New case: 29sqm 3.9mm Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display to Iran

LED Video Wall-Magic series is LEGIDATECH’s best rental screen, independently designed and polished, with advantages that other screens cannot match.

LEGIDATECH not only uses high-quality materials, but also develops a unique design of shared current: even if part of the box power supply is damaged or unplugged, the entire stage led panels will turn on the shared current mode for power supply, so that the entire display can still work normally.

1. Product Of Details: 
  • Rental LED Screen Pixel pitch : 3.9mm
  • Indoor Rental LED Panel Size : 500x500mm (19.685×19.685″) .
  • Indoor Rental LED Module Dimension : 250x250mm (9.84×9.84″) .
  • LED Panel Material : Die-casting aluminum
  • LED video wall Receive Card: Novastar
  • Indoor led display p3.9 to Iran.
2. Project Of Details: 
  • Indoor Rental LED Display Size : 29sqm .
  • LED Screen Control System :  Novastar Control System .
  • LED video wall Package: Flight Case
  • LED Display Panel Qty : 116 pcs
  • LED rental screen Application :  Indoor LED Screen for events/concerts/church in Iran
3. Indoor LED Display Spare Parts :
  • LED Modules
  • 200W Power Supply Unit
  • Novastar Receiving Cards
  • Power cables and Signal cables etc .
4. The Applicable Scenarios Are As Follows:
5. Media of this project

29sqm indoor led screen to Iran- 29sqm indoor led screen to Iran

Magic series indoor p3.9

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