P5 LED Module-Detailed guidance

LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier has produced outdoor modules that meet professional requirements and provided detailed descriptions and guidance.

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  • p5 led module-
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P5 LED Module-Detailed guidance

P5 LED Screen Module 320mmx160mm- P5 LED Module is mainly used in outdoor scenes, such as advertising pillars due to the large pixel pitch.

  • Pixel Pitch: 5mm
  • Module Size: 320*160mm
  • Module Resolution: 32*16
  • CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
  • Energy saving
  • quality assurance
  • One year warranty
  • In Stock
Pixel Pitch 5mm
Module Size(mm) 320*160
Module Pixel 32*16
Brightness 4500
Pixel Configuration SMD3535
Colors 281trillion
Refresh Rate (HZ) ≥3840
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m 43264
ngle (H/V) 140/140
Power Comsuption(max/avg) 400/150
IP Rate IP45/65
Input Voltage (AC) 110/240
Operating Temp. -20-60 Celsius degree
Operating Humidity 10-95% RH
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Support VGA Mode 800×600,1024×768,1280×1024,1600×1200

P5 LED module mask kit

The mask kit of the P10 LED module is made of fiber-reinforced PC material with high light transmittance, which not only ensures the clarity of visual effects, but also enhances the contrast and vividness of the display.The outdoor module also uses oil spraying to truly restore the color of the picture.

The mask kit also has a protective function, which can effectively prevent external impurities such as dust and moisture from entering the interior of the module. Thereby protecting the LED lamp beads and other internal components from damage.

The mask kit can also disperse the heat on the module surface, improve heat dissipation efficiency, and ensure the stable operation of the LED display.

Strong Magnet of P5 LED Module

P5 LED Module uses powerful permanent magnet magnets.

Strong magnetic adsorption, firm and reliable, can ensure that the LED display can be firmly fixed in any environment.

Strong magnetic mounting LED display module, even if it is a wall mounted project This kind of no maintenance space do not have to worry.

Magnetic modules fully support the front maintenance, simple and convenient to realize the screen replacement installation.


P5 LED module PCB circuit board

The P5 LED module PCB circuit board adopts the wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent the circuit from moisture and oxidation and improve the service life.

When the display is spliced and installed, the thickness difference between the PCB and the back body will affect the flatness of the product.

In order to save material costs, other suppliers choose PCBs with a thickness of 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm, but we uniformly choose a thickness of 1.6 mm, so that the PCB board will be more stable and durable.

At the same time, the components save 30-40% energy than ordinary components.

Driving IC of P5 LED module

The P5 LED display module universal driver IC determines the refresh frequency of the LED display. Generally, the refresh frequency reaches 1920HZ.

The price of the LED display universal driver IC is the cheapest and is the most selected by other suppliers.

However, this will affect the display screen and often cause “caterpillars“. ”, display problems such as stroboscopic lines and uneven brightness caused by insufficient refresh.

LEGIDATECH uses a higher-priced PWM IC, which is often used in indoor rental LED displays, outdoor stage LED displays, and church LED displays.

the PWM IC can make the refresh rate of the LED display reach 3840HZ, it can satisfy the audience’s shooting of the color displayed on the screen.


Receiving Card of P5 LED module

The receiving card of the P5 LED module is mainly used to receive and analyze video signals to ensure that the picture can be accurately and smoothly presented on the display screen.

The receiving card also has the function of adjusting parameters such as brightness, contrast, and color to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

There are many brands of receiving cards, but LEGIDATECH only cooperates with the well-known brand novastar and uses novastar MRV412 uniformly.

One receiving card can carry 12 modules. It ensures that the picture is clear and smooth while saving costs for customers and ensuring quality.

P5 LED Module Power Supply

The power supply design of our P5 LED modules adopts efficient conversion technology and strict overcurrent and overvoltage protection, which effectively prevents module damage caused by power supply problems.

At the same time, our LED modules also feature low energy consumption and high efficiency, reducing overall operating costs.

In terms of carrying capacity, our LED module power supply is 200V, one power supply can carry 6 modules, and a 2.5 square 220V cable can carry 20 power supplies.

This ensures that each module can withstand sufficient current and voltage, thereby achieving higher brightness and more stable display effects.


Waterproof of P5 LED Module

The P5 LED module adopts a professional waterproof design with excellent waterproof performance, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of rain, dew and other external liquids, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment under harsh weather conditions.

The waterproof level reaches IP65, which can effectively resist various harsh environments and ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Whether it is outdoor billboards or other outdoor engineering applications, P5 LED modules can maintain excellent performance and provide users with long-lasting and stable display effects.

DIP SMD of P5 LED module

P5 LED display module is a common outdoor LED display module, the two most common types of which are DIP and SMD.

DIP LED module adopts the traditional black back substrate design, LED beads are directly mounted on the substrate with higher brightness and visual effect.

DIP pixel pitch is large and currently widely used in large outdoor screens.DIP can effectively reduce the failure rate due to vibration or shock.

SMD LED module adopts more advanced technology. LED beads are mounted on the PCB, allowing for higher pixel density and clearer picture performance.

At the same time, the SMD package has good heat dissipation performance.


E Structure of P5 LED Screen

In addition to P5 LED modules, LEGIDATECH can also be equipped with professional E structures. Whether it is a column structure or a wall fixed installation structure, it can be exclusively customized.

The E structure makes the splicing between modules closer, effectively reducing the seams and improving the coherence and beauty of the overall picture.

From modules, accessories and wires, installation structures to transportation, customers can purchase everything they need for project installation in one stop. Greatly save customers’ purchasing time and cost.

P5 LED module

P5 LED Module Application Scenario

Pillar Advertising

Pillar advertising is a common form of outdoor advertising, usually used to promote products, promote events or spread information.

Attract eyeballs, improve publicity effects, and save costs.

Whether it is a single column or a double column, the P5 LED module can achieve high-definition display of advertising content.

P5 LED module is waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistant

P5 LED module is suitable for use in various harsh outdoor environments.


Banner LED Screen

Outdoor building door screens are used as large advertising screens and are usually installed on the door heads of commercial buildings.

Such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places,

P5 LED module is used to display various promotional information and brand advertisements.

The high brightness and high definition of the P5 LED module can ensure that advertising content is clearly visible during the day and night, enhancing the brand promotion effect.

P5 led module -


Wall Hanging Advertising Screen

Wall-mounted advertising screens are widely used in shopping malls, stadiums, stations and other public places

The P5 LED module displays various advertising information such as advertisements, information releases or public safety reminders.

The P5 LED module can continuously and stably display various contents, improving advertising effects and information transmission efficiency.

The high stability and low power consumption of the P5LED screen module make it an ideal choice for wall-mounted advertising screens.


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