Poster LED Display: A Comprehensive Introduction-2024

I am a LEGIDATECH technical engineer! Customers need to customize poster LED screens of different models and sizes in our company. Today I will give a comprehensive introduction to Poster led display.

What models are there for Poster led display?

The main models of indoor LED poster include p3, p2.5, p2, p1.86, etc. The smaller the model number, the higher the resolution and clearer the poster LED screen.

The main models of outdoor poster LED displays include p3.076, p2.5 and other models.

There are mainly 4 types of indoor poster LED displays according to production technology:

SMD LED poster

SMD is the  LED poster display made by our conventional SMD module. The advantage is low manufacturing cost.

The disadvantage is that SMD poster led display can easily damage the LED lamp beads during the installation process, causing unnecessary losses.

GOB Poster led screen

The GOB process is mainly based on conventional SMD, filling a glue with a certain degree of transparency between the LED lamp beads of the LED module, and waiting for the glue to solidify into estimated glue at low temperature!

Disadvantages: The manufacturing cost is higher than that of SMD poster screens, and the heat dissipation of lamp beads is not as good as that of SMD LED displays.

The advantage is: SMD lamp beads can be effectively protected during the installation process! SMD LED lamp beads are not susceptible to moisture.

HOB poster led display

The process principle of HOB process is the same as that of GOB. The SDM module is also filled with protective glue, but this glue is solidified at high temperature!

The disadvantage of the HOB process is that it is more expensive than the GOB process!

The advantage is that the heat dissipation performance of the HOB process is better than that of the GOB process, and the LED display made by HOB has better ink color consistency! It is also moisture and water resistant.

COB poster led screen

The poster led display produced by the COB process refers to using a special machine to directly fix the light-emitting semiconductor chip on the PCB integrated circuit board, and then covering the front side of the PCB with a layer of protective glue!

Disadvantages: High production costs are caused by low yield! The advantage is that the COB process can produce poster LED displays with smaller pitches.

Let the poster display have a higher resolution! It has the advantages of both GOB and HOB processes.

Poster LED display cabinet:

1. The cabinet of Poster screen is made of aluminum alloy cabinets. The cabinet size of this poster LED is: 640×480mm.

There are many 640×480mm indoor LED screen cabinets in the market that can be spliced into poster LED displays.

2. Use 4 LED display cabinets made of aluminum alloy to form a 640mm×1920mm poster LED display. As shown below:

LED posteer screen

LED posteer screen-

The disadvantage of the poster LED screen made of 640×480mm LED aluminum alloy is that such a poster LED screen has no frame and cannot protect the lamp beads of the SMD LED display.

The advantage is that multiple poster LED panels can be seamlessly spliced together to display a larger picture.

Use profile frame and aluminum to make a whole poster screen LED display cabinet!

As shown below:

The disadvantage of the poster display made with this box is that because of the frame, multiple LED poster displays cannot be seamlessly spliced.

The advantage is that a layer of transparent plastic glass can be added to the front of this LED poster display to effectively protect the lamp beads of the LED module.

The thickness of this poster screen is only 3.3cm. Moreover, the flatness of the LED module installed on this kind of box is better.

LED modules for high-quality LED poster:

Module size:320*160mm
Refresh rate: 3840 HZ.
Maintenance method: front maintenance

There are two common LED modules for LED poster screens.

You can clearly see from the picture below, one is an LED module with PCB fixed on the plastic bottom case, and the other is an LED module that does not require a plastic frame.

Power supply for poster LED screen:

LEGIDATECH The brand that supplies power to poster screens is Diversity. For example, there are Juneng Weiye, Meanwell Power, and Rongdian Power.

Because each power supply brand is different, the production cost of LED poster is different. In this way, we provide customers with medium, high and low prices.
Output: 5V 60A

control system of LED Poster :

We usually use the novastar TB50 synchronous and asynchronous control system for the control system of LEGIDATECH’s poster  display.

The control method can be connected to the WIFE hotspot of the LED poster through a mobile phone, and then pictures, videos and text can be published on the mobile phone.

The poster display can also be remotely controlled through the 4G network!

Intelligent and convenient operation management system

Pictures, text scrolling and videos can be published through mobile phones/computers/U disks.

How is the poster screen assembled?

Where are LED poster used?

It is applicable to multiple scenarios.

Widely used in displays in shopping malls, counters, hotels, cinemas and other places.

The poster screen is undergoing aging testing in the workshop:

In order to ensure the stability of the poster screen, we ensure that the product undergoes 72 hours of uninterrupted aging testing.

Packaging of poster LED display:

LED poster are usually packaged in two ways, one is packed in flight boxes for easy transportation, and the other is packed in wooden boxes.

LEGIDATECH is a LED poster screen manufacturing factory with 13 years of experience.

We have high-quality LED poster screen products with a complete range of product models. So we have the price of LED poster screen from LED display factory.

I hope my comprehensive introduction to LED poster screens can help you choose a suitable LED poster screen. Thanks to our customers for their support and trust, LEGIDATECH will provide better LED poster screen sales.


What spacing of digital LED poster  is better?

The more popular ones indoors are p2 LEDposter, p2.5 LED poster, p3 LED poster etc. which can adapt to most scenes.
The more popular outdoor ones are p2.5 LED poster and p3.076 LED poster.


Is there wifi to control LED poster display?

some. All LEGIDATECH poster screens support WiFi control.


LED poster display price

There are many types of digital LED posters, including single-sided and double-sided, with and without frames, so the prices vary greatly. Need to understand the needs and budget in advance.

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