integrated circuit board and plastic kit of this type of module are made of soft materials.

Therefore, the p1.86 flexible module can be applied to cylindrical LED displays, internal and external arc curved screens, arc corner LED displays, special-shaped LED displays, and creative LED displays.

soft led module

p1.86 Soft module

GOB p1.86 LED display

this is a brand new production process. Based on the SMD process, GOB glue is filled between the lamp beads on the LED module, which improves the high protection and reliability of the GOB p1.86 LED display module.

COB p1.86 LED display

this is the latest LED display production technology. In order to reduce production costs, the LED chip is directly fixed on the PCB substrate through conductive adhesive or welding, and then packaged as a whole.

COB p1.86 LED display module has high protective performance, improves the luminous efficiency of the LED chip, and has better moisture-proof and dust-proof capabilities.

For the p1.86 LED display module produced by LEGIDATECH, in order to save time and cost for customers, we have unified the sizes of all modules such as SMD, GOB, COB, and flexible.

The size of all models of p1.86 LED display modules is 320mm×160mm.

6. p1.86 LED display cabinet

The P1.86 LED display screen is a small-pitch LED display screen, because the requirements for the gaps produced when the LED display screens are spliced are relatively high.

Therefore, the p1.86 LED display cabinet is mostly made of rolled aluminum material, and then processed by CNC into a high-precision LED display cabinet.

Common p1.86 LED display box sizes are 640mm×480mm, 640mm×640 mm, 500mm×500mm, etc.

7. p1.86 LED display control system

p1.86 LED display control system has good compatibility. Can match asynchronous control system and synchronous control system.

The common feature of these LED display control systems is that they can achieve high-speed transmission and process massive data signals.

receiving card

novastar MSD300 sending card

8. P1.86 LED display power supply

p1.86 LED display power supply has the characteristics of easy installation, silent heat dissipation and sufficient power, and is compatible with a variety of LED display switching power supply brands, such as MENGWELL, Juneng Weiye, Rongdian and Chuanglian Power Supply.

Among these many brands of power supplies, Mengwell power supplies have the best quality and the highest price.

power supply

Mengwell power supply 5V 60 A

9.Installation method for P1.86 LED display

p1.86 There are 5 main installation methods for LED display screens:

Wall installation:

Suitable for indoor or outdoor wall installation. Set mounting bracket or pendant on wall to fix display. Advantages: simple, convenient, space-saving. Note: wall must be strong enough.

Post installation:

Provide support for the display by installing standalone columns. This is ideal for outdoor billboards, squares, and other settings that call for autonomous support. Benefits include flexible installation positions and the ability to adjust the height and position of the columns as needed. It is important to note that the columns must be stable and have ample load-bearing capacity.

Ground installation:

Utilize a sturdy stand or base to securely position the display directly on the floor. This exceptional option is perfectly suited for exhibitions, temporary events, and any occasion that demands swift installation. Its remarkable advantages lie in its effortless assembly, seamless mobility, and convenient disassembly. Please ensure that the floor is level and stable to prevent any unwanted tilting or toppling of the display.

Hanging installation:

This method is usually used in situations where the display needs to be installed at a high position or suspended in the air.

Set up a lifting structure above the LED display screen, and then mount the display screen on this structure.

Advantages: The installation position is flexible and adjustable, suitable for display needs at different heights and angles.

Note: The hoisting structure must have sufficient load-bearing capacity and ensure stability.


installation ways

Indoor embedded installation:

Embed the display into a wall, counter or display stand. Suitable for indoor places such as shopping malls, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

Advantages: Beautiful and elegant, does not take up extra space.
Note: It is necessary to reserve the embedding space in advance and ensure the stability of the embedding structure.

10.Routine maintenance of P1.86 LED display

p1.86 During daily maintenance of LED display, there are seven main things to pay attention to. Only with good daily maintenance can the service life of the p1.86 LED display be extended and create greater use value for customers.

1. Use environmental controls

Temperature and humidity: Ensure that the working environment temperature is between -20°C and 50°C, and the humidity is between 10% and 90%RH to avoid damage to the internal components of the display.

Avoid adverse environments: Do not use or store LED displays in high temperature, high humidity, high acid, alkali and salt environments to prevent corrosion and short circuits.

2. Cleaning and dust prevention

Regular cleaning: It is recommended to regularly use an anti-static soft-bristled brush to clean the dust on the surface of the display to keep the display clean and have the best display effect.

Dust-proof measures: When the display is not in use, you can consider covering it with a dust-proof cover to reduce dust accumulation.

3. Thermal management

Keep it ventilated: Make sure the room is well ventilated to lower the temperature and extend the life of the LED display.

Check the cooling system: Regularly check whether the cooling fan or heat sink is working properly, and clean the dust on the radiator in time.

4. Power supply and circuit inspection

Power supply stability: Keep the power supply stable and avoid damage to the display due to voltage fluctuations.

Line inspection: Regularly check whether the line connections in the distribution box are rusty or loose, and deal with any problems in time.

5. Software and control system maintenance

Software updates: Regularly check and update the display’s control software to ensure it is compatible with the hardware device and has the latest functionality.

Control system inspection: Regularly test the LED control system to check whether each function is normal to avoid unexpected situations.

6. Avoid highlighting for long periods of time

Brightness control: It is not recommended to display all-white or other high-brightness images for a long time to prevent excessive current from causing heating of the power cord and damage to the LED light.

7. Security protection

Non-professionals are prohibited from touching: The internal circuits of the large LED display screen are prohibited from being touched by non-professionals to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuits.

Professional maintenance: If there is a problem with the display screen, you should ask a professional to perform maintenance to ensure safety.

11. P1.86 LED display VS p2 LED display

The comparison between P1.86 LED display screen and P2 LED display screen can be carried out from three aspects: pixel pitch, display effect, and cost.

Pixel pitch: The pixel pitch of the P1.86 LED display is 1.86 mm, which means the pixels on the screen are denser.

The pixel pitch of the P2 LED display is 2 mm. Compared with the P1.86, the pixels are slightly sparser.

Display effect: Because the pixel pitch of P1.86 is smaller, it can display a clearer picture.

Whether it is text, pictures or videos, it can achieve high-definition and distortion-free effects, which is especially suitable for viewing at close range without causing dizziness.

Although the pixel pitch of the P2 LED display is slightly larger, its image effect is still clear, the animation effect is vivid, and the video is smooth and realistic, making it suitable for a variety of indoor scenes.

Cost: Generally, the cost of LED displays with smaller pixel pitch will be relatively higher. Therefore, the P1.86 LED display may be more expensive than the P2 one.

12. P1.86 LED display VS LCD splicing display

p1.86 The comparison between LED display screen and LCD splicing display screen is mainly based on brightness, resolution and splicing gap.

LCD splicing display

Resolution and clarity:

P1.86 LED display screen: The resolution is determined by the spacing of the lamp beads. Although it is higher than the traditional LED display screen, it is still limited compared with the LCD splicing screen.

However, its display is clear and can meet most high-definition display needs.

LCD splicing screen: The resolution is extremely high and can easily reach retina level. For example, the physical resolution of a 55-inch LCD splicing screen is very high, making the image more delicate.

For occasions such as conferences and exhibition halls that require high-definition display, LCD splicing screens have significant advantages.

Brightness and Contrast:

P1.86 LED display: It has the characteristics of high brightness, the brightness range is usually 2000~3000nit, suitable for use in various light environments, and the colors are bright.

LCD splicing screen: The brightness is moderate, about 500~800cd/m², which is the most suitable viewing brightness range for the human eye. The contrast ratio is also very high, and the color performance is bright and vivid.

Patchwork and viewing experience:

P1.86 LED display: completely seamless, no matter how large the area is and how it is spliced, it is a barrier-free display, providing a better viewing experience.

LCD splicing screen: There is a splicing problem. Although current technology can achieve extremely narrow borders, such as 0.88mm, it will still have a certain impact on the overall display effect.

13. p1.86 Development Trend of LED Display Screen

As the production process of p1.86 LED display becomes more and more mature, the price of p1.86 LED display has been declining. The development trend of p1.86 LED display is mainly reflected in two aspects:

Technology upgrading and innovation:

With the continuous advancement of LED display technology, the display effect of the P1.86 LED display will be greatly improved.

For example, the maturity and application of new display technologies such as micro-pitch LED, transparent LED, and flexible LED will bring users a more shocking visual experience.

These technological innovations not only improve the resolution and color expression of the display, but also make the LED display more visually advantageous.

Growing demand for customization:

With the diversification of market demands, the demand for customization of P1.86 LED displays has become increasingly prominent.

The company will provide customized services ranging from size, resolution, installation method to functional configuration according to the actual needs of customers to meet personalized display needs in different scenarios.

This customized development trend will make LED displays closer to user needs and improve user satisfaction.

14. Why choose LEGIDATECH’s p1.86 LED display?

LEGIDATECH is an LED display factory with a complete p1.86 LED display production chain.

We can provide customers with high-quality p1.86 LED displays, and the price is the LED display factory price.

If you are buying p1.86 LED display, please consult us immediately. Thanks



P1.86 LED display screen has become a popular product in today’s market with its high-definition picture quality, delicate display effect and wide range of application scenarios.

During the purchase and use process, it is very important to pay attention to the specifications, purchase points, and maintenance work.

I hope this P1.86  timate Guide article can provide you with valuable reference information to help you be more comfortable when purchasing and using P1.86 LED display!

P1.86 LED Display Ultimate Guide :

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