Understanding IP65 Rating

When refers to outdoor LED billboard screen features, what’s the idea in your mind? Someone may say it should be waterproof because it always put at an outdoor environment, its little harsh.

Someone may say the brightness should be high enough so client can see it clearly, others may say it should be a longer lifespan because media company don’t want low quality screen ruin their business.

Different people have different minds. Today we are mainly focus on the IP65 level.


What’s the IP65 meaning?

IP is short for Ingress Protection. It means the electrical equipment protection level from outdoor things intrusion, like dust, water, etc. I means dust proof,  p means waterproof.

Thus IP means dust proof + waterproof. Usually we use IPxx to show an electrical equipment dust and waterproof level, xx are two Arabic number, the first number indicates the dust resistance level, the second number means the waterproof level. The bigger IP number , the better protection level.

Here is the meaning of first number:

0: No protection at all

1:Protect the product from large size solid intrusion

2:Protect the product from medium size solid intrusion

3:Protect the product from small size solid intrusion

4:Protect the product from less than 1mm solid intrusion

5:Protect the product from harmful dust accumulation

6:Completely prevent dust from entering


Below is the meaning of second number:

0: No protection at all

1: Water droplets dripping into the casing have no effect

2: Water or rain dripping onto the housing from an angle of 15 degrees has no effect.

3: Water or rain dripping onto the housing from an angle of 60 degrees has no effect

4: Splashing water from any angle has no effect

5: Low-pressure injection at any angle has no effect

6: High-pressure water injection has no effect

7: Can withstand water immersion in a short period of time (15cm-1m, within half an hour)

8: Immersed in water for a long time under a certain pressure


Why outdoor LED billboard screen should be IP65? Rather than IP64 or IP68 (smaller or bigger number)?



So what’s the pressure means? Usually like the pond or swimming pool, the product put under the water, then it will have pressure and water may inject inside.

But outdoor billboard LED screen, they are pole support, or wall mounted, or hanging, or based installation, so the LED display will not suffer from that pressure.

installation way

What’s more, the outdoor LED display is an electrical equipment, it needs connect the city power to work, thus must have some space for the power connection and signal connection.

The screen cabinet can’t be whole sealed. So the screen can’t soaked in water.

Thus IP65 means the product totally against dust entering and can work perfect when it under low-pressure rains.

If the number small, like IP64, then some less than 1mm dust will come inside and influence the product. If the number like IP67 or IP68, LED screen will not installed under water, so this number is meaningless.

When someone told you the LED billboard screen IP level is more than IP65, he must cheat you.


What will happen to an outdoor billboard screen when it not reach IP65 level?

If an outdoor billboard protect level is less than IP65, like IP4x or IP5x, this means the product is not totally dust proof, solids less than 1mm still have the chance to come inside the LED screen cabinet.

With time goes by, the billboard cabinet inside will have many dust and some accessories especially like cables, PCB boards, their function will be influenced and the screen will have displaying problem.

If the outdoor billboard screen protect level is IP6x, like IP63, or IP64, etc, this means you can put some water from any angle to the LED screen and there is no effect.

But we all know outdoor LED billboards are all installed at an outdoor environment, the weather is  more harsh and changeable than indoors.

We may face heavy rains and strong wind. Heavy rains and strong wind may create low-pressure on the screen surface thus water may still leak inside.

The LED billboard screen still have the chance to be damaged by the nature environment. That’s why we should make the ingress protection level IP65.


How an outdoor billboard screen achieved IP65 level when the LED screen manufacturer do the screen production?

As for the module, we have different options:

1, we will do the waterproof treatment. The different is we do 3times waterproof treatment, while some LED screen factory do only one time.


LEGIDATECH & Excel LED outdoor B series modules’ rear side, we did 3 times of waterproof treatment to make sure it can be used in high humidity area. But most of the cheap ones in market only do one time .

  1. We use the whole sealed module, this is hard connection inside, this way can protect any water come inside.


(Fully sealed module VS bare module)

LEGIDATECH & Excel LED outdoor OK series and B Pro series all use sealed module rather than naked module. This is due to their special cabinet design. That’s also why its more popular in the market.


  1. Cabinet use waterproof rubber rings at the backside to protect the screen

waterproof rubber ring

LEGIDATECH & Excel LED outdoor B series use waterproof reinforcement rubber rings same as what we used for vehicles . Most of others in the market they just want to save money ,and don’t use it.


Will IP65 level outdoor LED display be a longer lifespan?


Yes, the LED billboard screen under IP65 level can be dust and waterproof, their production material and processor are more complex than the indoor LED display, and the testing standard are more strict.

We obey the standard firmly to make sure the outdoor LED screen in high quality and influenced less by the natural environment.


Is this mean we don’t need do the outdoor LED billboard screen maintenance ?


Though the billboard screen installed at outdoor environment, it suffers from rains and winds that may clean the screen surface, we still need do the screen cleaning and checking regular.

LED screen checking is not mean check the surface only, its a whole cabinet checking from the both inside and outside.

Author : Jenny Xiao


  1. What’s the IP65 means?

IP is short for ingress protection, the first number is for dust proof level, the second number is for waterproof level. The higher number, the higher protection level.


  1. Will an outdoor ingress protection level less or more than IP65?

Nope, usually in the LED screen industry, the ingress protection level is IP65. If the number is smaller than IP65, it means the dust proof or water proof is not enough. If its higher than IP65, that’s fake.


  1. How can we know an outdoor LED billboard screen is IP65 or not?

Seeing: Check the LED screen user manual directly.

Asking: Asking the LED screen manufacturer the ingress protection level directly and match the meaning.

Testing: (when you have an outdoor type screen already or plan to get one)You can do the waterproof testing directly, pay attention with the LED billboard screen light on, then pour or use flowing water at any angle and see whether the screen still works well. You can do this testing for half hours or longer time.


  1. Dust proof and waterproof level, which is more important?

Both are the same important. But some LED screen learner or beginners they may care more about the waterproof level. This is true because dust is everywhere, but rains and wind not everyday, so some people think waterproof level is more important. Actually IP65 level is very ok for an outdoor billboard screen, no need pursue bigger number.


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