Stage LED Screen Quick Guide

With the end of the epidemic and the economic recovery in the past two years, various concerts and activities have begun to be carried out continuously. Stage LED screens are indispensable on these event stages.

Many people have also started to get involved in organizing stage activities, such as holding music festivals, carnival parties, and beauty pageants.

As long as there is a stage, there is an LED video wall, so you need to understand the stage LED wall. This article-Stage LED Screen Quick Guide will give you a complete understanding of stage LED displays.

1.What is Stage LED screen
2.What types of Stage LED screens are there?
3.What are the dimensions of Stage LED wall?
4.What are the spacing options for Stage LED screen?
5.Stage LED display requirements
6. Mobile temporary stage VS fixed stage
7.Usage scenarios
8. stage led screen price
9.Stage LED wall: Buy VS Rent

1.What is stage LED screen

Stage LED screen refers to a dynamic background board composed of LED display screens. The LED screen has bright colors and high-definition display, which can enrich the stage performance, enhance the atmosphere of the event, and make the stage event more vivid.

Some stage LED screens are arranged as a whole piece in the middle of the back of the stage, some are arranged on both sides of the stage, and some are used at the front of the stage to follow the performers showing the program.

In short, any LED screen used in stage activities can be called a stage LED screen.P2.976 STAGE LED DISPLAY

p2.9 LED display-Enova sereis

2.What types of Stage LED screens are there?

There are many types of LED video wall, such as spherical screen, transparent screen, flexible screen, floor tile screen, indoor fixed screen, outdoor advertising screen, Rubik’s Cube screen, poster screen, rental screen and so on.

However, due to the size of the venue, complexity of loading and unloading, type of event, etc., not all screens can be used on the stage.

Rental LED wall

Among them, rental screens are mainly used for stage activities, regardless of the size of the stage. It can be spliced into different sizes according to the stage, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is a screen specially designed for mobile stages.

rental led screen-best-series-1Enova pro series rental led display

LED Poster screen

The second is the poster screen, which is flexible and requires no assembly and can be plugged in and used.

Poster screens are generally arranged on both sides of the LED video wall to assist in displaying images. Some poster screens can also be seamlessly connected and spliced into a large screen.

Smart LED poster

Floor tile screen

Floor tile screens are used on some stages or parties. The floor tile screen creates a sense of interaction when performers or guests step on the screen.

This is suitable for a stage with a dance show or a scene where the crowd is carnival.

In some professional large stages, such as concerts, large-scale concerts, etc., flexible screen and transparent LED screens will be used. Increase the atmosphere and beauty of the stage.

dance floor led display-case-1flexible-led-display-30

3.What size does Stage LED display have?

The most commonly used screen sizes are 500*500MM and 500*1000MM rental screens.

stage LED wall-magic

The advantage of the 500*500MM stage LED screen size is that it is smaller and lighter, easier to move back and forth and disassemble, and can be designed into more creative shapes.

The 500*1000mm stage LED screen size is twice that of 500*500 and the weight is heavier. But its installation speed will be faster and it is more suitable for large-scale regular-shaped LED wall stage activities. There are also floor tile screens in 500*1000MM size.

4. Features of Stage LED display

Stage LED display is a LED display specially used for stage performances or event sites. It has the following notable features:

First, the Stage LED display is rugged and durable

At stage performances or event sites, LED displays often need to be moved and installed frequently.

Stage LED display adopts high-quality materials and structural design, and has strong impact resistance and anti-collision performance.Secondly, the Stage LED display is easy to install and disassemble.

Stage performances or event sites are usually temporarily constructed and need to be dismantled after the event, and the position of the LED display needs to be frequently adjusted during preparation.

The Stage LED display is designed with quick locks and strong handles. It has the characteristics of quick installation and disassembly, which can easily complete the layout and adjustment on site, providing convenience for stage performances.

In addition, the Stage LED display displays vivid colors and high refresh speed

Stage performances or event sites often need to display images or video content with high definition and high color reproduction.

The Stage LED display is refreshed to 3840HZ, which has excellent display effects and color performance capabilities.

It can present vivid and delicate image effects to attract the audience’s attention.

stage LED wall (2)

Finally, the Stage LED display adopts a modular design and can be spliced at will

Stage LED display is a modular product, which means that the stageLED display can be spliced into displays of different sizes and shapes according to the size and needs of the event.

Display specifications to meet different occasions and needs.

5.What are the spacing options for Stage LED wall?

 P2.9 LED screen:

P2.9 has a distance between pixels of 2.9MM. It is a high-resolution LED screen with high pixel density. Pictures and videos present bright colors and clear details.

The minimum viewing distance is 2 meters, which is suitable for indoor stage performances, concerts, large conferences and other occasions that require high picture clarity.

And because theThe stage led screen price of P2.9 is relatively high, it is suitable for use in professional situations that have strict requirements on picture quality.

P3.9 LED display:

P3.9 has a distance between pixels of 3.91MM. It is a medium pixel density LED screen with a relatively affordable price.

Suitable for most conventional stage performances, exhibitions, commercial displays and other occasions.

P3.9 LED screen is more suitable to be widely used in various activities than P2.9. It is a cost-effective LED screen choice.

led pixel pitch view distance-6

P4.8 LED screen:

P4.8 is a stage LED screen with a lower pixel density as the distance between pixels is 4.8MM.

It is suitable for large-scale stage performances, outdoor activities, sports events and other activities that require lower picture resolution. The stage led screen price of P4.8 is relatively economical.

The minimum viewing distance of the P4.8 LED screen is 4 meters. Although the resolution is not as high as that of P2.9 and P3.9, in large-scale events, when the audience is farther away from the screen, it can still present good visual effects.

P4.8 LED display is an economical and practical LED screen option.

6. Mobile temporary stage VS fixed stage

In recent years, LED screens have been increasingly used in concerts, concerts, dramas, dance performances and other performances, and the use scenarios of stage LED screens have become increasingly diverse.

Stage LED wall has two forms: fixed permanent stage and mobile temporary stage.

Fixed permanent stage

It means that events are often held in the same scene, such as bars, churches, indoor music venues, etc.

LED screens on fixed stages usually have higher stability and durability. These LED screens are generally integrated on walls or ceilings to provide viewers with a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Some customers will use indoor fixed installation screens, but there are also many customers who choose stage LED wall because they are not sure whether to permanently install them.

And the professional stage led display has a box that is stronger and more durable than indoor fixed screens.

Mobile temporary stage

The mobile temporary stage means that the screen is installed before each event. After the event, the screen is disassembled and placed in the flight case to wait for the next event.

Usually mobile stages include music festivals, concerts, temporary large-scale conferences, film festivals, etc. All require larger stage LED walls with higher resolution.

And there will be more creative shapes used on the mobile stage.

7. Stage LED screen: Purchase V rental

As an event organizer, you are often faced with the dilemma of whether to buy or rent a stage LED display. LEGIDATECH now comes to a brief analysis.

Purchasing a stage LED display is an investment behavior. It only requires more upfront investment, but it can bring long-term benefits.

By purchasing your own stage LED display you can reuse it at multiple events and rent it out when not in use, ultimately saving money in the long run.

But if it’s just a one-time event or someone on a tight budget, renting a stage LED display may be a more cost-effective option.

Leasing allows you to flexibly choose the size and specifications of the display screen, and there is no need to wait for production or make arrangements in advance. You can get the items quickly to ensure that every activity goes on as usual.

When renting an LED wall, you don’t have to worry about storing and maintaining the screen. You only need to be responsible for returning the stage LED wall after the event.

So, the decision to buy or rent a stage LED display depends on the frequency and size of your event, as well as your budget and long-term goals.


Whether purchasing or renting, I hope this stage led screen quick guide can help you better understand the stage LED wall.

If you are considering purchasing stage LED wall, you can contact LEGIDATECH LED screen factory, which has 13 years of experience in display screens.

We will provide you with considerate pre-sales guidance and suggestions, provide you with a complete quotation plan, a 3-5 year product after-sales guarantee and lifelong technical support.

Choose LEGIDATECH,Choose Guarantee.

Author : Lisa

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