P5 LED Screen -Quick guide

I am the technical engineer editor of LEGIDATECH. Through 13 years of technical production and engineering experience, we will describe the characteristics of p5 LED display and design p5 LED screen solution from multiple dimensions of p5 LED screen.

I hope you will follow the steps of the p5 LED screen quick guide article and quickly understand the P5 LED display.

1280mm×960mm p5 LED screen

1. What is p5 LED screen?
2. Indoor p5 LED display specifications VS outdoor p5 LED display specifications
3.What types of P5 LED screen are there?
4.p5 LED screen solution design
5. Characteristics of p5 LED display technology
6.p5 LED wall application scenarios
7.What other accessories are available for the p5 LED display?
8.p5 LED panel training
9.p5 LED screen after-sales service

1. What is p5 LED screen?

The p5 LED display screen means that the distance between two adjacent pixels on the p5 LED module is 5mm.

The p5 LED screen is a large-scale display system device that integrates computer technology, microelectronics technology and information processing.

It has the characteristics of wide application range, long life and high brightness. It is currently the leading media communication terminal equipment in the display market.

P5 LED screen module

320mm×160mm p5 SMD indoor led module

2. Indoor p5 LED screen specifications VS outdoor p5 LED display specifications

The brightness of the p5 indoor LED display is 1200CD/㎡, but the brightness of the p5 outdoor LED display is 6500CD/㎡. Since the brightness of the indoor p5 LED display is relatively low, it cannot be applied to outdoor environments.

The price of p5 indoor LED display is much lower than that of p5 outdoor LED display.

The brightness of the p5 outdoor LED display fully meets the outdoor environment.

Even under direct sunlight, it can still clearly display pictures and videos.

The waterproof rating of the P5 indoor LED display is IP44, while the waterproof rating of the p5 outdoor LED display is IP65.

p5 indoor/outdoor LED display refresh rate: 1920HZ/3840HZ
p5 indoor/outdoor LED module size: 320mm×160mm or 160mm×160mm
LEDS for P5 Indoor LED Display: 3528/2020
LEDS for P5 outdoor LED display: 2727
p5 LED display resolution: 40000dots/㎡

From the comparison of the above parameters, the brightness, waterproof level and LEDS lamp bead model of the p5 indoor LED display and the p5 outdoor LED display are completely different.

p5 led screen -

3.What types of P5 LED displays are there?

The p5 indoor LED display has low brightness, suitable for indoor environments, and has a high refresh rate. The price of this type of LED display is relatively cheap.

P5 outdoor LED display has high brightness, good waterproof performance, and is suitable for various outdoor environments.

The price of this type of P5 LED panel is higher than the price of p5 indoor LED display.

Post-maintenance p5 LED display means that maintenance or replacement of LED display accessories can only be done from the back of the screen body. The price of this type of p5 LED display is relatively low.

Front maintenance p5 LED panel means that when the installation space is limited, maintenance personnel can perform maintenance work directly in front of the screen. This type of p5 LED display is relatively expensive.

GOB P5 LED display and HOB LED display are based on the p5 indoor LED module and covered with a layer of protective glue between the SMD lamp beads.

p5 indoor soft LED display refers to the p5 indoor LED module whose PCB circuit board is soft and can be bent at will.

soft led modules

P5 indoor soft module

P5 outdoor soft LED display means that the PCB circuit board of the outdoor LED module is soft, and the front and back of the LED module have good IP65 waterproof performance.

p5 led display module

P5 outdoor soft module

4.p5 LED screen solution design

The p5 LED display is a display device with a relatively complex system. When designing the P5 LED panel system, it needs to meet the most basic functions according to customer needs.

Video: Can play signals from different video sources, and can handle multiple video source signals through the video processor.

Text: You can play text in different formats and add temporary text to be played through LED software.

Pictures: BMP, JPG, TGA, GIF and other non-format pictures can be played freely
Audio: Can play music for the p5 LED display.

The control system of the p5 LED panel has asynchronous and synchronous functions, and special attention is paid to the remote control and monitoring functions of the LED display when designing the solution.

how to connect led screen

P5 LED display system solution

how to connect led display

P5 LED display signal connection diagram

5. Characteristics of p5 LED display technology

The LED display screen has a modular design, so the display area is very large, many times larger than traditional electronic advertising media.

High brightness and high contrast display of pictures and videos
High-resolution display, up to 2K or 4K display

Remote control, P5 LED display can use mobile network and network transmission technology to realize 5G remote control of LED display, and can truly change the content of LED display in real time.

6.p5 LED screen application scenarios

p5 rental LED display that can be used as a stage background to increase the atmosphere of the event. It needs to be disassembled and easy to carry and transport.

p5 Church LED display can add a sense of technology to the church and is conducive to the dissemination of faith information.
P5 outdoor advertising LED display is widely used in outdoor advertising media, transportation.

P5 stadium LED display is used to broadcast sports events and sponsor advertisements.

P5 mobile advertising LED display can display product information for merchant stores.

p5 3D LED display, in order to attract the audience’s attention, merchants make p5 into a curved or right-angle LED display, and then choose to play 3D videos

7.What other accessories are available for the p5 LED screen?

The P5 LED display needs to be equipped with other auxiliary equipment to form a complete display system.

Auxiliary equipment includes video source equipment, audio equipment, 5G communication systems, LED display consoles, laptops, and later production of steel structural frames.

8.p5 LED panel training

LEGIDATECH has formed a complete training system. Training is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
P5 LED software debugging and usage training
P5 LED display principle training
LED display p5 maintenance and precautions

9.p5 LED display after-sales service

LEGIDATECH provides 24-hour remote guidance and online services from professional technical engineers.

We are an LED display screen supplier and will give customers LED display components that require frequent maintenance or replacement.

Quality assurance commitment, we provide lifetime technical support for any p5 LED display purchased from LEGIDATECH LED screen facotory.

Our LED displays provide a 3-year warranty. During this 3-year period, all LED equipment will be replaced free of charge! Please believe in the power of the LEGIDATECH brand.


This p5 LED screen quick guide article contains all P5 LED screen information. We can understand the P5 LED display as quickly as possible and better choose the p5 LED display that suits our project.

P5 LED Screen -Quick guide


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