Outdoor P2.976 Stage LED Screens Applied In St.Lucias

Thanks for the supporting of our St.Lucias Client. Our outdoor stage LED display and the LCD poster screens have successfully used for their events.

It is the first time that the LED screens and LCD poster screens combined together to work for the stages.

Our client makes their screens to work in the creative ways and give clients the special viewing experience.

The middle screen is our outdoor P2.976mm, and by the sides, there are 2 units of 65inch LCD poster screens.

Both of these 2 models are movable types and from our LEGIDATECH LED screen factory.

In Excel LED and LEGIDA TECH, we are a professional LED and LCD screens with 15 years of the experience.

We focus on providing the quality LED/ LCD screens with the favorable prices to our clients.

great improvements in the theater LED displays. Movie films are becoming one of the most favorable entertainments for people.

What is Stage Events LED Display Screen?

Stage LED Display Screen is the LED dislay screens that designed for the stage use.

It should be movable for different kinds of outdoor and indoor events such as live concerts, opening ceremonies, cars exhibitions and so on.

Advantages of applying LED screens for stages

It is very common for us to see LED screens everywhere on stages in many events. LED screens are beautiful and versatile.

The applies of the LED screens makes it is easier for the audiences to see what is going very clear on the stage and it makes the stages more attractive.

There are many advantages that we use the LED screens for stages, let us check in the below:

1) LED Screens provide the incredible visual experience for audiences

LED displays are one kind of the LED screens that incredibly bright and with more vivid experience, it is the best choice for the stage use, even in direct sunlight or other challenging conditions.

Images will pop on the screen and colors will appear true-to-life.

This helps to grab the attention of audiences so that they do not miss important information.

If you’re looking for a way to create an immersive and engaging experience, then LED display screens will show their importance.

2) LED displays attractive and show you clear in the stage

LED screens are providing the contents that help the stages to show more informations .

Whether you are running a sporting event or conference, having timely updates available will ensure that everyone knows what is going on and where they need to be.

Also, LED screens are creating an immersive environment to make the audiences like they are one of the stage, giving audiences the amazing experience.

3) LED Screens are versatile

LED displays are the perfect solution for any event planner who wants to make an impact.

LED screens can be used in any venue and environment.

And LED screens are easy to assemble and disassemble. They can use in the stages and build with different designs.

You can also order them in various sizes to fit your space perfectly, from small areas up to massive wall-sized screens.

The durable design allows you to use them repeatedly without damaging them.

What is the main features of LEGIDA TECH stage LED screen?

  1. Model: ENOVE SERIES( Outdoor and indoor stage events LED screens)


Pixel Pitch: 1.95mm/2.604mm/2.84mm/2.976mm/3.91mm

Brightness: 800/1200 cd/㎡

Weight: 7.6KG


Pixel Pitch: 2.604mm/2.84mm/2.976mm/3.91mm/4.81mm

Brightness: 4500cd/㎡

IP Rate: 65

Weight: 7.6KG

Cabinet Size: 500 x 500 x 88mm

Cabinet Material: Aluminum

Refresh Rate: ≥3840HZ

  1. Main Features

  1. Thickness

  1. Direct connections & Datacable Power Supply

  • Direct Connection

Direct connections between modules and key componets, free of flat ribbon cables for a greater level of stability.

  • Datacable Power Supply

Internet components integrated into a fully datacable quick-swap power control housing for minimal down-time and simplified user-level servicing.

  • 6mm HUB Board

The circuit board plays a vital role in the stability and display effect of the LED Display. ENOVE series uses 1.6mm thickness PCB board. Which is more conductive to heat dissipation and  circuitstability.

  • Excellent Performance

ENOVA Series Panel uses high-performance, flicker free LED’s to deliver HD clarity in a  wide range of touring and permanent install applications.

And  front-serviceable for easy user-level serviceability and features.

High contrast black body LEDs with a 3840HZ refresh rate for exceptional performance in-person and on cameras.

  • Gold-plated pin

Strong Endurance

It can withstand considerable external force and has high reliability

Long lasting

Not easy to fall off,can meet different high current and large volatge

  • Seetronice Connector

Locable three core device(AC) connector with contacts for linear neutral and pre-adapted safely grounding

  • Corner Protection

Integrated flip-out corner protectors and raised edges protect vulnerable pixel areas from damage during handling.

  • Outdoor waterproof up to IP65

Power port, ethernet port, power supply boxes, and modules all have waterproof rubber rings.

  • Curve Installation

Advanced inner and outer curve lock systems

Curved installation is available for both 500mm x 500mm and 500mm x 1000mm cabinets

LEGIDA TECH Stage events LED screens will be your best choice for all kinds of the stages.

Author: Cathy Qin



  • Which model is the most popular for outdoor stages?

A: Outdoor P3.91mm is the most popular model for outdoor stage events. It is in high brightness and with very good performance for outdoor.


  • Which models are popular for indoor stages:

A: Indoor P2.6/Indoor P2.8/ Indoor P2.9/Indoor P3.9. It depends on the size, client’s requirement and budget.


  • What is contro software do you use for the stage events LED screens?

A: In LEGIDA TECH, we use NOVASTAR,which is the best control system and easy learned by clients.


  • How do you pack the stage LED screens:

A: We packed the stage LED screens with flight cases, which is easy for transportation.

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