P3 91 LED screen to Germany

I am a technical engineer at LEGIDATECH LED display factory! Today I am happy to introduce to you our P3 91 LED screen( sometime we will call it P3 LED panel or P3.9 LED screen.

This video shows the P3 91 LED screen purchased by a German customer!

Customers in Germany need to purchase 100 square meters of P3 LED panel . The cabinet sizes include 1000mm*500mm and 500mm*500mm. They also require that these two different sizes of cabinets can be spliced together!

LEGIDATECH’s sales manager recommended LEGIDATECH’s ENOVA PRO series of rental LED displays to customers!

1. P3.9 LED screen key technical parameters:

Since German customers often perform outdoor activities, the outdoor brightness of 3.91 must reach 45000 CD per square meter.

Outdoor performances are often photographed by photographers. In order to achieve the best shooting results, the refresh rate of this outdoor p3.91 is as high as 4320 HZ.

Customers are accustomed to novastar’s control system, and the video processor we use is also a novastar video processor!

2. Outdoor p3.91 LED display box diagram details


3. P3.9 LED screen packaging:

In order to avoid damage to the P3 91 LED screen during transportation, we use wooden boxes with wheels for packaging!
To prevent the outdoor p3.91 LED display from getting damp during transportation, we sealed the outdoor p3.91 LED display with a plastic bag!

LEGIDATECH has delivered the goods on time within the delivery date specified by the German customer!

P3 9 LED screen In transit:

Finally, let me tell you a secret, because we LEGIDATECH is a Chinese display screen factory, our price is appropriate.

The price of this outdoor p3.91 LED display is 700USD per square meter!


1.)Which one is better, P3.9 led screen 500*500 cabinet or P3.9 led screen 500*1000 cabinet?

Both are event-friendly displays. The 500*500 size will be more flexible in terms of size and installation; the 500*1000 size can save installation time and cost.

And our rental screens can support mixed installation of 500*500 and 500*1000 boxes.


2.)Do you have P3.9 led screen in stock?

It depends on the situation, we will stock up on inventory, but sometimes it is sold out and we are waiting for production.
You can contact LEGIDATECH when purchasing.


3.)Do you have other spacing besides p3 91 LED screen?

Indoor stage screens include p1.8, p2, p2.6, p.2.9, p3, p3.9; outdoor stage screens include p2.6, p2.9, p3, p3.9, p4.8.

Indoor fixed display screen and outdoor advertising screens can be consulted for details.


4.)What is the difference between p3 LED wall and p4 LED wall? Which spacing is better for outdoor stages?

The difference lies in resolution and viewing distance. P3 is a smaller spacing, with a minimum viewing distance of 3 meters, while P4 requires 4 meters.

If you have enough budget, it is recommended to choose a smaller spacing. For details, please consult the business manager to provide you with a one-on-one solution.


5.) Can p3.9 led screen have GOB process?

OK. Not only GOB, we also support COB LED screen, HOB LED screen.

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